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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Message and a Post~

I wanted to thank those of you whom commented on my recent post regarding the Great Horned Owl kill of two hawks in less than 5 hours on just one acre of our two. I wanted to also let you know, that yes, I accept all that nature brings, both happy as well as those things that would render us helpless, sad and accepting. When I see the feathers of a Mourning Dove, I know that either a Red-Shouldered, or Cooper's Hawk has dropped by. I have some twenty to thirty Mourning Doves that love to gather seed from underneath many of our feeders. I try to have all of our feeders in the best protection that a natural area can possibly be. My heart aches for any loss, and yet I do understand it all.

When one has witnessed the very depth of what took place last spring, than they can begin to understand better my despair over the loss of the young one, the single immature Red-shouldered Hawk from last spring. The pairs first nest had 3 undeveloped eggs and the female ended up tearing the nest apart. She then went to another location behind our property and abandoned the nest site after several days due to a loud noise that lasted hours long in two days time. Then several days later reclaimed the second nest, bred two more times and ended up with only one chick hatching. It was really amazing the way she seemed to grieve the first 3 eggs lost, ( images are still available on here ). When you think of how many kills it takes to feed two adult birds and a young one, and then get them to the point where they fledge, flourish and learn to hunt successfully and then to be taken in such a surreal way, in terms of the timing and how the hawk was apparently frightened enough by the owls presence that even in the dark of night in, flushed and flew. That of all of the acres in Borowick Farms it flew to alongside my deck, that my husby witnessed the last flight of the young one, all of it I would imagine as it was meant to be, and yet both of us have had all kinds of thoughts since last Friday as to how things changed just in a split second could have so easily changed the outcome. Thus said, I accept, I am at peace with nature and while I shall miss this young one.

While I am sharing, I must also apologize for our new computer is doing things beyond my control. If I check on more than 3 to 4 blogs sites, and then attempt to go to the next one, other than an hour glass, my system has a spinner disc and it just keeps spinning and I have to shut down the Internet and reload it back on, which is quickly becoming a real pain. The other thing is that many of you have changed your blogs appearance and they look wonderful, and I thought that I too would give it a try last evening. Well...I cannot seem to get mine to change. I choose a sample and I am not able to view a preview of it. I went to blogger help and others too have gotten to this point, so I would but say, hope you like the colouration and look of mine, because here I finally got the courage to change, and it will not work...

The images shared in this post are of a Red-shouldered Hawk that lives near by. It is about a mile, or just under from our home. There had not been any of this species there until last year and I am thinking that it is a very real possibility that this is one of the offspring from our pair that resides in our area. This one has paired up and they have begun building a nest, so this might be another sight to in coming weeks photograph. Thank you always for your kindness, and have a great week~



  1. You can't beat the Hawk, it is so fantastic.

  2. Hi Mary. I have also been having difficulties with my aged laptop .. very slow to access pages etc. I suspect a problem with IE8. I probably need to dust the cobwebs off the wallet and shell out for an up to date PC!
    Your layout looks fine .. blogger will eventually sort out issues then hopefully you can make any further changes without any hassle.
    Good to see a healthy youngster and the possibility of another successful season ahead.

  3. Great write-up Mary, I understand. Great hawk photos and good luck with the new computer!


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