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Saturday, February 27, 2010

This time she began making her loud protests and within a minute the male had returned to her side~

I was driving along the same little lane that I drove on Thursday this morning and there they were again. Just about the same place, and this time there was activity... As I stopped the car to observe where the male had flown to, I suddenly noticed the female perched in the same area she was seen in Thursday. Only this time she began making her loud protests and within a minute the male had returned to her side... As far as I could tell, or see there is no nest there, yet this is their nature, especially when it is just about breeding season. Once he returned to her side, she calmed right down and after a few minutes he flew off, and then another couple of minutes went by and she left in same direction. This post shall be them in flight, which I enjoy, though the two of the male returning are not very sharp, I shall share them as well~

* Bottom four images are the male going and returning, and above that he leaves the females side.  The top five are of the female once she decided to join her mate~


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  1. I came here to visit and got distracted by a text message from my son..anyway I began staring at these captures here. I can't believe the close ups you got..I mean the face (lol) Nice must be jazzed!! The ones just perched in the tree are really nice too!
    Regards, Regina-


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