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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Like a Perfect Time Piece~

I began recording dates on our pair of Red-shouldered Hawks back in 1999, even though I have been watching them since 1996. Also in 1999, I began my writings on the pair and their seasons of nest selection, their copulation behavior, care of young. I have written extensively of how the hen mourned her loss of two chicks fallen and a third that she could not find for nearly 3 days. It too had fallen a remarkable some 95 feet and survived. Chuck from Wingspan came to my rescue and we placed the lone chick into a basket on the trunk of the nest tree and the hen finally located the chick after I asked a good neighbor and friend to please record and play the sounds that a young chick would make. The chick had been silent since it fell. Once the recording was played a couple of times, the chick began to yell and the rest is history...all turned out beautifully.

NOTE~ We have since used the same basket with another fallen chick, and it too, turned out beautifully!

After watching too many times the coons take the little white fluffs of chicks and decimated nests, I came up with a full proof way to keep them at bay as well. All a learning process, all one that I am passionate about.

This year the nest tree selection has been made and while a wee bit stressful at times, it seems to be holding after all. The property sits catty corner to my property and shall be a really great spot to photograph, whereas last year was very high and quite hard to approach. On the March 11, and 12 the nest was built. It is in the back yard of what had been an empty home for over a year. Recently purchased and renovated, it has been a quiet place and now the waiting to see if the hawk stays, or not, as the family moves in very soon. I have gotten in contact with the new owner and he is very kind and shall allow me the permission to place the pending around the nest tree, as well as any other tree that the soon to be leaf canopy shall touch. 

I am keeping a really large girth between the nest site and myself, for nothing is worse than me thinking that I may have caused any disruption with a nest...that did happen once, much to my own ignorance a few years ago and one that I have never gotten out of my was one of the really ughhh moments for a beloved raptor lover.  The hawks will abandon a nest if they have not yet heard the chicks from within the egg shell.  Human encroachment is a huge No, No at this delicate season and I am so hoping that it all works out~

 Female is on the right and the male on the left~


  1. Thanks for visiting, and commenting on my blog mary, and well done with the Hawk studies :-)

  2. Great photographs and reportage again Mary.
    Thank you.

  3. it's good news that you have found the nest at this stage Mary and obviously with your experience you have learned the level of tolerance of the adults. of course you are spot on when you say the egg stage is the critical time when birds should definitely not be disturbed.

  4. It is nest building time, my favourite one is flying, 3rd from last.


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