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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seasons Overlap and Male Hawk Appears~

It is not often that I get to view and photograph the male adult hawk, mate to the female now for as many years as I have been following...since 1999. He is much smaller, more compact. I can always tell which one is which, even from a distance. Her wings so much broader, powerful wing movement, seems more precise. He is much quicker in flight, maneuvering the trees in and out, you hardly notice and he is gone. If they do settle on a nest, after the first 21 days, once I know she has heard the chicks from within, I can move about her fairly safely, yet always with extreme caution. He on the other hand, does not cause threat, for as soon as he catches site of me, he is gone. Not all pairs of Red-Shouldered Hawks are as amicable as this pair. In fact, I always know that these also may turn and attack me. This species is notorious for striking people, or going after them in a very dramatic and sometimes quite dangerous way. Since they are of course protected, nothing can be done to move a nest in someone's yard, but owners must use extreme caution until birds have left.  It is a quite lengthly undertaking to deal with in that from breeding to when the juvies leave the nest, takes about four full months.  The Sumac berries nearly spent now, what with American Robins and other songbirds having consumed just about the last of them.  A Gray Squirrel drey up in a tree is becoming hidden by new red spring leaf growth.  Possibly a nest like this one shall be shaped up to become the nest hawk nest~

Note...following comments.  Here is just one site that gives information on the hawks attacking people.  There was a nest last year in Ohio that made the newspaper, another here in Louisville , KY that made the news in newsprint as well as on the tellie. My friend from Wingspan shared with me a couple of years ago that a man in our area had some fifty lacerations from just one attack...certainly  a thing not to be desired to have happen.  There are other sources for information. Thank you again so much for your comments~




  1. Very interesting post. Most hawks do not attack people, but we have several here that do. Northern Harriers and Swensen's have both attack me. Always keep a backward glance to see what is coming from behind.

  2. He is a handsome fellow. I didn't realize how aggressive, or perhaps territorial they can be.

  3. Watch out, there's a hawk about!

  4. Some really intersting information there Mary and how the hawk can be fairly fearless. I guess people your way should respect the birds as you do and not interfere or trouble them when they are likely to be breeding. Unfortunately lots of folk aren't as well informed as you are. Hope you had a great weekend.


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