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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Smiling Dragon~

This past Saturday, we took a drive into Lousiville and visited a park with a nice pond.  Along the pond is a nice path and I walked it, while Bill was walking our pup-cub.  I could only get close to one Dragonfly, which to the best of my knowledge, checking out the Dragonfly identification guide for Kentucky is a female Banded Pennant.  The point is... it was smiling at me and I am sticking with that story ;)

* Note...The guide below is all that I have to go on.  When I have contacted these people in the past, they have each time, said to refer to this guide.  Even in doing this, mistakes still keep being made.  Once again thank you Randy Emmit who says it is not a female Banded Pennant, as was shown in guide below, but a male Halloween Pennant. Our KY guide does not even show such an insect for our region called a Holloween Pennant.  Those Dragons do get around then ;)

University of Kentucky Entomology/Kentucky Critter Files/Kentucky Insects/Dragonflies


  1. Lovely! I like the colors!

  2. Mary,
    Lovely photos, you did well. This is a male Halloween Pennant, the orange wings give away its ID easily.

  3. That is a wonderful dragonfly, it's a blinder, those beautiful colours, well done Mary.

  4. Hi Mary...First I want to thank you so much for dropping by with your very kind words for me about the loss of my kitty Mona...that was very nice!!
    Your post of the dragonfly is great...what a beauty this one is ...very nice photos!!
    Good going on your ID : }

  5. Beautiful shots of a beautiful insect Mary. Just superb colours and markings.

  6. Absolutely fabulous.
    You photography is exquisite.

  7. Gorgeous captures. I've seen several of these around the house this year, but have not made the effort to photograph them yet.

  8. Superb series of this very colourful dragon Mary. Hope you have a great weekend. Cheers FAB.

  9. Pretty and majestic. Very nice colors and definition. Congratulations.

  10. How very amazing. My first visit to your blog shall not be my last! Exquisite - everything. Found you via Flower Hill Farm...


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