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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Making the Best of a Dusting of Snow~

This has been one of the mildest winters that we have had in a very long complaining coming from me...I promise! 
We may still have some surprises, but with spring edging closer, it just might be that these kind of snow dustings will be all that we shall see this season. 
The twins came over the other day after some snow had fallen and the husby and I decided to take them out on the sled.  This is the same sled that their momma used to be pulled around on when she was their age. 
Meaka, our pup-cub was all to willing to join in the fun as well. 
I hope that everyone is feeling well and that your coming week will be filled with joy and warmth and good health...take good care~

The twins turn 3 next month...this is Cullen. 
He is 1 minute older than his brother...
I am 2 minutes older than my twin sister Haze~

Who could say no snow play to those beautiful brown eyes...pleading to please let her romp in the snow too~

And this is Kerrick...
the twins have really different little personalities,
and they are so cute, watching out for each other~

Ready, set go...catch me if you can~

Bill enjoyed pulling the boys all around our two acres...
Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go...
Ok it is a creek and it is Nana's house...same difference though... well maybe, sort of~

Faster Papa, faster...go that way...go over there Papa~

Snow Crocus and spring Oregon Rhododendrun buds~

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  1. those 2 boys are so cute! the flush in their cheeks is adorable. your dog is so gorgeous!!!

  2. Mary, your twin grandson are just adorable. What cuties! I love the cute dog Meaka too. Looks like a fun day out in the snow. Great shots!

  3. The kids certainly made the most of the snow, as did you with your lovely photos. Guess it's that time of year when the weather can't decide whether to be winter- or spring-like!

  4. Your's was a dusting, ours was the heaviest we have had in the weird year - four inches. It was the first time this year I started the snowblower. More coming.

    Great pictures. Looks like the kids and dog had fun.

  5. Lovely kids Mary, you are obviously very proud of them.Looks like you had a great day in the little bit of snow, but it still looks cold the way everyone is wrapped up brrr!
    Stay warm this week.

  6. Twins are very very nice and Meaka, the best dog I've seen, well, one of them.

  7. Boom says your dog is supposed to pull the kids!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. Such cutie-pies! We haven't even had a dusting of snow this year. I'm thinking we're definitely at Spring's door!

  9. My goodness - lovely! I'm Nana to two little boys too - but they are 15 months apart and live far, far away. I'm counting the days now until they visit in May!

  10. This is so fun, I loved this post ! Your grandsons are very cute and I also loved the photos of your beautiful dog. I really like the way you put it all on collages, or is it storyboards ? Your photos are always so beautiful. Beautiful photos of the crocus and rhododendruns too.
    This post made me smile !

  11. Beautiful bits of nature and beautiful faces, furry and otherwise!

  12. They are so cute. You got some great photos. I love the berries out there and especially with snow on them.

  13. Beautiful images and adorable grandchildren. Thank you for sharing your weekend with us. My grandsons are 5 and 3, so very similar in age! It is so wonderful to share these days with them, and the treasured memories that your photos will keep.
    Have a wonderful week and thankyou so much for stopping by my blog to say hi and comment.

  14. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. You. Have captured the delight on their faces to be outside and enjoying the sled ride. All of your images are so perfect. Love those red berries too but don't know what they are. Thanks for sharing

  15. so cute, looks like such a great time :)

  16. Beautiful snowy photos. Love the red against the white.
    But those two little boys are just the sweetest. They must really light up your life.


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