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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Friday, November 25, 2011

Close Encounter With a Deer and a Hawk~

Oh will not believe what happened on Wednesday, or it is possible that you have had the same kind of encounter...

The husby and I had taken the Meaka pupcub to feed there 3 feral cat colonies and then went by Starbuck's for our coffee...well his coffee, my cafe' mocha...yum!

My husby's car had been in the shop and we had to take some country lanes to arrive at the place where it had been repaired. Fortunately no one seemed to be on the road this time of day.

We were going the speed limit about 40 mph, when out of nowhere...seriously...out of came a large White-tailed buck, maybe running from would-be hunters. It came up on my side of the car and Bill swerved ever so slightly to reduce impact, the deer slid across the top of the car, landed on all 4 hooves on the driver's side, gained it's balance and off it ran into the field. I got out of the car and watched it, and it was out of sight really fast. I thought about that buck all that day and evening. It may not have been badly injured, yet it certainly had to have been in some pain...I mean after all, I sure would be!

The really neat thing, was the car had no dents, no sign of impact, except a 4" scratch on the car top. The antlers could have done so much damage, as well as those powerful legs, and nothing.

Bill and I had to look at ourselves and say..."did that just really happen"? Yep, it sure did... Had my camera in there were no images taken, it simply happened just that fast!  Another thing to have been very thankful for yesterday!

I was driving my car back home after retrieving his car, and spotted this beautiful Red-shouldered Hawk. I was going to try to persuade it to get off of the wire and into that tree, but it would not have any of it, so the wire works for me, since it was working for the bird~



  1. The birds and the colorful woods are so awesome!

  2. Oh what a great looking bird!
    and what a story to tell about that deer. Gladly it all turned out fine. (and a good thing you were together to witness it, other wise no one would believe it)

    greetings and thanks for visiting!

  3. oh my goodness. the light is just PERFECT on that gorgeous hawk!!! SO glad you or the deer were not hurt in that too-close-for-comfort encounter! yikes!

  4. A good story and excellent Red-shouldered Hawk. I am all of gittering, and your next blog.

  5. WoW! What a story you come up with here, sure I would think the same "Did it really happen.." I'm glad this never has happened to me.. sure it would be great with a picture of the buck on the car, but of course thing happen fast at this very moment! Glad you did not get injured! And that the buck neither nor the buck did get injured, perhaps wit a little pain, I guess..

    Beautiful pictures you've got here, the hawk especially and the last one of the trees! :)

  6. Superb shots of the hawk, and I love the birch and the autumn foliage. Looks like you and deer were lucky to both come off relatively unscathed!


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