Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Monday, June 20, 2016

Fifty Images to Celebrate Seventh Year Blogversary!

I open with Magnolia blossoms taken in different stages~

~Seven years of blogging from Tingsgrove and Beyond~
A few fun statistics that can go along with this entry would be that as of today, this is my  post entry 1,078 since the birth of the blog.  However that being said, since I posted my sixth year blogversary last June, I went through and deleted a bunch of older posts, as the photographs no longer were visible for whatever reason.  There have been 203,419  page views since tracking visitors began the second year. To date there are 11,008 published comments, which always are so very much appreciated and they continue to encourage me.  Many blogs get way more traffic and comments, and yet, I feel enormously blessed to have the visitors that I have. Many of you have become such great friends and that means so much to me.  Thank you for the generosity of your time in writing your thoughts about my entries.
Some other fun facts:
Visitors for page views are from the following countries and then beyond~
USA   110,423
Russia   20,111
Germany  7,454
France   6,549
United Kingdom   5,629
Canada   4,620
Ukraine   2,972
China   2,159
Australia   1,461
South Korea 855
and more...

Top 7 Blog published posts with over 500 views each to date...

1. "Waverly Hills Sanatorium"
2,175 visitors
2. "Post Number 975 in 3 Years and Ten Months"
April 28, 2013
1,227 visitors
3. "Even as the Flowers Fade and Wither"
October 10, 2012
1,112 visitors
4. "Post Title 1000"
September 28, 2013
765 visitors
5. "Flying Crows"
January 13, 2011
6. "Great Surprise Near a Quiet Stream"
September 8, 2013
7."Water Birds and a Call for Help"
April 26, 2014
538 visitors

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slideshow presentation after                                                                you have read the narratives~

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Above a run down building in Paducah, Ky and below a fun mosaic with me at the center~

A juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk from a year ago now~

I LOVE Swallows and these young Barn Swallows melt my heart~

White-tailed Deer that I fondly called Buckey came round for nearly 4 years, missing since last August.  I hope he is living a good life~

Sunrise and fog on Tingsgrove, my land that I have called home 35 years~

Red-tailed Hawk taking off ;)~

One of my favorite places to walk, meditate and photograph, the Anchorage Trail~

My beloved Tingsgrove in Autumnal colours~

A favorite bird that visits in Autumn are the Cedar Waxwings~

My most favored deciduous tree is the Sycamore~

Autumnal colours, bold and striking~

Coral morning skies over Oldham County, my home~

Red-Shouldered Hawk hunting for frogs...this bird is quite used to we human kind~

The female of our local pair~

A Red-tailed Hawk hunted and caught 3 Field Mice in 45 minutes, devoured them, and just missed a fourth~

A Red-tailed Hawk partakes of a fresh road killed Gray Squirrel across the lane from my home in late January~

A lovely Mourning Dove huddled in our Conifer tree, during Winter season~

Anchorage Trail~

We had a surprise visitor that I fondly called Eveas as he arrived on Christmas eve and survived until Easter eve.  I really learned so much about the Praying Mantis and have much respect for them~

Bradford Pear trees in their Spring canopy~

Red-Shouldered Hawk, our local female~

This season may have been a total failure for the local pair of Red-Shouldered Hawks.  Raccoons got the first eggs.  Then they took up residence on a transformer pole.  The local utility company had to re-route the hot wires to keep them safe.  After 15 days of brooding, they left this nest.  I have had a knee injury and surgery and am not certain if they tried a third attempt, but I am soon to find out~

Reflections of me at the Bald Eagle site~

Bald Eagles this season.  The pair once again raised two Eaglets~

The country lane that I enjoy driving on my many wildlife excursions~

This is taken at the famous Cave Hill Cemetery where one day my husband and I shall reside overlooking the military section.  Last week Muhammad Ali was buried here in a very quiet section where birds fly and flowers grow and all is at peace~

The female brings in breakfast~

Closing and just for fun, using my creativity...a parade at Louisville Collegiate School. They are celebrating 100 years this year and my oldest daughter has the honor of teaching here and my twin grands have the privilege of attending this fine place of education and learning~

 Thank you so very much for everything that you have contributed to help make this blog a success.
God Bless each of you~