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Mary Howell Cromer

Saturday, February 18, 2012

In colour and in Black and White~

There it is in colour and black and white, the one bird that gave my blog it's name;)

Not much more to say, but I just think the Red-Shouldered Hawk

is one of the most beautiful Raptors.

We have sunshine and possibly a treat to a little snow later for today~



  1. Even in color, he blends in well with the surroundings. An advantage when hunting, I imagine, though it also frustrates those who hunt him, like us birdwatchers and photographers.

  2. Cool sighting of the hawk and great photos. I do prefer the color shots. Happy weekend!

  3. i have to agree - i love their feather patterns. they're the most prevalent hawk we have here at Run*A*Round, too. :)

  4. Yes, it's a beautiful bird. I like the colored versions best here, because - to me - it makes the bird stand out more clearly.
    Love the squirrel captures in the other post as well.

  5. Flying with wings down displaying its markings is a wonderful sight to see. Staring out from a perch awesome as well. Black and white gives one the opportunity to see how the world looks for those that are color blind. It makes me appreciate the gift of color vision that much more.

  6. Beautiful close up shots of the Hawk. I think black and white allows you to focus on the details which is great. Very Nice!

    Alex's World! -

  7. Great serie and great use of black and white Mary ;)


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