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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Some of the Most Powerful Legs of Any Animal~

Had to go see my friendly Emu again Friday...just something about this bird that tugs at me. OK, it may not be the most handsome/beautiful bird ever. It may not be the most gracious bird on the block, or in this case, roaming about the walking paths at the local wildlife park, and yet, every time, I see it, I am having to photograph is just a really cool bird and it is always making those low guttural sounds at me and guess what, I always pay attention;) 

In reading about these birds, I learned that their legs are some of the most powerful of any animal and they also have a nail on their toe, that could act as a knife, it is so sharp.  They can also use their powerful legs to rip open metal wire fences, when they have to ... nice~                                       

In case you have never had opportunity to hear their vocalization sound, you can click on this site and listen~

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  1. Absolutely amazing, the Emu must have been delighted. Best photography I've watched.

  2. I once knew some people who raised emu, but I never saw one close up like this. their legs are beautiful. what strange creatures they are, but lovely. these are wonderful shots Mary. I especially like the last, of the back of his head! that blue is so subtle. happy day to you. I hope seeing your friend here gave you great cheer.

  3. . . . or intelligence, just look at the non-existent brain space and if the fences are yours, your love affair becomes somewhat curtailed.

    Have you seen their chicks? They are the cutest little stripy critters imaginable.

    NB great studies of the emu, I hope you were not too close, they are quite unpredictable if used to being fed.

  4. Interesting reading about a charming creature.

  5. A great idea of yours to photograph the Emu legs in such detail Mary.If you had entered one of those shots in a mystery photo competition no one would ever have guessed "An Emu's leg"

  6. Ah, my Aussie friend the emu! It's been a good season downunder here in OZ and the Outback is crawling with emus!! They're very destructive in the wild because they run through fences - you're right about those legs - I've never seen them so close up before!!

    Did you know the father sits on the eggs, hatches the chicks and cares for them until the next mating season? The mother runs off after mating, never to be seen again!!


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