Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Still Awaiting Autumnal Colours and Temperatures~

~Still Awaiting Autumnal Colours and Temperatures~

We are still having Summer like weather and we are worn down from having to water, water, water so much to keep green, or at best alive.  
Yet, we are thankful and blessed that we have had no natural disasters as so many are having both nation and world wide.  
We have lost grasses, shrubs, trees and there isn't much that can be done, other than give them a bit of water.  
The hoses can only reach so far on the acreage.  

I will have a month to catch up with many of you for the appointments are behind me as of today.
Surgery is tomorrow and I cannot drive for a month.  Huge Sigh, but the end of that time will hopefully begin to improve my gait and end my bone on bone pain.  It has been a terrible Summer and I have had some anxious moments, but I am looking at tomorrow with great hope~

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Above a wee Chickadee in our Firebush and below...kind of endearing is a walnut that a Squirrel placed to have for later.  We have Walnut trees but quite a distance from this Honeysuckle bush and I imagine that a young Squirrel thought it looked safe there~

Saturday I looked in our creek and found a little bird that I don't believe I have seen before, or if I have not very often.  A Black-throated Green Warbler~

A spot of colour~

The Northern Mockingbirds were sparring for territory one recent Sunday morning.  One will take over an area for the entire Winter~

Black Bellied Plover, juvenile was all on it's own for several days last month.  
A first for me~

Just pretty Virginia Creeper growing up the limestone walls along the highway~

Our last straggler Ruby-throated Hummingbirds finally flew off into the sunset last week~

Honeysuckle Vine berries is what is all over our land awaiting the Cedar Waxwings.  I am thinking that I may miss hundreds as I shall be laid up following surgery in the morning...
Not at all happy about that~

House Finches are all over in their lovely colours this time of year~

I believe in global warming!  
We here in KY for the past few years have witnessed things we have never before seen.  Kentucky is the fastest weather changing state in the United States.  
The Autumnal berries are abundant and resting alongside next Spring's flower buds already blossoming from the long hot Summer type weather~

Great Blue Heron~

Touch of muted Autumnal colours.  
Much is just turning brown and falling to earth with no colour change~

Heavy fog one morning at dawn.  
A pair of Red-tailed Hawks in the distance preening together~

Red-Shouldered Hawk landing across the lane from where I had parked my car and then preening and stretching~

Harassed by an American Crow~

More Virginia Creeper on Tingsgrove~

American Crow eating seeds high above me~

These are called Strawberry Firebush seed pods.  
I am going to get some seeds to plant for next Spring~

Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Rosewell Mansion, & the Drumanard Estate~

Under construction.  
The Bald Eagles that I have had the good fortune to observe and photograph, now going on 4 years, lost one of the anchor branches and all but the base of their former nest, which was enormous!  They have selected for now to build on their favorite perching tree.  I feel a bit concerned as the anchor branches on this choice have also broken away and it will take a lot more secure nest building to see how things turn out.  I wish for them and the Red-Shouldered Hawks that I have observed since 1994, and have lost everything the past two years, that there were a nest building 101 guide, but then again nature has been doing this for centuries and they don't need my help.

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The pair always seem to show such affection for the other, kissing beaks and chattering mysteriously in a language that only they understand~

A few weeks ago I was riding around the country lanes with my daughter Ashleigh and we happened to pull into the parking lot of our church.  
There I spotted this Red-Shouldered Hawk take a little Shrew, or Vole and then flew up into the tree right in front of my car.  
Perfect timing for me, not so much for the wee rodent~

A few beautiful Wood Ducks near our home with a touch of Autumnal colouration beginning to shine through~

I was driving through Prospect KY the other day and came upon this beauty flying towards my car.  I got out and shot these three images as it flew over me.  It ended up landing in a tree right above where I had parked ;)

The Drumanard Estate~

I went to the Open House of the Drumanard Estate Tuesday morning. Two people that I hold now as dear friends have worked on this property for several years and poured a lot of love, sweat and probably a few tears into the renovation of this and other properties also for sale...
Drumanard sits on a 52 acre wooded lot...
Built in 1929...
10,000 sq ft estate...
Cost to tunnel under the historic home and property to build the recently opened East End Bridge, now called the Lewis and Clark Bridge was estimated at $260 million...
Estate valued at approximately 8.6 million, the asking price for the bid past sale was 3.7 million.

Here is a link to aerial footage of both properties that absolutely beg for someone to purchase them and I always say, add my name to the contracts so that I can claim a corner to continue to get to visit...
HaHa, who am I kidding.  It has been such a great opportunity, that can never be taken away~

The Rosewell Mansion~

The Rosewell Mansion, some 7,000 sq ft has become a place that I hold very dear to my heart for personal reasons. The past going on 4 years I have spent hundreds of hours each year sitting outside on the porch and enjoying the peaceful quiet and the nature and wildlife so abundant here. Like the Drumanard Estate that I shared above, this mansion is also for sale and bids will been turned in on both properties next week.
Perched above a wooded grove near the Ohio River, the Rosewell estate is a throwback to Louisville’s well-heeled past: A Greek Revival mansion complete with Corinthian columns and eight fireplaces, and a brick smokehouse nearby.
A real estate brochure for the property suggests it’s an ideal setting for Kentucky Derby parties: 
“What better place to celebrate the Run for the Roses than at Rosewell?”
When this one sells, I am going to be quite will take away my amazing access to this place, to the wildlife, to the peaceful quiet that I have enjoyed greatly~