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Thursday, April 15, 2010

From what I learned later after asking, every year the female Eagle lays an egg, and every year she and her mate carefully tend to this egg, sometimes two~

Being one whom appreciates Birds of Prey and all living things, this day brought back to me some of the haunting that takes place in this land that we tend to forget about. That some people would find it fun to go out and shoot a Bald Eagle, or any animal that it was illegal to shoot, is beyond my comprehension. Today was an adventure to the Louisville Zoological Gardens. I had to check out their Bald Eagles, which I have seen often over the years. Possibly, I never went this time of year, for I had never witnessed what I did today...before. From what I learned later after asking, every year the female Eagle lays an egg, and every year she and her mate carefully tend to this egg, sometimes two. Every year it leads to a non-fertilized egg and it gets kicked out eventually. Today, I watched as the male was tenderly guided by the female to get off of the nest and allow her time to brood. That is when I saw that the male only had one wing. He had a very difficult time gaining a position and yet even without the one wing, I stood in awe at this amazing creature. What I also learned is that the female also has a wing issue and that both Eagles came to the zoo, after both of them had been shot. What a disgraceful and despicable thing to have happened, and continues to happen even with hefty fines and jail time... I simply felt a need to share, and I hope it is alright that while these are not wild captures, they needed to be seen, to renew an awareness that these acts still do take place~ 


  1. Magnificent photos. Congratulations! Connie@momtomadre

  2. Sad to see the bird with only one wing! Wonder if it can manage to fly and move around or not!

    Pixellicious Photos

  3. Great photographs. Love these birds.

  4. I believe that current Federal regulations would not allow a one-winged bird to be rehabed and used even for educational purposes. It would have to be put down.

  5. Another Great Job Mary,,,

  6. Hi Mary,
    This is unfortunately what some people do! I hope that all the warnings about biodiversity losses and effect of human activities will stop this kind of acts, but I'm not sure. It is a problem of educating people to care about their surroundings more than to live without seeing things!!!

  7. Mary, you took my breathe away with that story, not to mention the tender photos of the eagles. Why/how could anyone make sport of this?

    I wanted to mention that last December we had a Red-shouldered hawk here, but had not seen him until recently. About a mile down the road there were two soaring together above and about an open field, and on occasion I have seen him perched atop a Doug fir in the same area, but the denseness of the trees doesn't allow for finding them.

    Have a wonderful weekend Mary.


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