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Monday, July 18, 2011

My Best for 5th Year SkyWatch Friday Anniversary~

Happy Fifth Year Anniversary SkyWatch Friday!!!

I would like to invite you to visit other SkyWatch images from around the world at

What a pleasure it is to look forward to posting images on Thursday, for SkyWatch Friday's weekly meme.  It always makes me smile when I see so many little thumbnail presentations to ponder over, enlarge, view and leave comments on.  There have been some difficulties along the way, and much to my chagrin, for not being as technically knowledgeable as some to fix, or understand the problems.  I have instead of an hourglass thingy, a spinner, and when I want to go from one persons' entry to the next, it more often than not, keeps spinning and spinning and I have to shut my blog down, reopen it and then go back to SkyWatch Friday entries and begin all over again.  This happens on about every 10 th, or 12 th entry and it really begins to get to me, for I would desire just simply zipping right through everyone's beautiful images, yet such is not to be the case.  My blog does not get a lot of traffic and sometimes I think that it is because of the title of it, for many do not care for raptors, and yet that is just where my blog begins.  I share many nature and wildlife images along the way as well.  I went through my SkyWatch entries and selected the nine images that have gotten more comments than others and then chose my favorites to share once again for this anniversary entry.  I do hope that if you missed them the first time, you will enjoy them, or if you are viewing them again, that they look as fresh to you as the first time.  A special thanks to all of you and especially the people who work so hard to keep this meme and others like it up and running~
The image above has by far, been my most viewed image ever and the most comments received from both of the blogs that it was presented on~



  1. beautiful, beautiful! that fence one is my favorite, definitely. Frame it!!

  2. It's a beautiful blog you have here! I really enjoy watching raptors -- (and the only thing I hate about your beautiful header post is that it is so much a better picture than the ones I've taken of red-shoulders!).

    Have you seen the meme called "World Bird Wednesday" can find it linked on some of my back posts if you can't find it on google. Anyway, there are some great links there and the the people would love your bird posts. I get feedback on my feeble posts and yours, as I say are ever so much better.

    I am coming back to look at some of your back posts as soon as I get caught up.

  3. Beautiful photos, brilliant skies in different colours.

  4. Oh goodness - such gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS shots! They are all stunning.

  5. Breathtaking skies and superb captures, Mary! Isn't it wonderful when we can see, appreciate and capture the beauty around us! Sometimes all it takes is to look up! Have a beautiful weekend!


  6. Very nice representation of your best SWFs.

  7. there area some really good stuff here.

    I was looking around your blog a bit. Loves what I see. Hope to see more of you. I have birdblogs as well. :)


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