Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

It's December, What Happened With November~

Our Christmas card insert above~
It has been a really crazy past 7 weeks and more is on the way.  I have been feeling on the low side and just dealing with one day at a time.  This has not been easy, but I love life and I always make the best of it...thinking positive is much healthier than thinking negatively.  It's just doing life and doing it well...keeping the faith and enjoying each day as it comes~

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Our Christmas tree was up and adorned before Thanksgiving which is our tradition~

More Knee Surgery~

This morning I sat and read over the information that my DR gave me yesterday.

He has mentioned capsular thickening.
He is going to do an Arthroscopic procedure called Capsule Release surgery on the 29th of this month.
He is suspecting Plica Syndrome which can be suspected when you have my kind of symptoms. I looked it up on the Internet to better understand and it states that in some patients, particularly those who may have had injuries, or multiple surgeries over the medial aspect of the knee, (I have had two) the medial synovial plica may become very thick and fibrotic and may catch over the medial aspect of the medial femoral condyle.
I am confident that this will take care of and resolve any further issues with this silly knee. It's as it would be that when you have had 7 years of problems on and off with one knee, that eventually the other knee is going to take some force...the force has landed softly and I want to keep it that way. Looking forward to having this all taken care of and on the mend, once again.

It worked out beautifully as on the week of the 18th, my husby turns 70, and then on 21st, I will.  Our 48th wedding anniversary is on 22nd and then Christmas on the 25th.  I am so thankful that my surgery comes after the festivities~

The husby and I went down to the Ohio River and had dinner the other week.  This was right at sunset~

A week ago this past Sunday on my way to Bible study and this handsome White-Tailed Deer/buck was making his way across the frost and fog covered Bluegrass lawn.  There was enough colour left in the trees, to make the images pop~  

I had taken the images of the Red-Shouldered Hawk above on my way into the city for PT the other day and on my way back home, stopped again...
LOL I was thinking what kind of bird is it even a bird... was a Red Fox Squirrel~

My weeks are filled with three days of driving into the city for my Physiotherapy appointments as well as checking on some of the local birds that I can see this time of year.  This stunning Red-Tailed Hawk was in a tree just a mile from returning to our the beauty of this one~

 We have quite a few Buffalo/Bison farms in our state and this is a new one near where we live.  I stopped by the other day while driving home and noticed one of them had gotten a branch caught over one of'his horns.  I watched until it got the thing off as well as traffic had begun to move~

A Doe was running past a break in the fence along the lane and ready to leap over the fence in front of her when I snagged this quick glimpse~

The pair of Bald Eagles that I have been keeping up with for the past three years had used that same nest.  A large part of it fell away this past July and they have been working on one in a tree right next to old nest.  Someone had been getting way too close to the nest, even taking up to sitting in a chair some 100'~from nest with a HUGE camera...I am so sorry, but you just don't do that.  I had a little chat with him and I am hoping that he will honor my request.  The Eagles had been missing for some 10 days after his two day visit and then on Monday morning I captured these from a good distance.  One of them was breaking a branch to take up to the nest...still building it up and I feel so much better now~

Some of the country lanes, there are still little spots with colour~

Bah Bye little Shrew. A very hungry...I believe to be a first year Red-Shouldered Hawk because it still has a splash of the dripping rufous feathers running down it's chest, and has already earned it's red shoulders  was wire hunting as I came home from the market this afternoon. I had stopped in a parking lot to observe and I had barely gotten the car turned off and it went to the ground, bringing up a tiny Shrew and devoured it whole in less than two minutes from it's capture. The hawk held tightly to it when an American Crow tried a dive bomb, hoping it would drop it's meal~

The image above was taken before the heavy clouds took over the evening before
I got up super early to go and get a good spot to photograph the Super Moon the other day.  Where we live there are just so many trees that get in the way of nice views.  Once I arrived at the selected spot, I parked the car, put down the window and nothing but heavy cloud coverage...oh well, I saw it, did you?

Dawn following the Super Moon setting~

Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Favorite White-Tailed Fawn...Muff~

 That's my favorite Muff the five month old fawn in the mosaic sweet he is~ 


For all of the strangeness that is going on in the world, weather wise, political, natural disasters, horrific crimes done to both humankind and wildlife, There is still so very much to be thankful for.  Whether you live where Thanksgiving is celebrated, or not, I think that every day, every place, we kind find much to be thankful for.  I have not had a good year with my knee and I may be looking at more surgery, but I am so very thankful for my caregivers, for the heath care provisions that my husband and I have and when so many others do not have good quality of healthcare, and many more without.  I am thankful for a loving family and for wonderful friends, including yourselves whom I may never get to meet in person, but I feel like I know you from our sharing life together. I am thankful for this place we fondly call Tingsgrove and for all of the creatures that come along my pathway, as well as our fur babies, we cherish them all
I thank God for His bounty and His Love~ 

Capsular thickening of the knee post surgery is what my DR said that I have developed in a nutshell. He used bigger words and I will get the report in a couple of days.  He was genuinely concerned that this had happened and of course wouldn't it be me to have one of the worst cases on his watch. It should heal in time...who knows how long as each individual is different, as the inflammation continues to go down. He will check me again on December 5th and if not greatly improved, he will do a scope and remedy the situation from that advantage point. Even thinking of the possibility of more invasion of this knee is truly something that I don't want to venture.  The remainder of the knee is as one said in "excellent condition" and the DR said it is almost pristine for going on 70 years of age"  That is why he decided once into the surgery to only do a partial and not a total.  They are usually very quick to I ask why me and I get no answer, for I am keeping the why me silent...other than right here.  He had his team take 3 x-rays and they all showed a wonderful looking, very healthy knee.  Now we just need to get the knee happy and I trust that he will.

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For a White-tailed Deer fawn, his ears are so much larger than the other fawns and since he comes very close every day possible to get his portion of cracked corn...I had to give him a shall be Muff and I hope he will always be so sweet.  The last buck that came around like this one I had called Buckey and he was four years old, when last seen three years ago this past August.  It is a difficult life for these guys...overcrowded populations require a hunting season, but when it comes to the ones we humans grow attached to, that is a whole other story~

Cedar Waxwing outside the window~

American Robins come along side the Cedar Waxwings to partake of the assorted berries on our land~

The White-Throated Sparrows have arrived for the Winter season~

Pileated Woodpecker~

Northern Cardinal~

Muff's twin sister~

The Dark-Eyed Juncos have also arrived in nice numbers for the Winter~

Blue Jay~

Muff's sister and him got alarmed when a leaf blower started up near by and up went the white tails~

Muff's twin sister waits at our property line for her mother...can you see her walking toward her in the background?

Red-Tailed Hawks along with other raptors will be easier to locate now that most of the leaves have fallen~

Yellow-Rumped Warblers have been in nice numbers for the past couple of months~

Our land, where we have called home since August of 1981...Tingsgrove~

A Cedar Waxwing came very close to my window the other day and while these are not the best, I was pleased~

A Turkey Vulture waits it's turn for a fresh road killed Deer~

And another...there were about 30 of them waiting up in the trees~

Along with the Vultures a pair of Red-Tailed Hawks also partook of the carcass~

I have photographed the tree before, I really like it~

On my way into Physiotherapy the other day, I got these images through the window as I was driven into town~