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Friday, April 2, 2010

After seeing it, and looking at these images, I am inclined to believe it is a Cooper's Hawk~

When my friend Teressa first told me about a new hawk being in her next door neighbor's yard, the description matched what I was guessing to be a Sharp-shinned Hawk. Yesterday I was able to capture some pretty good images while shooting through the windshield..grrr, but a few turned out pretty well. After seeing it, and looking at these images, I am inclined to believe it is a Cooper's Hawk. It is much larger than I would have imagined a Sharp-Shinned to be and thus, my thinking on these lines. That brings me to my post where I labeled it a Sharp-shinned, I now believe that was also a Cooper's for it was much larger than what they state the first to be~


  1. Very nice shots! I would like to have such an impressive bird in my backyard! :)

  2. Hi Mary, those are very clear images and from over here it looks like a Cooper's but equally I'm sure folks over your way know the differences better than I do

  3. Hi Mary, Good clear images. From over here it looks like Cooper's but I'm sure folk over there know the differences better than I do.

  4. Look at the tail, which has round edges - that's a Cooper's. A Sharpie has a square tail. Here you have a good view of the tail shape.

  5. Mary, awesome shots of the Coopers hawk!


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