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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Geesh...You Scared Me~

From mid-February until mid March, I am always thinking about...just maybe the Red-Shouldered Hawks shall return to our Tingsgrove to rebuild their nesting territory.  Thus stated, I am always very careful before I go out into the yard, less they be there and I frighten them during the delicate nest building time.  The other day, I had done just that and I saw nothing, and so I entered the side garden.  I was busy taking images of a lovely White-throated Sparrow, when out of what seemed like nowhere, came yelling from a tree next to the old nest tree abandoned 6 years ago. It was none other than the female Red-Shouldered Hawk.  She had been checking things out I guess and then she flew right over the top of my head, yelling that awesome yell and I felt like shrinking into the earth, yet I already knew in my heart, she had to have seen me.  She flew to a tree in front of our garage, where the male brought her a meal.  In order not to disturb her, I came inside, but she never returned to our grove, at least not yet. So far as I can tell, mating season has not yet begun for them, but it should soon.  I am always hopeful and yet I am also in the know that this is a very delicate balance of nature and if the hawks feel the least bit uncomfortable, they leave and they begin again...yet, I am so hoping that this is the year they shall return to being the Red-Shouldered Hawks of Tingsgrove and leave the Beyond alone for a season~

*Note some are thinking that I have meant that the hawks have returned in my post above, yet here is what I said in one reply on facebook to my neighbor who asked when she saw this post:

Marquisa, no they have not returned yet, just was hoping.  They were on the grove the day I took these.  I had no idea they were near and was out beside house in garden and taking photos of the songbirds, when the female hawk began to yell and had been right next to old nest tree the whole time.  I guess she was scouting out her old territory and then the male brought her the meal, and she left.  No nest building yet anywhere, as far as I can tell, but any time they will begin.  
They are already courting with the male bringing her the meal;)

              ~ Happy SkyWatch Friday and Happy Weekend ~

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  1. i know how much you enjoy your hawks, so i hope they come back for you.

  2. Hi Mary- That white-throated sparrow is lovely, and I can just see you tip toeing around under the watchful eye of Mrs. Hawk. Hope you're doing good.

  3. Hi there – it’s great when birds come back 'home'!

    I know summer is really over here when we start seeing Black Cockatoos - they drift out of the higher parts of the state as the temp starts to fall.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  4. You ought to stay at home in that case, lol. A lovely sight, I'll get the pictures of them on your blog.

  5. I am so very convinced, cara mary, that they will come back to you........They certainly feel save near your place!!!!!!!!

    The loveliest little bird on this branch.......& what gorgeous flying creature up in the sky........wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  6. I sure hope they come back! I'd love to watch them through your eyes!

  7. Mary you are right to show such compassion for the hawks' return. If it is of help, most birds are prone to desert at the egg stage rather than nest building and as you have thought, they may be only at the "thinking" stage just yet. I guess the best thing with birds is to use common sense of which you have plenty.

  8. Excellent... This white stuff little bird is beautiful but this big hawk is best!

  9. Great sequence Mary!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  10. I always love your birds and I know how special the hawks are to you! Marvelous captures for the day, Mary! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


  11. Oh oh I think the hawk is playing with you. ^_^



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