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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is it Spring Yet...Oh Yes, Winter Just Arrived...

When one realizes the minuteness of some of the flowers out in the garden, it is such fun these days, to be able to capture their faces in macros.  From the tiny wild Violets found growing in the yard...those which I enjoy, while others consider them mulching material, right along with the common Dandelions...  Also White and Red Clover...serves such a huge purpose in placing good things back into the soil and yet, we today, seek nothing more than to kill it off as quick as their sweet heads make their first spring appearances.  We have very little sunshine on our 2 acre grove and so I have compacted so many flowers into such tight squeezes of garden space, I sometimes wonder, how anything manages to appear.  Then of course there were the over 500 bulb plants that I so lovingly and tenderly planted one by one in the garden and it was such a hit with the Chipmunks, that well, I probably ended with possibly 200 plants and then of those, the rabbits and deer, have enjoyed mastering each season the technique of cutting the flower tops just as they are ready for their photograph appointments and, or bouquet cutting day...  Nevertheless, I have been fortunate enough in the past 30 years to get a few captures and I often share the same ones in different ways, just because, well... they are what was left from those beginning plants and while I have planted hundreds more since then, many of them have also taken the same route as those which came before.  Winter is a very lovely season where the land can rest, the mind, spirit and body can find a freshness and then we can await new beginnings. 


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Happy Monday, Happy Week, May It Be Blessed Abundantly~

In one of my comments from another blog entry, it had been suggested that I share my Sandhill Crane images with Mosaic Monday.  I had already posted this entry as my Mosaic Monday entry and did not want to hold off and forget to share with any whom may also be interested in the Sandhill Cranes.  I have 4 post entries that were made this past week and would appreciate and welcome your stopping by to take a quick look-see.  Just scroll down to my labels and click on Sandhill Cranes.  Thank you so much for your interest~


  1. Gorgeous flowers! Your photos and mosaics are stunning. I love all the cheery colors. Have a Happy Sunday!

  2. Beautiful collection of bright flowers to cheer you on through winter. Thanks for your kind comments.

  3. really beautiful mosaics! full of love of color! :)

  4. your thoughts about winter are as beautifully composed as your mosaics. breathtaking Mary. I'm happy that you're willing to do battle with nature's creatures who are competing with you - with your camera! there's truly enough to go around for everyone, isn't there? your quest for harmony with God's creatures is admirable. happy Sunday to you Mary.

  5. A super selection of very colourful spring blooms Mary. I can understand your frustration at the loss of so many bulbs over the years but Spring is always a magical time as we wait to see what will reappear.
    Have a great week.....FAB.

  6. Beautiful mosaics and stunning flowers to see!

  7. It will be like 67 days till spring wohooo. Your photos are awesome!

    Yellow Rose

  8. Balm for the eyes and the soul. A lovely infusion of colour at this low ebb of the year.

  9. Oh, these are just gorgeous! I, too, have lost so many blooms to deer and squirrels... But I suppose the ones that survive are that much more appreciated for their survival.

    And yes, I love the violets and the clover, and even the dandelions. In spring, our lawn has patches of violets in a variety of purples from deepest night shading all the way to almost pure white with purple specks. How can anyone bear to kill them?!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful macros at MM. :) xoxo

  10. In a few more months there will be a blast of colour here. Today the snow is melting and the sky is grey, but it's a nice time of year for catching one's breath and planning. Your photographs are wonderful.


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