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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quartz Crystal and a Crystal Lake Sunrise~

A Mallard Duck swins across Crystal Lake as the sun just begins to rise from the east...another beautiful morning shared.  I hope that you shall enjoy~

I was a young child when a relative gave me my first Geode, and I remember thinking that it was quite the treasure! There are no two alike, and the inside of each can look like fine crystal. They are actually called Quartz Crystal and the ones that I have found have never been much larger than a basketball, until I met friends Sandy and Dave. They love Geodes and they drove from our town of La Grange a few hours away to their hometown and brought back 2 U Haul trailers with the weight from such large Geodes.
4 years ago after our German Shepherd passed away unexpectedly, Sandy and Dave were there to help us get her to the hospital. We always bury our favorite's remains on the grove and we needed something special to cover the grave with, since our larger creek stones were already used. Sandy and Dave allowed me to come over and select a few and that was such a sweet gesture. This past August, I had to have my cat put down and again, I needed something to cover her grave with, and I selected a couple more Geodes from their beautiful collection.  If we do not cover a fresh grave on our two acres, chances are more than not, that they will be robbed by critters...

I wanted to place some of the images of my favorites from their collection on with my SkyWatch Friday entry...something about the heavens as well as those amazing things that earth creates over time...a beauty unsurpassed~

That is a ping pong ball in one of the openings of their largest Geod~

This is the same one, both from the front and from the side~

This is one that I like really has some bits of pink and green to the gray colouration~

This one is one of my favorites of the more than forty...fifty that they still have~

Four more with a touch of snow under the sunlight~

And... four more, including one that is broken open, showing the beautiful Quartz Crystal from within~

This one is not as large as some, but I like the colour of it...that is a Norway Spruce tree pinecone~

If I could only choose one as my favorite that remains, it would most probably be this one...I love the colours, the deep craters, everything about this one is...pure loveliness~

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  1. that sunrise is spectacular! i was expecting to see the geodes cut in half. neat to see them whole and undisturbed. :)

  2. What a day you had, the beautiful sun rising above Crystal Lake, superb. And, it was feeling that you had.

  3. Beautiful sunrise and a touching post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Mary, your golden sun rise is glorious! And I love seeing all those geodes.

  5. What a sunrise, and I like the geodes.

  6. Lovely photos of the sky, and how interesting the geodes look!

  7. I love the sunrise series and what a great idea to mix in earth with the sky.....I have only seen geodes cut in half...they are so weird looking! But I like them.

  8. The golden colors set a good mood, a good way to start the day.


  9. Beautiful photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  10. Those are beautiful shots of sunrise...the colors are amazing!

    have a great weekend ahead!


  11. I love the sunrise photos series !!
    Beautiful !!!

  12. What a great sunset, Mary. And that Mallard swimming across is the finishing touch. Beautiful pictures!

  13. What a gorgeous progression of photos.

  14. Splendid sunrise! The geodes look like they came from outer space. Very cool looking stones.


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