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Friday, February 10, 2012

Caught With a Loot of Treats~

Oh My....just saw got buried and was in a draft to have been posted in early summer 2009...ooops;) oh well, just as good any time, I expect~

* soon as it was published, than of course, it shows that it was not a draft afterall...oh well...a nice share...again!

Peacocks are the male gender of Peafowl and Peahens are the female gender of the same... Peahens tend to live approximately ten years, quite a bit less than the Peacocks. The Peahens also tend to wander more than the Peacocks.  We have had Peafowl live in the yard behind our property and it seemed more like we owned them, for they were always visiting, and we did not mind at all.  One day when I was taking care of Easter baskets, I heard a tapping coming from a skylight window above me.  When I looked up, there was the Peacock peering down at me.  I had been caught with loot of treats or, the "bunny" had been caught as well~


  1. Really awesome captures! Great details & colors!!

    - Pixellicious Photos

  2. Oh the beauty of having those creatures around. Beautiful, but dumb and very dirty. Dropping dropped every where. Dumping droppings on the car did them in at our place.

  3. Cool photos of the Peafowl. I see some local Peacocks that are pets and run loose around the neighborhood.

  4. Oh how precious! I would love to have a Peacock tapping on my window!!

  5. I love the silly little headpiece. It is adorable.

  6. these guys are fun - and SO loud! we'd have a few of them wander around some places near our field sites in Texas. Love the photos!


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