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Mary Howell Cromer

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Road killed snake always well received by hawks~

If it is not over run to extreme, or messy, a road kill of snake, or squirrel is often offered to the hawks.  There is an old cedar post remaining from when a tree fell and it lies right in view of the hawks from the nest.  Though I cannot see it from this spot they can see me place it, "hawk eyes".  My daughter had rung me up that a snake had been killed near her home, only 3 miles away.  Once I saw how large it was, my first thought was they might not be able to lift it.  Rat snakes can become rather large and this one measured at least my 5' 6'' in height.  The head end had been mushed by a car, and there was one slice on the snake's side. I placed the snake on post and came back inside.  When I checked less than an hour later, the snake was gone.  Last year, I was able to gift the hawks several times with snake meat, and this is second one this season.  They will take the mass up to a larder in a tree near nest, for eating on later~


  1. It is so clever what you do to feed the hawks with snakes meat Mary.
    There might be a problem though. They might rely more on you to provide them with their daily meal. And become lazy, waiting for you to show.
    I m just wondering .. how they dont spot the killed snake by themselves in the first place.
    It would be easy for them.

  2. Nice one Mary. We do tend to feed the birds in winter when a bit of a summer snack might be as welcome and it saves their energy in hunting.

  3. Love this! I bet the hawks are grateful..


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