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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
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Friday, October 25, 2019

Baby Elephant is Born and Migrating Birds~

It's nearing the end of October, and I cannot even remember June and all of Summer arriving and ending.  This whole thing with my twin sister falling so very ill last Spring has really put the brakes on for me.  The Summer was fairly kind to her and now the Autumn has shown some change...she is weaker, lost 9 pounds in a little over a week.  Her daily life is still one of caring for herself and her beloved cat.  She is very independent and doesn't want to call Hospice in yet.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning I drive into the city and do what I can.  Whether it be just sitting with her and visiting, or running errands, taking her to her appointments, I am there for her.  I go again on Sunday morning, sometimes before my Bible study and other times in place of that.
Given 4 to 6 months has just about come and gone as of next week and Haze is holding her own like the energizer rabbit.  She weeps more, get angry more, but she is still the woman that I have known my entire life, my identical twin sister.

New baby elephant calf born August 2, 2019~
Haze lives only a few miles away from the Louisville Zoo and I have been waiting with many others for the new baby elephant calf to be born.  What a thrill when I learned that he had come into this world on August 2nd.  He is an African Elephant and his mother's name is Mikki.  The zoo had a statewide baby naming contest recently.  Because elephants learn to use their trunks very quickly and use it to lift things the remainder of their long lives, my submission was Tuck.  He will be tucking his trunk around many things in coming years.  AND...LOOK at this KenTUCKy...people would always know he has a connection with our state.  The final three entries for his name was got my vote, Walt and Rocket.  His name is officially named just this past week... Fitz and I am so happy.  
He was already five weeks old when I first got to see him and the images shared on this post go up through his 12 weeks old visit done earlier this week.  He's quite the entertainer~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slideshow presentation after  you have read the narratives~

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Fitz cannot eat solids yet, but likes to snag some of the fruits and veggies the workers give to his mother~

Oh My Goodness, GOODNESS ;)~

Like any child, Fitz can get into a little bit of trouble, but learns quickly~

Look at this, watch what I can do ;) ;)

Are you looking at me?  Well then I am going to look at you too~  ;)

I LOVE this one~

Image above...
My Favorite image taken between 5 and 12 weeks~

 Fitz is tucking the hay into his trunk, but then he allows it to fall back to the ground~  

These two images are my favorite ones to date.  They are both the natural colour that came as a result of how, and the timing of the sunshine glowing~

If Fitz wonders around the area with Mikki and suddenly Mikki gets way a head of him, he charges after her.  So, So Very CUTE~

By his 9th week Fitz had grown accustomed to the different things his trunk was teaching him.  I can see subtle changes in his looks as the weeks progress, trying to go at least once a week~

Fitz is still processing how his trunk is to work.  Most often he can sometimes blow bubbles, but makes the water run off of his trunk, other than getting it to work the way it will.  It takes time~

We owned a 9 week drought here and it was really awful.  Birds, butterflies, dragonflies among many were thrown into a huge mess.  Monarch butterflies and small birds took advantage when I turned the large spray over sprinkler on.  

We've had many Warblers stopping by Tingsgrove including the Tennessee, Pine, Black-throated Green and Yellow-rumped to name a few.  Many of them showed up for a water sprinkler bath along with the butterflies and the hummingbirds during the dry season~

Male American Cardinal, looking quite dapper~

Male Summer Tanager~

Another huge favorite are the Cedar Waxwings who have joined the American Robins for some succulent Honeysuckle berries~

The Ruby-throated Hummingbirds left about 2 weeks ago on their migrating journey.  I certainly hope that they reach their destination.  The wee little chaps got in on the water sprayer fun too~

One of our very productive Squirrels below all upset because I found his stash of private stuff in our backyard~

Hedge apples...good for some wildlife critters, good for  placing inside and outside your home to ward of spiders...well that's a myth because we have used then in the past and the spiders thrive.  The red are Honeysuckle berries and the flower below right is just pushing through.  I have forgotten the name~

The End 
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