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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What Are You Caw, Caw, Cawing About~

While sitting at the drive thru at the local bank, I could hear the caw, caw, cawing of a Crow...what was it looking at, what was it being so loud about. As I got my money and left the window, I drove my car toward the Crow and looked around.  Aah, across the highway was what appeared at first to be a large hawk...
After clicking off a few images of the Crow, I drove across the lane to get a better look at the hawk which turned out to be a Kestrel/Sparrow Hawk, and it just appeared to be larger from the utility pole it was perched upon. 
Of course a Kestrel is a small Falcon and of no threat to any Crow, but those silly Crows just are always on the ready for any morsels left behind by animal, or human kind...maybe the Crow was hoping for a good land from the Kestrel and then it could grab up something, anything afterwards~

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  1. them crows are always cawing at something

  2. love those little kestrals! so adorable!

  3. Kestrel or Crow, um, they're beautiful.

  4. Superb set of pictures Mary....

  5. Photos are great!! You must have an awesome lens on your camera...

  6. Those Americasn Kestrels are just so colourful Mary and it is interesting that you have the colloquial name of sparrowhawk for them

  7. A great series of photos. I think crows must be similar all over the world. They were cawing very early this morning outside my house.

  8. I love kestrels, they are so pretty and look so delicate though I know they're not.
    Crows, I'm not so fond of.

  9. Kestrels are so pretty! The Crows around here have been mobbing the hawks.

  10. lol. Giggling a bit. Nice shot of my favourite kestrel. :)

  11. The crows and gulls around here will even bomb the Bald eagles....tough to get respect in this world.
    Great moment and sweet pictures!

  12. Great shots of both the American Crow and the American Kestrel Mary! I wonder sometimes if crows vocalize just for fun. We know how smart they are and how they love sounding the alarm. Maybe they sometimes just enjoy chatting with each other? The Kestrel appears unimpressed.


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