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Friday, April 2, 2010

This can cause a nest like a Wren , or smaller species to starve their own young~

These birds are well heard of around here for their bad habit of being a brood parasite... They will lay their eggs in the nest of other birds to be raised by them.  This can cause a nest like a Wren , or smaller species to starve their own young, to keep up the pace of the needs of the Cowbird~
*The darker birds are the males and the lighter phase is the female...


  1. We have the same fart-head birds here. They have not arrived yet and they can stay away as far as I am concerned. Great picture of them though.

  2. Just like the Cuckoo that will be visiting our shores again this Spring, although there is great concern that the numbers returning each year are falling.

  3. Did I get it well, so these are doing the same things as the cuckoo!!! Well they look nicer than the cuckoo but are not finally.... Beautiful pictures you got of these terrible birds ;-)


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