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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Red-Shouldered Hawk for World Bird Wednesday~

What an ordeal!!!  
All day yesterday, I could not get Blogger to allow me to write on my post entry page.  The alert came up that:
"Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger"...
What does that mean I "googled" it and saw that there were others receiving the same message and a couple of them had even found the resolution on their own.  I sent them a message, but never heard from them. 
I had the sweetest pleasure of speaking with one of our dearest blogging friends Theresa from Texas.  She and I had been e-mailing back and forth about my issues and I finally asked her to please ring me up in my final moments that after all day had brought me to point of weeping and frustration, and exhaustion...what a sweetheart!
Yet. we were not able to resolve the issues. 
When this alert happens. you are able to view your blog, but you virtually have no access to your dashboard, you can no longer write on post page, remove, or size an image, you cannot even view the images that you know are there, but if you simply go with a blank white field and say publish, they show up on your was CRAZY BAD!
It was running late and I so had just wanted a quiet evening and then I thought about my good neighbors Linda and Jeff...Jeff might be able to help me...what another 2 sweethearts. 
Jeff explained to me in his wonderful way, what the alert meant.  He then had me upload a new version of Internet Explorer...that did not work.  He then had me load up Mozilla Firefox, also a newer version.  In the meantime, I had backed my template up, but was unable to back up my entire was possibly about to be lost...but Jeff assured me it would not...OK...
This morning I got on here and wahlah...a new style of Blogger pages, but it appears at this moment that everything is here. 
That being said...
The post for today will also be shared on: 

World Bird Wednesday

 Please be sure to stop in a view more birds images from around the world!

The Red-shouldered Hawk above was hunting on a road near Sleepy Hollow area in Prospect.  This area is off of my favorite Covered Bridge Road and it is my way of getting to the big city from home, rather than driving on the Interstate, which has an 18 mile stretch which seems to have auto accidents all of the time...I stay clear!
The mossy covered boulders, red berries, and ice cycle formations were all taken there.  I took the rest of the images, the horse, as well as the pond on my route back, which takes me longer, but I enjoy driving through horse country...
I feel better, hoping this will post in a couple of minutes and that everything really is OK...for now. 
A huge thank you to Theresa, and a huge thank you to Jeff, and also a warm thank you to all of you, for your kindness and support.  It is such a joy to share, and so refreshing to have friends from all around the world.  I appreciate each of you~ 


  1. These are beautiful photographs Mary. My favorite buteo, the Red-shouldered Hawk, of course is magnificent but I really enjoyed seeing your other landscape shots as well. The photograph of the pond below the horse makes me want to be there.

  2. mary, seeing this post load in my reader this morning made me VERY HAPPY!!!! i truly hope your blogger issues are OVER!!! i loved the horse, the moss and tree roots, and, of course, always love those red-shoulders!!!

  3. Wow, what a series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Mary I am so pleased to see you sorted those blog problems and I'm sitting here with fingers crossed that I don't encounter something similar. Google seem to be forever messing with Blogger but if it works ok, why do they do it? It was good you have some techie friends close by or on the end of a phone to help. Anyway your fine pictures were worth waiting for, and the top hawk is a stunner.

  5. Im glad to see that your back up and running. I used to poke fun at my brother for the amount of time he spent on blogger... guess the joke is now on me, as i find every waking moment on here

  6. Nice you solved the problem because it would have been a pity if we had missed this wonderful post!

  7. Glad you are up and running again. The winter pictures are beautiful. Hopefully it won't last long but it's been so warm overall.

  8. Mary, these are all so gorgeous... and cold! Sounds like you had a scare, and I'm glad it all worked out.

  9. Blogger going blotto would send me into despair as well. Especially when you have such great photos to share. The shot of the cattails is phenomenal!

  10. A lovely selection Mary.
    Hope your blogger woes are over.

  11. Splendid photographs indeed, but that of the horse is captivating :)


  12. Great set of images - we all have woes with the sites from time to time!

    Cheers Stewart M

  13. I am glad the problem was resolved and you didn't lose any pictures or postings. Your pictures are amazing today. It just makes me miss the country so much and wish that I could go back there. City life is ok, but I feel limited...
    Thanks for your great view!!

  14. Love these photos, Mary! Your scenics are gorgeous and I really like the hawk and the horse shots! Glad your Blogger issues worked themselves out. Blogger has a tendency to act up from time to time.

  15. A feast of beautiful images, rich wintery goodness.

  16. Mary, I love your images. Juicy winter goodness, is right!


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