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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Friday, February 17, 2012

Look What is Peeking in My Windows~

Varmints...Rats with fur, all kinds of names...trouble makers, oh yes, both of them, major. If I have a garden with bulbs, even if I dust them with rodent proofing powder, they are either eaten, or dug up and moved. I have seen my plants that I paid for in my neighbor's yards and they got there by way of, yes, these cheerful little rodents.
They are also arsenic eaters. For many years now, they chew on the edges of our deck, which my husby built with treated lumber. The arsenic does not seem to harm them at all, guess a little bit every now and then, may even do them some kind of good.


  1. Lovely animals, I love the Chipmunk, he/she's special.

  2. That last image is so funny, that squirrel is like "hell, which way is up?"

  3. i was oohing and aahing my way through this entire post! the squirrels are cute enough as it is, but the chipmunk!!! OMG!!! precious little thing! we don't get to see them here.

    GOSH this was a cute post!!! laughing at your repotted paid-for plants, too!

  4. Oh so many beautiful pictures you have got of the squirrel!! Stunning! =) I just love it! :)

  5. But they are so cute. A great collection, I love your little collages.

  6. Cute shots, Mary! The Chipmunks is my favorite too.

  7. Those little chipmunks are just beautiful Mary and I know they are probabably common where you live, but we don't have anything like them over here, just the grey squirrels unfortunately. Great pictures.


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