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Mary Howell Cromer

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thoughts of Japan and Beyond~

Words usually so easily written, so easily shared and yet, they are hard to form now, they seem so inadequate.  The devastation, the brutality of nature, the loss of both human and wild life...
That morning, they awoke with a home, family, friends, a work place to go to and in a moment it was all taken.

The spectacular beauty of nature, so breath taking and beautiful and yet how swiftly, the beauty can be transformed in the wake of a Tsunami.
Photo images, video feed bites, news reports, all convey such heart breaking tragedy.

When I think of other world disasters, and how absolutely horrific they have been, a Tsunami is at a level, that is beyond imagination, such great tragedy.

My deepest heart thoughts and prayers are lifted for the people of Japan and all other places where impact was felt~


  1. This is a nice message for those who are suffering this tragedy Mary... I feel just like you and I'm so sad for those people!

  2. Yes.. such a tragedy.. a real disaster!! Poor people.. I've been thinking much to them, too.. It's hard to understand! :/

    Thanks for sharing this post! Lovely photos!

  3. It is during these tragedies that I say God does not punish people or wildlife for that matter. He set in motion the laws governing nature but because man has so much tampered with a lot of things, such catastrophes happen...My thoughts and my heart goes out to Japan as well.

    Beautiful imagery and write up. Enjoy your week.

  4. Mary, very nice post. You put nice words on feelings i have to in regards to those events! The image are perfect for this text ;)


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