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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Atmospheric Conditions Can Make All of the Difference~


Atmospheric conditions can make all of the difference when it comes into play in photography. I seem to have the sun in the wrong location, from where I observe birds more often than I can attest to, and one must simply do the best with what they have been given, or lose an entire photo opportunity. Trying to get on the good side of the sunny side, and, or moving bird..., which is more accurate in my case.

The series of images in this post were taken at the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge...the staging area for thousands of Sandhill Cranes, a handful of Whooping Cranes and a single Hooded Crane. The atmospheric conditions were constant gray, fog filled sky with a misty falling rain...not prime bird photography kind of conditions, nor even the least bit favorable, and yet, one has only a few hours to partake of what is offered, and so one settles in to what one has been given.

These images are not black and white, they are highly pixilated, due to distance and every other excuse that I can think of and yet...I find great beauty in these. I love how with one click of the contrast button on each image, the interference of gray, misty rain and fog filled skies, make for a clear observance of these graceful birds in flight, that may have not been seen in any other way, and so it is a pleasure to share them, even with any real photographic flaws, they are quite creative just as they were gifted...I hope that you enjoy them as well~

* On a personal note.  Thank you so much for all of your kind comments, good thoughts and prayers on my behalf.  The MRI results~

I loved how the Cranes would call out to one another while in flight...hear I come, do you see me yet...No GPS divice needed here~

Notice how the leader takes a peek back over it's shoulder...just checking on you mates~

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MRI results are in...the finding was that 3 discs are bulging back, causing pressure on my spine. My Internist is going to refer me to a group of Neurosurgeons in the area, that are not of the thinking surgery is always best.
Another matter of concern however, was that of an "incidental finding"...a Thyroid nodule. My physician is going to order an ultra sound ASAP. My momma had an encapsulated carcinoma on her Thyroid, another reason to get this checked out.

Prayers and good thoughts appreciated~ Hugs


  1. I would love to visit the Hiwassee refuge to see these beautiful cranes. Great post and photos. Mary, have a great weekend!

  2. Wow - these shots are just stunning!

    Sending you healing thoughts.

  3. Nice pictures, beautiful frames, great shots of these beautiful birds in flight.

  4. WOW!! Gorgeous!! =) So many beautiful pictures and very interesting!

  5. a lot of beauty here. outstretched necks, flight feathers. so wonderful!

    i'm glad you got your MRI results - and very glad that other alternatives to surgery will be considered, too! i do hope you will get relief. as to the thyroid growth, very glad they caught that because of this other issue!!! saying prayers for both concerns, mary!

  6. MAGIC, MAGIC indeed, cara Mary....: I adore these elegant flyers; the sublime gracefullnes.....;
    the wonderful "sailing" in air..!!

    The photo with the top of branches of a tree; the birds so beautifully taken; a truly very artful presentation; you enhanced with this photo the elegance even more!!
    (ohh, excuse my english; I really do need some refreshing studies...!!)

    I read your personal note and I am truly very sorry about my missing of this; I wish you only the very, very best for a very quick finding of a specialist and the quickest getting well ever, cara Mary!!

    All my very best wishes & thoughts for you...!

    ciao ciao

  7. Wonderful shots of the cranes! - elegant birds.

  8. Wondeful shots of the elegant cranes, Mary - particularly like the ones against the white sky.
    Hope your health is okay!

  9. Wow! I love how you capture all the different directions of their flight (NSEW), I could imagine pivoting or turning which ever way!

    Mary, you take care!

  10. I would love to see the three cranes of Hiwassee. I will see a Whooping Crane someday, that's a promise.

    All the best to you with your back. I use chiropractic and message for my back that went out on me when I was 19. They do have some excellent surgical techniques these days but that would be my last resort. Good luck with the thyroid also.

  11. Taking the weather conditions you had to work around into consideration, these are beautiful photos!
    As I was scrolling down the page I noticed that in the 7th photo it looked as though they were actually flapping their wings as I went past it...of course I had to pause there and "watch them fly"!! ;)

  12. These are the best photos I have seen of the cranes in flight! I am amazed at the beauty of them!!

  13. Fantastic shots against the white sky! The cranes really pop out! Excellent!

  14. Your cranes are beautiful birds to see.. your images of them are superb..
    A wonderful post to read and view..

  15. Wow, impressive set of photos!

  16. Nice series!! Boom & I hope you are well!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  17. Beautiful birds and a great series of photos.
    All the best to you with your health concerns.

  18. Love your crane aerobatic show Mary,but the best thing is knowing what it is that is causing you the problem and that something can be done about it.

    You are, as always, in my healing thoughts . . .

  19. Nice job in difficult conditions Mary. You managed some compelling pictures. The cranes flying high over the valley are top shelf!

  20. Beautiful shots of the cranes in flight -- fantastic series!


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