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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And This is the Remainder of the Story;)~

Aaah tis a fun laptop is broken and had to go to get some help.  I get it back tomorrow, but only for a brief bit before the parts arrive and then it leaves me again.  It is the one that I use to view all of your beautiful entries with more often than this desktop, as the husby also uses it.
Anyway, I sure hope that all of my friends around the globe have enjoyed
Valentine's Day ;)

I shared some juvie Red-tailed Hawk images last week and this is the remainder of the series, including the entire story.
We had traveled into the city and we had just about left the countryside when I saw several White Tailed Deer tucked into the wooded area to my right.  I told the husby to pull into a little gravel driveway and it was right at a good spot to quietly get my window down to get some nice captures. 
The following day, I had traveled a different route and saw that both a Red-Shouldered Hawk and a Red-tailed Hawk were taking turns at the carcass of a White Tailed Deer which had not had such good luck crossing.  I was able to get some nice captures of the Red-tailed Hawk, but not so good of the Red-Shouldered Hawk...oh well...that is fine too.
We always try to leave plenty of space for deer crossing, but as some will remember we hit one last November, no harm to the deer, or our car...we were all fortunate in that encounter.

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  1. Love the series of shots. It always bothers me when a deer get hits by a car but at least it provided some food for the hawks.

  2. Lucky you, having such wildlife this close to your camera! It almost looks like the deers are flying across the road.

  3. Hi Mary, fantastic shots of the Red-Tail Hawk and the deer are just beautiful. Wonderful captures.

  4. i'm not sure who would be considered more beautiful. just lovely captures of both hawk and deer.

  5. Gorgeous photos, Mary! Love the hawk shots, but I'm also partial to the whitetails. Nicely done!

  6. Oh, you took some great photos on this excursion! The hawk in the tree is a beauty and I love the deer peeking their heads up. I love to see wildlife when I am out.

  7. Wow Mary, these are excellent.
    The hawk is such a beautiful bird.
    Lovely captures of the deer too.

  8. Great photos. I like the hawks - and the deer as well but I would think deer would be as much of a problem on your roads as kangaroos are on ours!

  9. Great pictures. I hope you get your laptop back soon and we can enjoy you pictures.

    I guess that I will have to get my wife to drive me around so I can use both eyes and hands for taking pictures.

  10. You got some great shots there!
    On Sunday I very nearly hit a deer near our house. It happens a couple of times a year, but so far I have always been able to avoid a collision. Thank heavens!

  11. Oh, I am sad for your laptop, I hope techno people put it together again. Nice photos, especially the Deer, it is looking at you!

  12. Hi Mary,
    I love the photos of the deer peering over the top of those trees/bushes! Looks like they were making sure you were not going to be any danger to them!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  13. Great captures as always. I finally was able to capture an image of one of our local hawks for Ruby Tuesday. I'm just not sure if it's a Red Tail or Red Shoulder. Stop by and see if you can help me out. Typically, Red Tails inhabit this part of the country (Northwest Arkansas). Have a blessed week.

  14. Your photos are all so wonderful! My favorite is the one of the four deer, with their heads all looking your way. So AWESOME of the hawk. Makes me wish I lived closer to Nature...

  15. That shot of the white-tails peering over the top of the brush is great!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  16. A most lovely series of photographs in this post! We have to be on the look out for crossing deer when driving near our country property. They are everywhere! You have captured the elegant white-tails so beautifully. Outstanding hawk shots! How lucky you were to get so close.

  17. A wonderful post Mary..
    Beautiful images to illustrate your tale..shame about the deer.
    You have some fantastic wildlife to watch... many thanks for sharing.

  18. enjoyed visiting your blog for the first time; lovely photographs.

  19. Gorgeous pictures!! So lovely the deers!! =)

    I'm sorry to hear about your lap top, hope it will recover soon!

  20. Lovely captures of your local wildlife!

  21. What a lovely collection of photos!


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