Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Palm Beach International Equestrian & "Be Strong" WHAS TV Interview~

Above is the location for the event that took place the first Saturday in February. It was the 8th Annual Great Charity Challenge held at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, Florida.  My daughter Ashleigh, her husband Matthew and myself were guests of Lisa Moore who is also a rider at the PBIEC, but did not participate in this event.  
The Great Charity Challenge presented over $400,000 for 24 local charities, and will raise this year alone some $1.5 million  for charities.  "Be Strong" the anti-bulling organization that Ashleigh, Matthew and Lisa are all affiliated with was one of the entries for a win, however they were not chosen from the barrel drawings.  It was still a wonderful outing for all.
The theme for the event was "Animated Movies." The riders dressed as their favorite movie characters, as well as elaborate costuming was done for their horses.  

 My youngest daughter Ashleigh with me above and below my son-in-law Matthew~

 I have absolutely loved being around horses my entire life, but just don't have these kinds of opportunities often enough.  It was pure joy for me to spend time with family, new friends and the amazing creatures~

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Above our hostess Lisa at the stable barn where she owns two horses, and below images of her riding talents and her beautiful pets~

Below Lisa and her friend Alyssa joined us as well~

Lives will be changed, I feel it, I believe it, there is no doubt about it! The impact can, and will be life changing!
Last week our daughter Ashleigh introduced to the community the "Be Strong" program on WHAS news on our local TV partnering along with the Louisville Urban League.
"Being frequently bullied can have devastating effects throughout a child’s life. Both bullies and their targets may become withdrawn, depressed, socially anxious, aggressive, and fearful, which puts them at risk of developing even more serious problems as they grow from adolescence and into adulthood."
The Be Strong LIVE Tour's next stop is the Louisville Palace in Kentucky!
On March 30th at 10am, those who can will be able to join us live at:

At the Be Strong LIVE Tour, thousands of students come together for a high energy inspirational experience. Both victims and aggressors experience hope and the opportunity for change. A motivational speaker who has personally overcome bullying shows students what is possible in their own lives. Since 2015, the Be Strong LIVE Tour has reached over 3 million students.
Ashleigh noted that with their sweet acapella skills and inspirational sound we're beyond excited to have Linkin' Bridge joining us at the Be Strong LIVE Tour stop in Kentucky.

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Bagged 2,475 Be Strong bags with love from all the beautiful ladies and Matty doing the hard labor! 💌 #icanbestrong 💪💖 #LouisvilleStrong

Friday, March 17, 2017

Wood Storks and Iguanas at the Wakodatahatchee Wetlands~

 Four Florida holiday posts published and completed, two more after this one and then done...  
It has been such fun going over these images these past few weeks, for I get to not only share with you friends, but kind of make my visit one more time with each post in the series.  
This entry we are back at the Wakodatahatchee Wetlands and this time visiting with the Iguanas and Wood Storks who all live together in the same trees along with other species of birds. 
I imagine that it is the Wood Stork whereby babies just born in children's nursery rhymes are being carried.  ;) 

Since my week long visit to see daughter Ashleigh and her husband, they have been back home in Ky for two weeks, back down to Florida for a week, and then arrived again here Tuesday.  
They are in town for a very important event that will be held on March 30th.
How many of you know of someone in your life who was bullied?  How many of you have known of someone who bullied you, or a family member?  
It is a terribly horrific issue and has come in epidemic proportions.  Parents, teachers, counselors, caregivers, for the most past are not equipped to know how to handle these situations when we hear about them.  Some of these precious young people even take their life, as they can no long take the bullying.  
My youngest daughter Ashleigh is the President of a non-profit organization here in the states called "Be Strong".   She and her team are heading up an event to be held here in our city of Louisville on March 30.  
I will be sharing more later.  
We would appreciate your best thoughts and prayers~

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