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Friday, March 30, 2012

Farewell to Jemima and Green~

This is not going to end happy as you can see, but it is still a story worth sharing, for things like this happen every day, and so many do not even feel anything, care anything about it.  Yet today, my daughter, her husband and their 3 year old twin boys and I do care.  

For a couple of years, this pair of wild Mallards have visited them and they have become such welcome visitors and the boys were always thrilled to see them, talk to them and feed them.

They called the female Jemima and the male Green and even though they never got to pet them with their hands, they felt them with their hearts.  There was just something very special about the way those ducks seemed to know, that Hillary and Andrew's yard was a safe place, even with 3 dogs, they came. 

This morning, I took a call from my daughter and it was heart tugging.  Crystal Lake is across the lane from where they live and the ducks were either coming from, or making their way to the lake.  I must add here, the speed allowed in their neighborhood is 25 mph and it is for the most part well tolerated.  This morning however, someone who was either running late, or who just plain did not care, plowed into the ducks as they crossed the lane.  The male was killed and the female left to die.

I made it over just prior to the school bus arriving and was able to remove Green from the middle of the road.  Jemima was still alive and so I wrapped her in my arms and headed the 3 miles back home.  If she was going to die and she was, it was going to be with a little more dignity than what had been bestowed on Green.  Jemima died in my arms as I was telling her how special she had been.

Yes, yes, I know, as I said, these things happen and yet... how very sad that it does!  I mean OK, on an Interstate, traveling 70 mph, sure, on a busy highway, but in a neighborhood with only one entrance, one exit...there are really no excuses!   Some people just do not care!   If they would do this to Mallard Ducks, what kind of human character do they even have anyway...  

This was the way I buried this pair of devoted Mallard Ducks.  

My daughter, her family will always remember with fondness the joy this pair brought their way, and I too shall miss hearing about Jemima and Green and those sweet little boys sharing the stories~



  1. That is so sad. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. i'm sorry, mary. the only consolation is that they died together...

  3. Was it an accident, was it deliberate, we will never know. What is patently obvious, is that whoever did this, has no respect for life. Wild or otherwise.
    I am so sorry for
    I am so sorry for the ducks and for your loss, especially the little boys.

  4. What a heart wrenching story. Sorry you had to handle that but you did it well. I see people flying by and barely missing animals. People may not care but they are also multi-tasking in the car and aren't paying attention.

  5. Oh, my,Mary. Such a shame and sad indeed. Careless people. I love the photo of the two of them encircled...most comforting.

  6. I'm sad, so sad, RIP Jemima and Green.

  7. Oh, that is such a heart-breaking story. So sorry to hear this.

  8. Oh that is a sad story. Speeding is very bad. I hate people who don't care. Wonderful shots.

  9. Hard to believe that someone could have not seen the ducks. Equally as hard to believe that someone would want to hit them on purpose. So sad.

  10. thank you for sharing and stopping to care

    wish more people took the moment to respect the community we live in, to slow down, give way and enjoy nature

  11. so sad...but the bird pictures above were wonderful and I will try to remember them. I love the photos of the Robins.

    is there no way to get the traffic to slow down there?

  12. How sad. At least they're together, thanks to you.


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