Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Life Is Full of Surprises, Some Good, Some a Struggle~

I need to let many of you know once again...I do not use Google Chrome any further than getting my blog post published weekly.  I comment on many of your blogs as I have in the past, but no longer hear from some of you, even though I have sent messages your way.  If you are exclusively using Google Chrome for your blogging, I am not able to use it as I have never understood how it works.  Many of you have left beautiful comments and when I go to your name, it shows you and the groups you are in, but does not give me the name of your blog...huge sigh, as I do not know how to reach you.  
Thank you for understanding~

I had my first 4 rounds of Chiropractic care and therapy this week, and it went very well with Lido L. Petrucci, DC  and his team. I truly do not want to get too far ahead of anything before this program is complete, yet I must say, that I am feeling some relief!

On Wednesday evening, we heard a tree fall in the distance, and then one of our own came down.  We did not lose power like over 10,000 people did in our area.  Thankful that our home did not cave in from under the weight.  I sat all night watching and waiting for part of the house to possibly collapse from the heavy weight of a tree that hit it. We are so blessed, so fortunate, that this very large Oak tree fell into side top of roof and then all of the branches missed the chimneys. The roof of house is covered with the tree top and the limbs stick out over the sides. We had wall hangings get shaken loose and, or tilted, we had some glass items and other collection items fall over, but none were broken. What we do have is some pretty bad structural damage. The weight of the tree evidently put pressure on the upper beams and then pushed downward on them. The Arborist came Thursday evening and it is going to be an extensive operation. Have to lose other trees to be able to even begin to get rid of this downed one. Feeling sick at heart, yet still thankful. After they remove the trees blocking them from the house, they can only remove the heavy branches on the roof back to other side of house. The second company comes in and takes out the heavy tree trunk and we continue to hope that it will not fall and knock down too many other trees in the process.  We still feel so overwhelmed by the fact that this tree, so large at 80 to 90 foot tall did not fall completely through our home. It was as if God's hands took hold of it and gently leaned the heavy trunk against the house. The roof is holding the entire top of the tree and the branches have remained right where they landed. Structural damage, yes, the front door is under pressure and at least 3 windows cannot be opened and the frames holding them in are bowed. The cedar siding is also impaired by the pressure as well on that side of the house. Yesterday we got word that the insurance company will cover all but the $500.00 deductible. They made an estimate and once that payment is exhausted, and the workers finally have a chance to get on the roof and access structural damage and integrity of our home, another assessment will be made at that time and it will also be cover 100%. That is such great news in the midst of this.  Praying for no rain, no more winds. Monday morning phase one of removing top of tree and branches begins and hopefully phase two as well to remove that trunk from the house. We are so thankful for so very much~

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Above both Turkey and American Black Vultures wait their turn to clean a freshly killed White tailed Deer down the lane~ 
Below I took the three grands, children of our daughter Brittany to the park to play and then I took the twin grands sons of my oldest daughter Hillary to a friend's home to swim~

My friend Sandy's dog, so cute~

Dragonflies and Butterflies~

Male Eastern Pondhawk~

Pearl Crescent~

Our backyard friends.  Let me introduce you...this is one of 2 bucks, but this guy is always a whistle call away.  He adores his mom, but she is busy every new season with a young one, or two and she chases him away, but he remains close by and follows her everywhere that she goes.

The buck's momma~

The doe with this season's young fawn~

He was just standing, minding his own business when his mom stomped the ground, gave a slight blow and off she went chasing him.  This happens every day~

Oak tree fell into our home on Wednesday evening~

Monday, July 27, 2015

So Much Beauty, So Much to Ponder Over~

I truly am not wimping out, and I can honestly say that with several major surgeries in my past, that this upcoming not so major, yet still serious surgery has me suddenly so very stressed, that I am becoming physically ill from it.  I have found no peace, and I go to pre-op tomorrow and surgery is set for August 5...
This is what I also posted on Facebook for family and friends to comment...What would you do in this same situation, truly, I need your input! Please take a minute and if you have any thoughts on this, I want to hear them. Reality... nothing is guaranteed! Friday a dear friend rang me up and took be by surprise. He had been praying for me and about my upcoming surgery. He shared with me about the possibility of Chiropractic help. It had crossed my mind and then I let it go months ago. Both surgery and Chiropractic manipulation have their risks, as in all medical issues. That being said, I did speak to both the Dr that my friend shared with me as well as a Dr who is a friend in the family unit. Both stated the same thing, no guarantees, but none with surgery either. Should this be you, would you at least have one, or two Chiropractic visits and then if that does no good then go ahead with the surgery as scheduled? Each Dr. suggested this and also stated the same as I have above, none of this has any guarantees and both could actually make things worse, however, more often than not, it does improve quality of life.

July 27 afternoon update.  
As of this day and for a while as we wait to see how treatment goes, the surgery has been cancelled and we will determine what happens in the coming days.  I felt some peace after seeing my Chiropractor.  WOW the new technology is truly amazing.  
Feeling positive~

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White-tailed Deer in my back yard~

The three juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawks are thriving well and moving closer to my property, and a couple of times, I think that I have already heard them in yard~

This one had a full crop, yet was yelling for food to be brought in, or maybe missing the other two ;)

Chicory grows along the roadside here~

Look at the lovely colour on this Red-Tailed Hawk.  It is one of a pair and they have young ones, but I have not seen them yet, but can hear them when I visit the area close to home~

Some who follow my blog may remember that I got to see my first Mississippi Kite a few weeks ago.  Well we had an alert sent the other day that a single juvenile had fledged and after one of many Dr. appointments, I took a quick ride to see.  It was so lovely.  I missed one shot though, for a few moments a Ruby Throated Hummingbird had flown high into the branches and hovered right in front of this one~

Both adults flew in and one delivered a de-winged Cicada to the young one~

Adult in flight~

Adult with Cicada~

The juvenile in flight, so, so beautiful and so rare for these parts of the country to see~

Sunflowers to make you smile~

Yesterday morning I took these images on my way to church.  The sunshine was glowing on the earth as it rose higher in the sky.  Here a juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk~

Young fillies and colts playing together~

Lastly a young juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk on the rail at Foxhollow Farm, and then off it goes~

Have a beautiful day and a beautiful week and think good thoughts in my direction...
thank you~