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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Geesh... all of the Glacier National Park Entries~

I am going to take you on a little ride along the "Going to the Sun Road" in Glacier National Park~

The drive along the "Going to the Sun Road" was getting ready for major renovations the day after we were visitng~ 

Common Yarrow~


Rock Pigeons flying into the rain band~

I had the worst time trying to ID some of the wild flowers in Glacier National Park, even using their wild flower list... I found it impossible.  The yellow flower may be a Common Mullein~ 

The rains came and stayed for the entire day, with very little window of sunshine, but when it showed, the views were magnificent~

Indian Paintbrush were vibrant additions along the drive taken~

I am thinking that this may have been a Golden Eagle soaring, based on the wingspan and size, yet once again, the rain was falling, and it was a difficult situation~

My husby drives a motorcycle at home sometimes, but he said that he would have never desired taking this ride in the rain~

Once we had arrived on the east end of the "Going to the Sun Road", the sky had finally cleared and the scenes were awe inspiring, absolutely majestic in every direction one chose to look~

Our cabin at Glacier National Park was very charming and rustic~

Another collage of bird images taken in the falling rain.  The bird on the left is some species of  hawk, center is an Eagle, and then on the nest... may be a hawk, though this looks like an old Osprey nest...
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  1. Beautiful photos. You had enough to fill the whole year.

  2. Wow, Mary. You got some great images - must have been an awesome trip!

  3. Looks like you had a lovely ride through the park there Mary with all those photographic opportunities at very bend in the road. Some nice birds too in all those wide open spaces.

  4. The rain didn't hurt me on this lovely trip.
    Thank you for sharing,
    greetings from the Netherlands,

  5. I love Glacier. We spent our honeymoon there in 2007. Hiked a different trail every day. Spectacular scenery.

  6. Wow wow wow! Such gloriously majestic scenery!

  7. Mary, the views are spectacular, and your shots are lovely. What is the best time to visit?

    My friend just arrived Glacier the other day, and I have not seen her post her photos.

    Must be lovely whole year around.

  8. Wow, fantastic! Beatutiful images! And thanks for visiting my blog!


  9. An awseome serie here, the landscape images are very interesting. My favorite image is the Indian Paintbrush one ;)

  10. You have captured this beauty so well...we spent much time hiking through Glacier NP so it was wonderful to be reminded of all its glory! I was amazed at areas in August where the snow had left a week earlier and already the roses and buttercups, though only two inches tall, were in full bloom. Snow would return a few weeks later. Amazing the life God gives...whether short or long, always a gift, and always amazing!


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