Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Friday, April 10, 2015

The End of the Cold Bare Season Ending~

Memes...I belong to two of them and it is such a great way to reach out and become friends with like-minded individuals.  Every week, we all gather up what we want to share, and some deliver even more posts, as I did in my first couple of years, per week.  I try to have a couple of drafts set up and waiting, just in! Once posted, it may take me a couple of days to visit other blogs and make comments.  I try to do my very best at this and in using my very slow to use laptop.  For every blog visit, and then the jumping to comment and then getting it relayed, may for me, take a couple of minutes and so if I miss you one week, I will hopefully catch you the next, and I so appreciate your understanding hearts.
I don't know about you all, who live in changing climates, but we bid a big farewell to Winter and the bareness it brings.  Sometimes there are surprises.  You just have to be looking for it,  when the quiet takes over your walk and they are watching you ;)  Winter season is not all bad,  in that being a birder and  nature photographer, you can see the birds and other wildlife, a whole lot better when the green canopy is missing. As I write, the colours of Spring that were formed last Autumn, are starting to unfurl.  Spring rains have brought about some flooding to our land, as well as strong winds produced our first tornado warnings, and yet, the brown tones of Winter are slowly fading, and being turned into beautiful shades of green and rich colours are returning, along with longer, warmer days.
I am so ready... are you?
My father-in-law, so many memories flowing in my thoughts...he always enjoyed when I shared my blog with him.  He just could never grasp how it all worked together, but he knew that he enjoyed it.  I miss him so!
Have a wonderful week, stay safe~

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When I I usually see Vultures soaring, they are on the hunt for food, but this particular morning, these two seemed to be caught up in a flight ballet of sorts

A Red-tailed Hawk, gorgeous birds, so many different variations, but one of the main ways of telling it is a Red-tailed other than the really dark morphed, especially in young juveniles, whose tails are not yet red, is the belly band pattern of feathers.

I paced myself and walked quietly through this small herd of White-tailed Deer.  Because I held my camera up to my face, they never saw my eyes, and I was able to take these images and walk along and not disturb them, and they never even knew that I was aware that they were right there ;)

A juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk~

It appears that this Coyote has had a past injury that healed nicely, and I am thinking this is a pregnant female.  They are considered vermin around her and many a farmer kill them on site and are allowed to do so~

I only got one capture of the wee Golden Crowned Kinglet, as they hardly rest while flitting about, looking for food~

The Dark-eyed Juncos, one of my favorite Winter visitors, have thinned out and soon, I will not see them until late Autumn~

One Sunday morning, a few weeks ago, I watched as the European Starlings went into a murmuration flight, just amazing~

I forget if I already shared this sweet little bird.  This was the only image that I got.  Not sure which species of Sparrow it is, but it was so pretty~

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Final Entry From My Florida Journey Last Month~

Spanish Moss gives the trees a magical quality.

When I visited my youngest daughter Ashleigh and her husby last month,  they blessed me by taking me many places to see the beauty as well as see birds that I had never seen before.  Florida sure is the place to go birding.  My husby was born in Miami and we lived there as well as Boca Raton for a brief time, but never had I had the opportunities to see birds like I did on this visit~

For those who celebrate the season, may you and yours have a blessed Easter.

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The colouration of the juvenile White Ibis above was quite stunning to me~

What a surprise as well as a special treat.  We had been walking along the boardwalks through the Wakodahatchee Wetlands near Boynton Beach, when something moved from under heavy camouflage...yikes it was a beautiful American Bittern, a very elusive bird, shown above and throughout this blog post~

Above was another beauty, a Purple Gallinule.  None of these birds had I ever seen before this journey by the way, so it was all quite thrilling for me~ 

Another name, actually a folk name for the American Bittern is Thunder Pumper~

Where so many of these birds live, there are also Alligators~

A Glossy Ibis above~

Common Moorhens were at several of the marshland areas where we visited~

An adult White Ibis~

Common Moorhen

I think that my son-in-law stood with me for at least 15 minutes, watching this Bittern hunting~

Along with the beautiful assortment of exotic birds for me, we saw lots of alligators, snakes, large water turtles and iguanas along the banks and in the water~

Boardwalks took you through the acreage called Wakodahatchee Wetlands, for a wonderful view of nature at it best for the amazing birds and all other wildlife.  
BTW...there were no entry fees for this park~

Can you see the baby alligators too?

We saw 2 different kinds of iguanas at the wetlands area~