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Mary Howell Cromer

Friday, February 18, 2011

Blue Jays add Colour in Winter~

There are only a few birds that cheer us through the winter months, that we can count on to give a nice show of colour when winter's stark white sets in.  Blue Jays are one of them and they are not only colourful to look at, but their personalities are extremely colourful.  They mimic the sound of the hawks as well.  They often do this whenever they want to get a little closer to the bird feeders.  I guess they think if they sound like a hawk, they can gain better access to the feeders, and guess works pretty well, for the most part.  The only thing is that the other songbirds do know the difference, just like I do.  My husby sometimes will say, "I hear your hawks" and I will say... "No, those are they Blue Jays".  He will stress that he is correct and then I will show him he is mistaken. Nicely, of course... The sounds the Jays make is loud, but the voice of the hawks, are, oh so much louder~


  1. Mary, That is very interesting - the jays using mimicry to hog the feeders, something I've never heard of but now you've detailed it I am really impressed; with the jays but alos with your observational skills. Have a great weekend, and I hope the snow eases soon, although we may get some tomorrow close to here.

  2. Thank you Phil. Yes, since I have been observing the Red-shouldered Hawks since before 1996, I have thus also observed what takes place with the birds in their area. It is really a very good imitation too, that these Blue Jays send out. The other birds will listen, but they really do not get too intimidated, not enough to scatter, as when the real deal arrives. In fact, the songbirds will quickly come and eat with the Blue Jays and all is well once again~

  3. I love the Blue Jays, they are a magnificent in their colours.


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