Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Friday, March 16, 2018

Interesting Week, What About Yours~


This painting and four other images have been found on both Facebook and Pinterest.  
The Peacock watercolour is mine, done by me and now used on another person's blog as well.
While flattering, it is also invasive...
Please ask permission~ 

It has been such a busy week.  The time change always makes things crazy for a bit.  I had my last Physical Therapy visits which I am thankful for.  What a great place and wonderful people at Results Physiotherapy Clinic!  My knee still swells, and gets very tight, but PT will not help that part, it will just take more time.  I am able to walk around the neighborhood and near by parks once again and once back home ICE it big time and all is well.  

Life changes things when we least expect it.  
Another reason to cherish it and everyone~

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I made a visit to Cave Hill Cemetery last week and photographed one of my favorite memorials there.   Near the front center of the cemetery is this gorgeous memorial to honor a woman by the name of Florence, who was the wife of Preston Pope Satterwhite.  He used the idea for the structure from the Temple of Love, built for Marie Antoinette~ 

While there I came upon this little group of interesting Geese and learned that they are called Sebastopol Geese.  With them was the most darling Duck that was running after them...well guess what it's called?  A Runner Duck.  They don't waddle, but rather run~
Are they not all adorable!!!

Runner Duck~

We have had mad dashes of snow this past week, not the kind they are having on the Eastern seaboard, but an inch, or two every few days.  
The wee little Yellow-rumped Warblers came in nice numbers to partake of the suet~

A first year Red-shouldered Hawk, what a stunner~

Dark-eyed Junco checking out where it wants to flit to next~

Red-tailed Hawk down the lane has paired up and may be setting up a nest~

In my rides into town for my last week of physical therapy, yes my last week, since October, I came upon this beauty last week and saw it again out in the snow covered pasture in recent days.  
Of course I had to stop and take a few more pictures.  I believe it is a Friesian gelding and will find out soon more about him.  Why?  Because I have ordered some prints of him to gift to the owners, whom I don't even know...yet ;)~

 We had 4 bucks and 12 does and fawns in the yard the other evening.  I had to take the pictures just as the sun was lowering and through glass and so they aren't great, but wanted to use them~

I have helped move fawns, baby ducks, opossums, goats, horses, cows, even a Golden Eagle in South Dakota...squirrels and turtles across the road, and now this... Yes I know it's a Skunk...but it was a very young one and it had just been struck by a car. I found it on the far side of two lanes, going in circles, most probably from a head injury. It was trying desperately to gain it's balance and finally it leveled off and that was when it decided to try and cross the street again, and that was when I stepped in to help. I slowed the obliging drivers down just for a minute to allow the Skunk to get safely across. No one yelled, no one honked, it went very well. Now as for the Skunk...not sure, but just had to hope that it would rest and then rouse up feeling better and do whatever it is that Skunks do~

Snow cub fun~

Recently I learned of an app for my Android called Waterlogue.  It transforms images into digital paintings, using different applications.  I took some of my favorite photos and gave it a can too~

 A very special place for me, Rosewell~

White-tailed Deer fawns~

Special home I spent time in as a teenager, now vacant along the Ohio River Scenic Route~

Drumanard Estate~

Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Place to Meditate, Take in Fresh Air, Breathe a Little Deeper~

We've had some days of sunshine, a touch of snow fell and always finding the beauty in the midst of whatever presents itself before me.  
Ha...the self image above and at the end of this post were taken at one of my most favorite places which has been sold and I am taking every possible kind of photo to remember it all by.  I have spent going on 4 years sitting on the stoop, standing on the beautiful acreage and taking in all of the nature that abounds here... Some day very soon now, I won't have access... maybe I can arrange a little bit, but not like what has been afforded me in recent times.
Do you have a most favorite place that you can just meditate, take in fresh air, breathe a little deeper, think a little clearer and enjoy all that surrounds you?

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  The girls...Meaka 10, Silveit 5 and Svetka going on 22 months...yikes that doesn't seem possible~

The twin grandsons turned 9 this past week and we had a nice party with family last weekend.  Cullen who is a minute older than Kerrick chose as his cake a plate of fresh bakery doughnuts.  Kerrick chose an ice cream cake...independent thinkers <3 i="">

Three of our five grand-dogs ;)

Mourning Doves, hanging out together as a monogamous pair and even giving each other kissing pecks~

I just liked the colours here~

This one and the one second below are both water reflections from the recent flood~

White-tailed Deer near the Ohio River, running now where it had been flooded just a week ago~

A Black Vulture flies up from a roadside kill~

In the woods above, and below a Red-tailed Hawk flew across the lane in front of me and then landed off to my right.  No cars were coming and so naturally I had to roll my window down and click off a few captures~

A first year Red-Shouldered Hawk seems to have made it through it's first Winter looking strong and beautiful~

Later in my backyard one of the pair of Pileated Woodpeckers, made itself known with it's yelling before coming to peck on a few trees in our yard~

The water has receded and now it's time for the big cleanup.  The city has much pride in it's beauty and I am betting that by the end of April everything shall once again look pristine...just in time for the first Saturday in May...the Kentucky Derby...which with a huge sigh, I want so badly to attend in this my 70th year and yet I just don't know how that will ever happen.  Holding on to a miracle~

The image above is the exact same area where now the White-tailed Deer stand in image below~

While driving into town last Wednesday for my Physiotherapy sessions ( Yes...I am still having to go, but thinking that a couple more weeks, I shall be done ;)  I saw a field of horses that I see a few times a week.  Only this time, one of them caught my eye and I had to pull off into the driveway and get a few captures of this handsome Gelding~

Well I will close with the self image taken at one of my most favorite places my brand new equestrian boots and wishing that I could have had the good fortune to purchase this place myself...I probably could have after all.  They had listed at slightly over a million and they got around $200,000  Oh my goodness GOODNESS~