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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Needing Some Help Here~

Something has gone terribly wrong with my banner got way small on it's own...I had done nothing to change anything!  I deleted the little image, that had been large until this afternoon, and went to upload it again and I cannot find it in my thousands of images stored.  I then decided to upload another image and have done so several times and they are all way too small...  I went to the "help" pages and I did exactly what they said, but part of what they say should be on the html edit page, is also not I am stuck and have no clue as to how to remedy this situation...

The second thing that I give up on, is trying to ID the last bird in this post.  All of these had come to the same Honeysuckle bush...why...I do not know, for there are only a couple of berries left on it, so they must have come so that I could enjoy their beauty, which I most certainly did.  I then went to my trusty field guide and tried to locate this bird.  It was smaller than a Thrush, it was about the same size as the Dark-eyed Junco. 

 Any help would be most appreciated on one, or both reasons given for this post title~

* Thank you so much Dominic Gendron...a sweet new little bird for me...yeah...

Hermit Thrush


  1. that last one is definitely a puzzler! a female, juvenile, non-breeding plumage something! :)

    i sometimes have problems loading photos to my header or to my sidebar - they sometimes load nicely to fill the space and sometimes they resize to small. i'm not sure why, either!

  2. I am sorry for you, losing your header is big upset that shouldn't happen. I have had this to me, I think you ought to to be asked before it happened.
    I love your birds, so pretty.

  3. Lovely shots. So sorry I can't help you though.

  4. Hi, i can't helpo you with your header's problem bu ti hope someone those.

    Very nice serie Mary, and i think your last bird is an Hermit Trush

  5. Oh!! These are very special and beautiful pictures! I like them a lot! :)

  6. I caught up with you at last Mary but can't herlp with your banner picture I'm afraid. Computers are just great until they decide to do their own thing. Too late, but Hermit Thrush it is


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