Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Favorite White-Tailed Fawn...Muff~

 That's my favorite Muff the five month old fawn in the mosaic sweet he is~ 


For all of the strangeness that is going on in the world, weather wise, political, natural disasters, horrific crimes done to both humankind and wildlife, There is still so very much to be thankful for.  Whether you live where Thanksgiving is celebrated, or not, I think that every day, every place, we kind find much to be thankful for.  I have not had a good year with my knee and I may be looking at more surgery, but I am so very thankful for my caregivers, for the heath care provisions that my husband and I have and when so many others do not have good quality of healthcare, and many more without.  I am thankful for a loving family and for wonderful friends, including yourselves whom I may never get to meet in person, but I feel like I know you from our sharing life together. I am thankful for this place we fondly call Tingsgrove and for all of the creatures that come along my pathway, as well as our fur babies, we cherish them all
I thank God for His bounty and His Love~ 

Capsular thickening of the knee post surgery is what my DR said that I have developed in a nutshell. He used bigger words and I will get the report in a couple of days.  He was genuinely concerned that this had happened and of course wouldn't it be me to have one of the worst cases on his watch. It should heal in time...who knows how long as each individual is different, as the inflammation continues to go down. He will check me again on December 5th and if not greatly improved, he will do a scope and remedy the situation from that advantage point. Even thinking of the possibility of more invasion of this knee is truly something that I don't want to venture.  The remainder of the knee is as one said in "excellent condition" and the DR said it is almost pristine for going on 70 years of age"  That is why he decided once into the surgery to only do a partial and not a total.  They are usually very quick to I ask why me and I get no answer, for I am keeping the why me silent...other than right here.  He had his team take 3 x-rays and they all showed a wonderful looking, very healthy knee.  Now we just need to get the knee happy and I trust that he will.

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Stewart for:

For a White-tailed Deer fawn, his ears are so much larger than the other fawns and since he comes very close every day possible to get his portion of cracked corn...I had to give him a shall be Muff and I hope he will always be so sweet.  The last buck that came around like this one I had called Buckey and he was four years old, when last seen three years ago this past August.  It is a difficult life for these guys...overcrowded populations require a hunting season, but when it comes to the ones we humans grow attached to, that is a whole other story~

Cedar Waxwing outside the window~

American Robins come along side the Cedar Waxwings to partake of the assorted berries on our land~

The White-Throated Sparrows have arrived for the Winter season~

Pileated Woodpecker~

Northern Cardinal~

Muff's twin sister~

The Dark-Eyed Juncos have also arrived in nice numbers for the Winter~

Blue Jay~

Muff's sister and him got alarmed when a leaf blower started up near by and up went the white tails~

Muff's twin sister waits at our property line for her mother...can you see her walking toward her in the background?

Red-Tailed Hawks along with other raptors will be easier to locate now that most of the leaves have fallen~

Yellow-Rumped Warblers have been in nice numbers for the past couple of months~

Our land, where we have called home since August of 1981...Tingsgrove~

A Cedar Waxwing came very close to my window the other day and while these are not the best, I was pleased~

A Turkey Vulture waits it's turn for a fresh road killed Deer~

And another...there were about 30 of them waiting up in the trees~

Along with the Vultures a pair of Red-Tailed Hawks also partook of the carcass~

I have photographed the tree before, I really like it~

On my way into Physiotherapy the other day, I got these images through the window as I was driven into town~

Friday, November 10, 2017

Three Weeks Out and Moving Forward~

Louisville, Kentucky skyline in low lying fog.  Taken from Ashland Park, Indiana~

I saw an alert online last Saturday morning...

Common Loons at the Ashland Park area at the Falls of the Ohio!!
Yikes Common Loons are on my birding wish list!!
What are the chances that they would still be there?!
What were the chances that my husband Bill would even consider driving me over to Indiana?!
What will it be like for me if I just don't mention it to him?!
As soon as the words Good Morning tumbled out of my mouth, I could audibly hear the whispered sound of my voice clearly saying...
Common Loons, Falls of the Ohio... don't suppose you would want to take the dogs for a long ride would you?!
What the heck are Common Loons he said!!
I had him listen to the voices that I already had looked up in case I needed more bait...
He said sure that would be fine if you are up for it!!
I have been so good, really I have been super good, and patient and I really want to see a Loon in my lifetime, why not today?!
We took the drive over in heavy, low lying fog.
I saw birds, I saw three Great Blue Herons, a single American Coot, lots of Double Crested Cormorants, several Mallards, and a few Pied Billed Grebes...I LOVE Grebes! 

They stayed near the bridge in the heavy, low lying fog. 
I took pictures just in case this was my first sighting of Loons.
As we drove back home, I felt satisfied, hoping I could check a wish bird off my list. If not, I was touched that my husband was willing to bring me out, looking pretty much like a very pale, still weak me, trying her best to make it one day in front of the next. 
I guess that I never saw a Loon, or if I did, I didn't recognize it as such.
The fog was low and heavy as stated and I could not walk around to try and see any better.
At this writing I am at three weeks post surgery and as of Wednesday have had a set back.  One that is keeping me pretty much taking it easy until Monday when I go to PT again.  We are not sure what has happened, but our prayer is that it is something that will work itself out, and not the new mechanism in my knee...that would for me, or anyon be the worst case scenario...

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Stewart for:

Heavy, low lying Fog along the Ohio River last Saturday morning.  
Taken at the Falls of the Ohio~

Pied-billed Grebes~

Single American Coot swimming for a bit of green and rest~

Can anyone see a fish?  I mean really, use your imagination... I see it~

Mallards preening~

One of the three Great Blue Herons~

These last 10 mosaics done with Autumnal colours were all taken from my passenger side window as my husband drove me into the city for my first out of home Physiotherapy appointment last Monday.  There had been an accident on the Interstate and this country ride, taken the slow way, made it to where I got these amazing colours, following an all night rain event~

Just for fun...I am so bored~