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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Freedom From Nest Rim Coming Soon & New Life~

NOTE...getting OLD ;(  I cannot believe that I forgot to post these, oh well. 

A little late and of course the Red-shouldered Hawk nest failed shortly after the second clutch of chicks had hatched, another severe storm~

The young Red-tailed Hawk that I recently introduced you to, is growing into such a beautiful bird, and every time I visit the nest it will look down at me and I feel some kind of  nature connect to it.  Actually it could care less about me, but it is always interested in the movement I make and the clicking of the shutter on the camera.  Each time I go now, I know that one day soon, it shall have taken it's first flight, and how exciting this part of the story always is.  I most probably shall miss it, since it is over 25 miles from my home, but just knowing that it will soon be free from the nest which has held it now for nearly 6 weeks, is exciting enough. 

Brooding began on the Red-shouldered Hawk's nest May 15, and if  my calculations serve me correctly, the first hatching should take place around this coming Thursday.  As I have stated earlier, I am hoping for at least one eyas, possibly two, any more than that...the nest is too small and we will probably end up with a basket chick once again, this may even happen with one, or two.  The next six weeks are always a stressful time for me.  I have placed flashing around all trees that canopy the nest tree, with the exception of one large one, which is impossible to pen, so I will use my trusty bottles of white vinegar and hope they will keep the raccoons at bay~


  1. I like the bowl of the red shouldered hawks nest. It looks like they picked a really good spot for a nest. How nice for you to be able to look into the nest so well from above. Happy fledging and hawk watching.

  2. She is definitely to hide, good pictures.


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