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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sapsuckers, Woodpeckers and One Gray Squirrel~

I would have such a difficult time, if I had to choose my very favorite songbird!  First of all, I would have to make it that my choices would have to be local birds... birds that I have become familiar enough with, to know their habits and personalities. 

There are songbirds that I see on other blogs, from around the country, and around the globe, and many of them, would be on my wish list, but that is a different list, then what my own personal favorites would be on.  

As many have already come to know, I really, really love the Cedar Waxwings and I would have to place the Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers right along side the Waxwings, for top favorites.  Add in then also, the Downy Woodpeckers...what can I say, other than that they are just so darn sweet to watch and photograph!

In this post, I am also sharing the wonderfully entertaining Pileated Woodpecker, which makes their wonderful sound as they travel from tree to tree across the grove, and sometimes there will be two to three at a time, working the two acre area.

Many Woodpecker holes are taken over by the Gray Squirrels during the winter months.  Once spring arrives, the Squirrels build drays up in the tree branches and the woodpeckers reclaim their nest holes~

The Sapsuckers drill small holes in a close row and they will then sip on the sap as it gently flows from each hole.  They will visit the tree often throughout the days and weeks, as long as the sap flows, and they will have several trees that they visit throughout the day.  I can always hear when a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is near by, for they sound just like a mewing kit-cat~


  1. i love the downies! and red-bellieds. but we've got a pair of pileated here and i'm THRILLED to see and hear them on occasion! i've only rarely seen the sapsucker. it is such a gorgeous-colored bird!

  2. That's an incredible post!! It's too bad you didn't spread it over two as the enlarge/slide show doesn't do it justice.The images are too small. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. The Sapsuckers and the Woodpeckers are beautiful, no doubt, they equally are lovely. So definitely quite a lot from our Woodpeckers. Lovely photos.


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