Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Whole Family Soaring Together~

What an awesome thing to witness, just one bird of prey soaring. The way they begin circling in tight circles and then they begin to pick speed as they allow the current to free fly them up, up and sometimes way above the clouds and yet with the call of this species, you can still hear them, even when you can no longer see them. Yesterday afternoon, I heard a huge commotion going on. First the adult female took off from the grove and it sounded like she might well have been in our living room, she was so close. I then began hearing more than one hawk and grabbed my camera. Two were yelling back and forth to one another and the sound alone is thrill enough. I walked out a bit from under the trees to try to spot them. There they were high above me and they were truly having a ball, just yelling and chasing about and tumbling. I had taken several images when to the lower right of the frame came a third hawk, the adult male and while I only got off one shot of him before he flew off in the other direction, he still continued to also yell to his mate and their offspring. The ride lifted them high above the clouds until I could no longer see them yet the magic of what joy they bring my way, is still delightful. The young Eyas is in it's fourth month now and that alone is hard to believe. I love a good outcome and this is certainly what I had hoped for~


  1. Buongiorno Mary :)
    questi voli liberi di uccelli sono magnifici !
    La natura è così meravigliosa nella sua semplicità.
    Un augurio che oggi sia una buona giornata :)

  2. Great BIF shots Mary that really bring out the various shapes and profiles of the bird's wings and body. Very good info for ID purposes.

  3. Your entertaining description of the "bird games" made these flight shots even more enjoyable! I enlarged each one. I also scrolled down and read about the red tail hawk found along the side of the road. How sad this is a daily occurrence. I see more red tail hawks here than any other kind. They are beautiful creatures.

  4. Hi Mary. That is definitely a sight to gladden the heart. The whole family enjoying their space in the sky together. FAB.


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