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Monday, March 8, 2010

Usually this time of year, the male would breed her after this, but he did not this visit~

An update on the Red-Shouldered hawk pair, as best I know to date.  It was just last Thursday and Friday, that I observed the pair about two city sized blocks from our land.  Then  sometime later in day on Friday, they appeared to have begun building a nest in same crotch of tree from last season..  They  have done some work on it since then, but still uncertain about how things will shake out.  I was able to take a few long range photographs yesterday afternoon, as the male brought a snake to the female and then left.  Usually this time of year, the male would breed her after this, but he did not this visit.  Then this afternoon, I went to same long range area to view with my binoculars, but no sign of them.  Then a while later, some five acres from nest site, I heard one of them very close and it was the female that landed right behind our home.  I waited behind curtains and watched as best I could as she flew another two acres further to grab a meal from her mate.  Thus, my closing remarks... Just not sure yet~


  1. Beautiful shots Mary! Can you entice them somehow: bring in some snakes perhaps? lol

  2. Beautiful hawks, I do hope they have a successful nesting season and that you are able to share it with us.

  3. Beautiful pictures. When I get pictures of "bird porn." Hopefully you will see it and get some pictures to share.

  4. Very enjoyable post and photos are outstanding

  5. Hi Mary,
    Nice to hear about the habits of your bird around and nice pictures you got. I think we are all waiting for life to come back again!

  6. Mary, i'm sure you will get even better shots once they settle down in earnest. Can't wait to see them feeding the young.

  7. I'm so glad I found this. I've been wondering what a nest looked like, so I would know where to look for them.

  8. Its really great Mary, I enjoyed it greatly..I love you work..


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