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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Favorites Images From 2011 Blog Entries~

~ Happy New Year 2012 ~

My favorite blog images for 2011...

They are the images that I just cannot delete from my memory card.  They are the images that have reached into the very center of my being, for one reason, or another ~

Some of you may have already viewed these during the past year.  Many newcomers will view them for the first time.

From the Great Horned Owl that took 2 hawks in less than 5 hours on my property last January 21, all the way down to the last entry of the gorgeous Red-tailed Hawk...all of these seem like they were taken just yesterday.  How quickly a year passes.

Yellow Shafted Flicker~
Sunset over Land Between the Lakes, KY~
This Magnolia blossom became the cover on my recent book "Moments Like These"~
A tree frog that spent the winter hibernating in my turtle's tank, on release day~
Mute Swan above and Tulips below taken at Cave Hill Cemetery in KY~
Eastern Bluebird on Covered Bridge Road, Foxhollow Farm in Oldham County, KY~
Hyacinth in one of my shade gardens, can you see the spider at the water droplet?
Tree Swallow on Covered Bridge Road, Foxhollow Farm, Crestwood, KY~
As close as one would desire to a female Bald Eagle~
Iris on sunny side of our wooded acreage~
The little duckling kept running up to the wall and slamming itself into it.  Momma duck had to lure it away, before it got hurt~
Close encounter with a female Peregrine Falcon, Madison Indiana~
Male Whitetail Skimmer Dragonfly~
Red-winged Blackbird on Covered Bridge Road, Foxhollow Farm, Crestwood, KY~
Tulip following a morning rain at Cave Hill~
Great Horned Owl had just taken the first of 2 hawks...this was an immature Red-tailed Hawk~

Juvie Red-tailed Hawk on hunting perch and then snags a field mouse, downtown Louisville, KY~
Monarch Butterfly, Iowa, South Dakota border~
Question Mark Butterfly~
                     A favored Red-Shouldered Hawk.  I have followed this female since 1996~
Juvie Red-tailed Hawk~
                                                  Female Whitetail Skimmer Dragonfly~
Flowers from my neighbors garden~

Mr. and Mrs. Wood Duck.  This was my first ever viewing of them, so beautiful too~

Baby fawn shall always remain in my heart thoughts.  It ran and hid for several days and was injured.  I later buried it's little body~
Raven at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming~
My favorite songbird is the CedarWaxwing, here on a Honeysuckle bush~
Thankfully Hostas grow in the shade gardens on our property, aah but deer do love them too~
Frosty berry of a Euonymus~
Red-shouldered Hawk~
Icelandic Horse~
As the moon was setting, the glow of the sunrise shown on the barn~
An American Avocet visited a nearby pond en route to it's summer feeding and breeding area~
An innerbreed of a Harlan's Hawk and a dark morphed Red-tailed hawk at Glacier National Park, Montana~
Frosty Alpaca~
Young Red-tailed Hawk, Covered Bridge Road, Foxhollow Farm, Crestwood, KY~


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  1. really wonderful collection, mary! that great horned owl is SO impressive!!!

  2. Great collection of shots Mary. Happy New Year to you and yours

  3. Hi le foto sono tutte meravigliose.
    La natura stessa è meravigliosa.
    Happy new days.
    Happy new dreams.
    Happy New Year 2012 :))

  4. Mary.. some really impressive stuff in this review. I especially like the two of the Great Horned Owl against the snowy background... such beautiful birds and exceptional shots. Thanks for stopping by and all your nice comments throughout the year. Keep up the great work and have a Happy New Year!


  5. Mary,thanks for sharing the photos.
    Happy New Year 2012 .

  6. You've got a awesome collection of photos. Birds in flight are so hard and you make it look easy!

  7. so many excellent photos! All great choices. i love the fuzzy Red-shouldered near the end and the marina sunset, but really i like 'em all! Hope 2012 is a great one, Mary!

  8. Some great ones there Mary - boy you have been a busy girl. I got part way down and thought I had found my favorite, then found even more and eventually decided on the Peregrine and the sunset. See you in a week or two - I'm off somewhere warm.

  9. wow. these photos are just spectacular Mary. I couldn't choose a favorite even if I wanted. the fawn tears at my heart. one of my worst memories from just last year was when I saw a deer running towards me across a field. It stopped in the road right in front of my car, where I had stopped to wait for it to cross the road. Its right front leg was dangling from the hip - it had just been shot. After she stood there looking at me for a few moments she took off, jumping over the fence with ease on three legs. It haunts me so. but I've spoken to people who claim to have seen 3-legged deer, healthy and surviving. I hope so. I haven't shared that story with anyone, but I know you'll appreciate my sadness regarding that memory. I'm wishing you all the best in this brand new year. hugs to you Mary. thank you for sharing such beauty.

  10. Mary, it was a spectacular year through your camera. I hadn't seen many of these; thanks for giving us the review.

  11. I have enjoyed your photos...makes me wish I had a better camera. We see some amazing birds here in Florida! I love your owl photos...and that poor little fawn was a good pic and a sad story! I'm going to show your blog to my hubby! I know he would like to see your photos, too! Happy New year! ♥

  12. Such a nice set of images.. looks like you had a great year... :)

    Angad Achappa

  13. I'm so glad you commented on my blog which led me to yours and such beauty I found here! Your images are just spectacular...I enjoyed them so much. Happy New Year!

  14. Wow, Mary these are all gorgeous. The owl is definitely my favorite. I love Owls.

  15. So many very beautiful photos. Love the birds and the flowers.

  16. Great collection!
    It's hard to chose one...
    Happy new year!

  17. Awesome collection of images for the year -- while I'm normally a wildlife guy, my favorite is that dewy iris!

  18. Your post today is dream like! Wow, I'm impressed!
    Happy New Year to you:)

  19. so many great shots. You have done a great job last year. :)

  20. I can see why these are your faves!
    ..... my heart skips a beat .... Pure Beauty!

  21. Such a great variety of beautiful shots, Mary. Happy New Year to you, and thanks for commenting on my humble efforts.

  22. WOW Mary, such gorgeous photos! The flowers, birds and all the rest . . . the peregrine falcon, and what a shot! Fabulous, I am totally blown away with your skill with a camera!

  23. A tour de force!
    The title of your book, Moments in Time, kind of sums up this post as well. It's like skipping from one mountain top moment to another! Thanks for the ride!

  24. I am without words, your photos are stunning. I Oooohh and Ahhhhh at each one of them ! This post is wonderful !


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