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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It is Not the Post I Imagined~

Memory Cards...cannot do without memory cards these days. I have a very bad habit with mine, that of using the same 8 G memory card for a full year, knowing full well that eventually it will no longer allow me to load up some of my prized images. I can see them on my viewfinder, and I can delete older images and try to get the new "contest winners ;) " to load up, but they just seem to say no way. I have even taken the memory card out to load up on one of those in store machines, which when you have a couple of thousand images, takes FOREVER to scan, and even then, sometimes the images that I am missing still will not pop up, hidden in the confines of the memory card forever. There is even one new thing that has happened on this memory card first time ever... I can see no images on my viewfinder of some people that I photographed way back last January, yet when I load up the images to my photo program...there they all are, even though they have supposedly already been deleted...

Thus said, I had planned to load up my wonderful images of the Ironman competition to share along with the images that I am sharing. You see, there is a very special person, named Kim, that I would like to dedicate this post to. Kim is one of those amazing people that really makes my life easier. She is the one who helped me select my Nikon D-90 camera 3 years ago. She is my main support when I have major questions about my camera, and she always takes her time with me, always caring, always kind. Today, I made one of those calls to her and she was her usually cheerful, helpful persona. I know that Kim is a bicyclist and had planned to share some of the bicyclist competition along with these nature images, but, yes, every single wonderful, prize winning shot, seems to not be available...they are hidden... so it appears!

Thank you to Kim, for your cheerful heart, your caring ways, and your always taking the time to help me when I just do not understand the intricate details of all that this marvelous camera has to offer. The images were taken in horse country and my main goal on this particular outing was to capture the Red-tailed Hawk that was also in the area, but guess flew, just as I had parked my the images have to remain off and distant.

Looks like autumn is arriving, when the truth is, we have had such a dry spell until this weekend, that many of the trees are turning prematurely~

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  1. Are you still on holiday, or, if you haven't tethered your horses after a long jouney, lol.

  2. When I get confused with my computer, I go to my daughter for help. Unfortunately she has been teaching in the US for the last month and will not be back until next week. I am thinking of storing my photos on memory sticks, I do hope that works - I just have to learn how to do it!

    Great photos of the horses and early autumn leaves.

  3. i cannot imagine the beautiful horse farms that surround you in KY.

  4. You obviously have some wonderful horsey places close by where you can visit and indulge your photography Mary. All this technology can sometimes feel a bit daunting but having a pal like Kim sure helps.


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