Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tingsgrove, My Home, My County~

These first few images were taken on my first walk down on our property in 8 plus very long weeks.  My husband had mowed a few paths for me and I took my time and walked and enjoyed it all.  This is our creek and I have used HDR editing to enhance them, otherwise it would look rather well...muddy. ;)  The creek is full of frogs, but as I approached, you could hear them jump in the water
There is so much tragedy in so many places of this land, and around the world.  Every day it is such a difficult process to think upon it all.  I wish you all safety and peace, and I hope that those of your homelands and loved ones stay strong.  I am thinking of you all in my heart thoughts lifted~

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We don't have very many wildflowers, but sometimes I get surprises~

This is my favorite ride from the countryside into the city.  
Sunrise on Covered Bridge Road~

Our daughter Hillary and her family recently moved and these were some of her cherished flowers.  I was able to move them for her, and in time for their seasonal bloom~

Another morning, another sunrise~

Oh My Goodness, would you look at our new puppy Svetka.  She is 7 weeks old now and will be flying home to her forever family this coming Saturday.  We are so looking forward to meeting her, loving on her and enjoying her company.  She started out "small and fragile" and now she is as her breeder says, "naughty and head strong."  That's OK, she will be a wonderful girl~

Posies from my next door neighbors garden.  I have to sneak over there, as we just don't have very many blooms in the shade of our land~

Sunflowers, and more at Foxhollow Farm and beyond

I love their Gladiolas~

An Eastern Kingbird~

From Foxhollow Farm, I stopped by to see about the juvenile Bald Eagles, now on their own for several weeks.  As I was getting ready to leave, after finding no one at home, one of them suddenly flew in and I got a few captures, before it headed out again~

Along the country lanes there are often large patches of wild Queen Anne's Lace, Red Clover and Chicory growing~

This past Saturday was our local Oldham County Day Parade.  I have been attending with family and friends every year, but a couple for the past 35 years.  Always a fun time~

I close with a few more sunrise images, that almost always begin on Covered Bridge Road in Oldham County, KY, my little slice of home and beyond.  
Thank you so much for stopping by.  Have a wonderful weekend and think good thoughts for my puppy and her safe travels~

Friday, July 8, 2016

Family Day Celebration and a New Puppy Coming Soon~

On a personal note...I will see my surgeon on Monday and I am hoping after 7 long weeks of non-weight bearing walking, I will be released to walk without the use of the quad cane, but still use the compression hinged brace a while longer.  I am scheduled to have two more visits for Physical Therapy and I am feeling positive.  Cannot wait to begin walking again, though it will still be a while before I can maintain my normal routine...all is moving in the right direction...thankful hearts~

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The middle of June every year we celebrate Family Day and this year was great fun. The family decided to add to the festivities a cupcake decorating contest.  They enjoyed it so much, they said it needs to be on the agenda again next year~

A sweet little story to read with your morning coffee... A few years ago a little Long Coat German Shepherd puppy was born and her name was Janka, and she was very fragile and it was rough going for a couple of weeks. Yet with expert care by her owner Theresa, she survived and would be renamed Vou Vrey. She was always a special girl to my heart. She is the picture of health and beauty now, a lovely, wonderful dog! Then there came along a big handsome boy named Inaki and he also belongs to Theresa. He is an amazing, well structured, very happy boy! Now then as things happen after a few years, it was decided that a pairing of these two dogs would produce some amazing bloodlines. I had shared with Theresa, that if there was a small female in the litter, I would be interested. Four weeks ago Vou Vrey gave birth to 6 males and 2 females, one of which was very small and fragile. I knew right away, she was meant to be ours, but we had to first pray for a miracle in this little one, just as we had her mama before when she was a puppy. YES, we pray for animals! That little puppy is now doing great, so sweet, she is a survivor and Theresa says she is so brave, Bill and I have already named her Svetka Krommer and about 3 weeks from now, she will join Meaka and Silveit, as well as kitcat Survhee Pipka and be a part of this forever family. This will be the last pet addition to this family and we can hardly wait to meet our girl. Thank you so much Theresa Dettmer, we love you to the moon and back~

Silveit and Meaka cool it with their little wading pool, hot, hot hot already this Summer~

A little Tree Frog surprised me one morning as I weeded around my Hostas~

A pair of Killdeer brooded 4 eggs for nearly a month before all of them one day went missing~

Eastern Kingbird

Yellow-shafted Flicker~

Two weeks ago my dear friend Teressa Mussler​ 
invited me to her friend Nancy Smith​'s home 
in Crestwood. She grows thousands of Daylilies and they are magnificent. There was a tour of 8 Daylily gardens in KY that weekend and this was one of the homes selected. Some 600 people walked past these Lilies that Friday and Saturday, and they all had a real treat! Gorgeous! All of the Daylilies that bloomed each day have to be plucked at nightfall, as they are every day, and it takes two people an hour and a half to two hours to get the job done. I got to even taste a Lily and it was very nice. I would enjoy a salad with them in it just fine, and it would make the plucking of them worth a bit more as food, rather than going into the heap of them all spent after just one day of beautiful bloom time~

The twins came by and Cullen was trying his best to blow bubbles with non-bubble gum, while his brother Kerrick went looking for a ball to play with.  We found a Salamander in the garden while weeding also~

Yet another sad time here in these United States of America. The world has gone wild and we are right in the mix of it.  Texas is where I was based as an airline stewardess for Braniff International first home away from Kentucky, where I married my high school sweetheart after he returned from Viet Nam and it was so peaceful it's heartbeat is beating even faster and innocents have been murdered.  My heart is thinking of so many innocent lives lost to violence in the country in the past months, it is getting worse and when will it ever stop...God bless us all!