Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Friday, January 19, 2018

Snow Cubs and Snow Birds Delight~

These two images are of our Meaka~

We finally got a spot of snow, some 5" but first a layer of ice beneath that.  It made things quite slick until we got the snow.  The sun came out the day after and with bitter cold temperatures of a high of 7'.  Even with that kind of cold,  it was time for the three dogs to have a big snow romp.  I first let the 10 year old Meaka out with the younger 20 month old Svetka.   After they had their snow fun, I let the middle girl 5 year old Silveit out for her fun in the sun and snow.  

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These two images are of our Silveit~

And these two images are of our Svetka~

My husband Bill went out to make sure that the girls stayed safe.  They all get snow balls on their feet that have to be removed~

We lost another tree this week.  A very tall old Oak.  It fell into our next door neighbor's yard.  Bill too a couple of days to begin logging it out until the logs themselves actually froze to the ground and then his chainsaw quit working~

We got an alert this week that was very exciting for me.  A dark morph Rough Legged Hawk was spending time hunting the corn fields for rodents less than five miles from where we live.  I find them stunning. They They are a large Arctic species that has come very far to hunt this land near where we live... pretty neat!  The next day a light morph RLH appeared as well.  There is also a pair of Northern Harriers working the land and an American Kestrel.  Now what I really want to see is there is also a Short Eared Owl hunting there and several have been fortunate enough to see and photograph it.  I am going back again Thursday morning and see if I can spot it. The land is frozen some 4" under the soil line at this time.  The Owl hangs close to the frozen pond and the hay bale areas...wish me some good fortune as well~

Early morning light and 11' on this frozen land, that is so beautiful~

I was pretty far away from the birds, yet was delighted to finally get this wonderful opportunity~

Ice covered barbed wire~

Something about the rust and the ice was quite lovely to me.
Where the Short Eared Owl hangs close to~

I believe that this is one of the Northern Harriers...dark morph would be adult female~

Possibly the male Northern Harrier...please anyone who needs to correct me, I would appreciate it~

American Kestrel~

The light morph Northern Harrier, I am pretty sure~

As the sunshine began to lower it created an amber glow on the ice covered fencing~

This little House Finch has some light apricot pigmentation going on, presumably from eating so many tiny red berry seeds~

Oh I LOVED this one~
Tufted Titmouse...what is not CUTE about the little chaps!!!

Eastern Towhee came to visit...this is a male~

American Goldfinch eating seeds from Rose of Sharon that my dear mother gifted me with over 30 years ago...she would be pleased~

We usually get about a dozen Dark-eyed Juncos in the Winter months.  This year for the first time ever we have great numbers as well as the same for the Finches~

My youngest daughter and I went to a nursery 15 years ago and took a wagon ride out into a field of Norway Spruce trees.  She and I each selected our favorites and now here they are today.  Her tree is taller than mine... Mine was hit by another fallen Oak tree that was 97' tall from base to top many years ago.  The tree trunk...I kid you not, landed right between both trees and pinned mine down until my husband could free it~

I was just getting ready to close the patio door curtain the other day when I spotted this wee little Brown Tree Creeper.  I had not seen one for a very long while...

Poppy,...I know that you love Blue Jays and here are a few selections that I made just for you.  

Finally at last a European Starling eating some berry fruit outside the garden window.  I am not certain, but it looks like it's right eye may have a problem, but it flew very well and ate for a long time~
This Northern Mockingbird, did not know that I was so close to it and kept looking for me~

Sunrise, not sunset over the fields where the Arctic type birds have been visiting~

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Our Silveit Turns 5 and Deer Caught in the Pumpkin Patch~

Hi everyone...well we here in Kentucky USA are preparing for a big Winter mix of weather beginning tomorrow. 
This storm system will bring freezing rain, then a layer of sleet and add on top about 4 to 6"of snow.  Just hoping that the ice won't cause us to lose any power like we did a few years ago.  That icing caused us no power for 5 days.  I would like the snow part, just not crazy about the ice.  
What is it like where you are on the map?
My DR reminded me the Tuesday that I cannot take a fall...that is certainly the truth! 

Wherever you are, whatever you do, please stay safe and well~

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Stewart for:

Our Silveit turned 5 on the 9th.  We just can hardly believe that she is already 5...time just keeps clipping by so swiftly.

Above is Silveit and her litter mates.  Next to Silveit is Tessa who lives in New York, then Sayko who is in San Diego.  Below left to right is Natalia that lives in Washington state, Rosie lives in Iowa and Judah lives in Georgia.  It's amazing how spread out this litter got and yet I became friends with their owners, and we remain close, other than for Judah.  The owners gave him away and I don't know how to reach them~

My surgeon told me on Tuesday that my knee was doing much better following the Arthroscopic surgery two weeks ago tomorrow.  No more popping, or grinding on the medial side, but I have large pockets of fluid on the lateral side, the top of the knee and behind the knee which is not so painful as it is extremely uncomfortable...imagine having tight rubber bands around your knee when you walk and move about.  He is going to give it 5 more weeks to rid itself of this problem and we shall see how it goes from there.  I never realized it was such a long must maintain their patience and positive attitude, which I must confess has not been my strong point in all of this.  He also said that I no longer needed to go to Physiotherapy and could begin taking longer walks.  Yesterday I took our 19 month old Svetka to the Anchorage Trail with me and we walked two miles.  I am paying for it today with a lot of swelling, but I am feeling confident~

On the way to the surgery, my husband took me for a drive along the Ohio River again and I got this photo shares.  I edited them with a touch of HDR...which is kind of fun when you do these kinds of images~

Icing on driftwood and one of the beautiful Autumnal trees that I shared last October and the way it is still holding onto colour two months later~

Eastern Red-Tailed Hawk~

Red-Shouldered Hawk~

American Kestrel~

Red-Shouldered Hawk down the lane from home~

Northern Harriers don't live here, but some will migrate through this time of year and even spend the Winter months here.  These two were working a meal together the other day in my county...and I am always thrilled to see them...only wish that I could have gotten closer~

 The image top left hand corner shows how far away I was from the birds, using my 70/300 lens~

After leaving the Harriers behind I saw this beautiful Red-Tailed Hawk on my way home~

Yesterday when I was at the Anchorage Trail, I saw this darling pair of Mallard Ducks~

I am not sure if the park has Beaver, or Woodchucks do this kind of tree damage, not sure~

Now this Red-Shouldered Hawk was at the park yesterday and I nearly missed seeing it.  The pup was sitting off the path as other dogs and their owners walked by and I just happened to see the bird when I turned around.  Sweet!

 A Doe and her two fawns had gone into the large fenced in Pumpkin patch and when they saw me and the dog got all messed up on the direction of their entrance, which was now their escape gate.  They ran all over trying to figure it out and even began to pant in stress.  I was like frozen while I watched.  The pup was wonderful and never even barked in their direction.  I was so relived when they finally figured it out~

One of the fawns on the right looked at the Doe on the other side of the very high fencing and was so stressed wanting to get out~

There it two mile walk was complete.  I managed very well, but the knee swelled and I just have to put up with such for a few more weeks...  Take good care wherever you are~