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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Weather, It Was So Frightful~

Unbelievable weather in our area...and I am thinking as well just about every place else on this planet earth. 
Eighteen years ago yesterday, we had the most snowfall, ever on record, for our area.
 Yesterday we had temperatures in the 60's with severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings, nine tornado touchdowns and by bed time, the temperature had dropped 30 degrees, with a bit of snow fluff blowing around on the ground...woosh!

Last Friday, I was standing at one of our patio doors, looking out at the bit of snow we had the evening before.  I had been conversing by phone with one of my besties and that is when it happened...
"Maryann, I have to go, there is a Red Fox in the yard." 
OK, for those who do not already yard is 2 acres, and thus said, the Red Fox, while in my yard would better have been said to being on my property. 
I grabbed up my camera and began taking a few images through the window...that was not working...too far away.  I did not take the time to grab a coat, just slipped quietly out the front door and was hiding by one tree after the other, as I made my way closer.  I had noticed while still inside that the Fox had grabbed a meal and it was thankfully busy, partaking of it, so I could move in a little closer and hope to get a better shot for an image.  I was able to finally get 4 of very much the same images, and then the Fox turned and ran, and that was that..end of my only fourth Red Fox encounter in living here for 30 years~

                                              Eating it's fresh catch of...well something...

And that was that...the end!


  1. lucky you!!!

    such strange weather systems moving across this winter! yikes!

  2. Pretty incredible, Mary. Can't say that I know anybody else who has sneaked up on a red fox.

  3. How surprising you were just looking outside when the fox arrived ! It was meant to be. You managed to take beautiful pictures of him, I'm sure you had to be quick to take those pictures before he ran off.
    You have a beautiful blog, your pictures are stunning, very beautiful ! I'm glad you visited my blog because I could discover you. Like you I love nature and photography, so I will often visit to see your photos.
    Thanks for visiting me.

  4. Wow incredible and very nice encounter. The pictures are lovely and this fox was nice enough not to get stay too much outside without coat...
    Concerning the weather, it has been a record over here also, but for the amount of snow we got ;-) The snow arrived beginning of November and has not left since... We got enormous amount of it!!! Like you say, incredible planet!

  5. Hey Mary,

    Lovely series and the weather is just as crazy here near Montreal.

    Keep well and all my best for a fantastic 2012!

    Christopher Dodds

  6. I'd love to see a red fox on my property or anywhere.
    Actually, I have seen them moving away too fast for a good view much less a photograph.


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