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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tornado Warnings at Dawn and Snow Fluff by Dusk~

This series is dedicated to the grandmother whom I never knew, and yet in a way...
I did and do know her. 
I imagine her to have had a gentle manner, a sweet spirit. 
My father was only 4 years old when she passed away and that was way before my time of birth.  I have the collage image below hanging in my room and I view it every day and I think of her, my who passed away at such a sweet, tender age, leaving behind her son. 
He always carried the scars of her loss in his heart and had life struggles along the way.  

About these SkyWatch Friday images...

On Tuesday, January 17 th, we had some pretty crazy weather!
  I had mentioned in another post that in the morning we had severe thunderstorms, then we had two tornado warnings...with nine touchdowns in our area. 
By nightfall, the temperature had dropped some 30 degrees and we had snow fluff floating to the ground. 
These images were taken between the morning storms and the tornado warnings...the sky had a really interesting feel to it and you can almost see the movement of the clouds in this series of photographs~

On the left is my grandmother when she was around 21, and on the right is me at the same age.  I always felt a connection with her and my father thought that I looked like her.  I have a twin sister, but he thought that I was the one whom most closely resembled her.  That was always special to me.

After posting my grandmothers image on another post entry a few weeks ago, I am still receiving e-mails from a viewer from around the world, whom had been deeply touched by her face...and the story of The Waverly Hills Sanatorium...
Very heart warming...thank you again~

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  1. I love your clouds, they look like a painting. And your grandmother, she was a stunner.

  2. Mary the photos are amazing. As I scrolled through the sky I felt transformed to a magical mystical place. I loved the photos of you and your gm. She looks a little sad but you do resemble. A lovely portrait of your both. Hang on to the warm spots it's gonna get worse.

  3. It's so sad to hear of your father losing his mother at such a young age. Children at that age are still so attached to their mothers. It must have been very difficult for him. He sure does have a beautiful daughter that does indeed resemble her. It's so great that you keep her so close to your heart and think of her often. I was young when I lost my grandmother, and I still long for her sometimes and think of her often. Your post has really touched my heart today.
    As I look at your photos of the awesome sky, I pray for your safety. The photos are beautiful and scary at the same time. As you scroll through them, you can almost feel their fury.
    I pray that you are safe and warm.

  4. Your sky photo's are really stunning. What e beautiful serie. And your grandmother like you both are beautiful.LOvely idea.

  5. Wow, such amazing skies! It looks like you used a texture on them? Thanks for stopping by my blog - you have a wonderful place here!

  6. those skies are awe-inspiring! scary weather, for sure, but just beautiful clouds and light!

  7. Stunning moody sky photos.
    Lovely portraits of you and your grandmother, she looks a little sad.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  8. She was lovely and so are you.

    The loss of a parent does leave a hole in a persons life, I saw that in my own father as well.

  9. Hi there - great set of sky pictures.

    The images of you and your grandmother are really interesting - oh the power of DNA!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  10. I've been hearing on the news about the Tornados. I hope you stay safe. Your sky is looking beautiful, the colors and clouds are gorgeous. Wonderful photos, happy skywatching.

  11. Magnificent skies....they are almost unbelievable in their beauty. I have never seen anything like this. Your captures are stunning. genie

  12. Looks like a bad storm is a comming. Clouds you posted are threatening. Agreed, grandmother and you are alike ... it is in the eyes.
    Joyce M

  13. Beautiful dramatic skies, two very beautiful women and a lovely, moving post for the day, Mary. Sending your good thoughts!


  14. You and your grandmother are beautiful. And so are those dramatic skies!

  15. Beautiful post and dedication to your grandmother.
    You really look like her.
    Lovely sky shots, too.

    Regards and best wishes

  16. looks like some really crazy clouds. :)

  17. I love your sky photo's and specially the colors... really WOW!
    So lovely the two Lady's... ;-))
    Greetings from Holland,
    Anna :-))

  18. Those are some crazy skies, very impressive. And I also think that you and your grandmother are both beautiful - you can see such a family resemblance!


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