Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Monday, December 12, 2011

Nature's Christmas Greeting From Tingsgrove and Beyond~

Welcome to my world done in mosaics especially for this season of Christmas...

Beneath are some of natures blessings upon the two acre grove that we fondly call Tingsgrove...

Home for over 30 years, where we raised 3 beautiful daughters and now where our 4 grandsons can explore and learn about this gift we all have before us in nature.  It's beauty, intricacy, each season, so perfectly designed and we are the recipients, if we just choose to open our eyes, and our hearts to what we have...the goodness of the earth and everything in it's place, so unique in different parts of the world and yet all our own, for the taking, while we are here.

The little towns of LaGrange, Anchorage and Middletown are where I gathered some of the images to share in this blog with the beautiful adorned doors, Christmas sleigh, nutcracker and Santi hoho.

~ Merry Christmas Blessings to all~

Fondly, Mary

Little Red House for Mosaic Monday has many more wonderful mosaics to view...stop by and enjoy~


  1. All of your Mosaics, Mary, are so beautiful! I love the crystallized leaves, and the berries on the iced limbs, the beautiful little birds. In the south, we don't get to see such wonderful sights as these. Thank you for sharing them. I wasn't able to get any pictures up for Mosaic Monday, but I wanted to come by and say HI and to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  2. wow! i loved this! you presented the most perfect of greeting cards. each image so lovely, whether it was frosted leaves, sparrows, squirrels, flicker or hawk. truly beautiful. you are the mosaic queen!

  3. I love them all, but I'm especially partial to the bird photos. Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Your mosaics are so lovely and your photography is inspirational. I'm glad I clicked!

  5. I'm in love! with your frosty leaves. I don't see much frost here of late - it's been a very warm fall. and we still have no snow on the ground so that's not making me very happy. but these images are so very lovely. the wreath of colorful balls hanging on the tree limb is my favorite. you truly do put together wonderful mosaics. happy day to you Mary.

  6. Your mosaics are beautiful, Mary! I especially love your photos of the hoar frost and all of the birds. You are a remarkable photographer!

  7. You know how much I love your mosaics Mary and you excelled your self again. Super frosted leaves and the flickers guarding those birch trees. Happy Christmas to you and all your family.


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