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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Are You All Doing Awake...~

Recently I took myself to the Louisville Zoological Gardens.
Every other time that I go, I am with family, or friends, but this time, I was just going to have my own "chill day" and of course since I had planned it days in advance, I knew not what the weather would bring and what it brought was a cold rain all day long.
After visiting all of my favorite exhibits, I was beginning to get chilled to the bone and after having a light snack, began my walk back to the entrance to head home.
That was when I spotted one Black-crowned Night-Heron on the fence that runs along side the Giraffe exhibit, but it was too far to get any good captures, so I took a chance and walked around several other exhibits, to the far side, hoping to be a bit closer.
Once there, I was delighted to see that another Heron was also now present. I watched them for a bit, taking a few images, not great images, yet some to show they were there at any rate.
One of them flew across to the other side and that is when I spotted a couple more of them perched on the fence. The image of them was severely cropped to try to get all of them in and not take up the gravel area that was in the forefront of them~ 



  1. neat to see these! i've only seen some immature ones here during the day. and very rarely!

  2. The Night Heron is the most lovable arounnd there, I love it. I also love your photos.

  3. Great shots, Mary! Your patience paid off. I love the one with spiky hair. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving.

  4. What a wonderful picture story, Mary! I did not even know about Night-Herons!

    Your patience paid off!

    A wonderful Thanksgiving to you,

  5. Thankyou so much for stopping by the blog on Monday to say hi (you know - the poppyseed cake). You have brought me to your beautiful blog, where I have just been enjoying scrolling through your wonderful images of your world.
    Hey these Night Herons certainly look a bit cold and miserable - great shots, your patience was rewarded even on a dull day. It is nice to have a day to wander alone and indulge ones photography habit!
    Thanks again - isn't blog land and sharing across the world wonderful!

  6. So nice to see so many different shots of the same birds. They are awesome. You are a very talented artist. genie

  7. love these guys, and love that they let you get some any great photos of 'em! Awesome flowers below too!


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