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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

House Sparrows High Up and One Lone Kitten~

The husby and I drove our dog to the park to play in the spray of water on Saturday. She hates rain, but loves snow and spraying water...go figure;)

While Bill was tending to the dog, I was looking high into a very tall picnic shelter, because I heard the sound of House Sparrows. There must have been at least 20 different nests all going at the same time and it was loud and busy up in the darkness of that shelter. It was sweltering hot, but I am sure the Sparrows never noticed, for they too would fly directly through the spray going up from 2 sprinkler fountains and get their refreshment as well.

We have had cats, many cats for over 40 years and I promised myself that the last two which are 14 and 8 would be the last ones. Then it happened...a week ago tonight. Two of our daughters had gone four-wheeling out the country roads from where one of them lives. As they were returning, one of them spotted something falling, and they stopped to see what it was. One tiny kitten had fallen from a 12 to 15 foot cliff wall, down into a rock pit. If it has not been that split second, than no one would have known and like the entire litter mates before it, it would have surely died, for their was the smell of death all around. They rescued the little kitten and brought it to me. As it took it's fall the inner part of the back right leg had torn open, no blood, just a clean tear. I took it to be checked on Thursday, but it would be Friday before the Vet would be able to place staples along the open wound. There are 11 staples in what they said looked to be a female, and was approximately 5 weeks old. I had kept the wound flushed and clean and hoped all would go well. It was given a strong antibiotic shot that would last 2 weeks. All was going very well until last evening. Servhee for survivor developed a fever. I took her to the vet again today and her temperature was 105.5. There was no sign of any infection and her wound looked good, her appetite is good, all other things are in good working order, so not sure what is going on. She was checked for Feline Leukemia...negative. She has had her first series of kitten shots, check. So, here is to hoping that Servhee, my new kitten kit-cat survives this battle and shall have a nice long life with us~

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  1. It happens all the time, my granddaughters do the same. The younger walks across a paddock of tall grass and hears a plaintive mew, after three hours of companion sitting and coaxing, she has it , a tiny kitten with burnt paws that some monster had put on a BBQ hotplate and tossed over our fence. When we thought five cats was already a little excessive, the elder came home with a tiny bundle of wet and soiled fur she had fished out of a deep drain. On Tuesday it went to the vet to be de-manned and looks to be growing up to be the nearest thing to a pure-bred Burmese.
    What I am not so happy about is the addition of a wild billy-goat kid she brought home from the desert.

    Enjoy your new kitty, when they come to you in this way, it just was meant to be.


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