Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Wonderful Bald Eaglets and More~

For those who have been friends and followed me for the past 4 years, I have had at times some things with my health that just did not ever make sense.  For three years I had these very strange events/episodes.  It was thought it could be my heart, but heart was good even after having had surgery to place a monitor in my chest wall and a year later having it removed with no further findings.  Then they thought it was the kind of seizures that happen without the visual tremors.  I was put on anti-seizure medication for right at a month, but no, following an EKG, not seizures.  A year ago this past November out of what seemed like no where, I had a pinched cervical nerve which still is at this time and those events/episodes stopped right then...weird yes!  
I had wanted to wait until this week ending, but nothing will be any different then as it is now, unless my biopsy results from 2 weeks ago are wrong!  I have digested the news as best that I can for now anyway. I am so thankful that I have a loving and supportive family and wonderful group of friends. I am thankful that I also have a strong faith and that I have once the initial tone has been set and I am hit hard with some tears and then a good blow of the nose...I always get a stuffy nose if I do carry on too long and feeling sorry for myself, well it never got me anywhere, so why go there. 
The Dermatologist called Thursday early evening and told me what I had not wanted to learn hear, the biopsy that was taken from the rash that was on the backs of my hands for the past 4 weeks is indeed a Systemic Lupus (unspecified at that time) skin rash. Friday I had extensive blood work done and other tests  done to determine if any other organs are involved, or this may be where it is.  Results will be in mid week.  This is a little scary for me, but that is because it is brand new and I am trying to get my head around it. If it is full blown Lupus, then I will not be able to tolerate steroids and so I will have to work with my special team of wonderful doctors to manage it.  Good thing going for me, I am way past the 6 decades mark and so this should prove to be a mild to moderate, rather than severe from what a few people have indicated, we just have to wait and see.  I am thankful it is not Cancer, and I know that the experts are constantly making new strides with these diseases. I will be optimistic, and I will be OK...I pray that and I claim that~

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My garden art is placed~

Time with my granddaughter Maci last week, such joy~

Redbud and Bradford Pear trees blooming~

Great Blue Heron paid a visit on my little country lane~

My new Lenten Rose~

 Pileated Woodpecker~

Pink/red Dogwoods~

Male Bald Eagle soared right past me last week at the Bald Eagle nest site, on his way to hunt up a meal for his mate and two Eaglets~

Red-bellied Woodpecker~

The Cooper's Hawk hunts right along the pathways of where the Red-Shouldered Hawks have their nest~

Redbud trees~

The Red-Shouldered Hawks are still on the transformer and every day adding twigs to help make it safer~

The drive from home to the big city and back, took me past fields of Mustard Grass this past week~

Along these roads, often times wildlife are accidentally killed and the Turkey Vultures arrive to clean it all up~

Cave Hill Cemetery, a peaceful place, with botanical gardens and tons of wildlife...a visit made last week~

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bald Eagle, or Wild Turkey and Hawk Nest Update~

Yes, that would be me...photographing the Bald Eagles and catching my reflection in the window. I even cut off my head, oh my! ;)
Did you know?  
Of course we from this country do, but maybe others did not know...Most all of the nations have taken on a particular animal as the symbol of that nation.  
On Declaration day in 1776 the Continental Congress asked three men to select a national seal for our country...Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams.  On June 20, 1782, the American Bald Eagle was chosen.  There was however a huge brouhaha in that Benjamin Franklin supported having the Wild Turkey as our  seal.  Thus the first Bird controversy to have at the time been such a big deal!
And so...this week I am sharing both the Bald Eagle and the Wild Turkey.  Which one would you have chosen?

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Bald Eagles near the Ohio River, somewhere in Kentucky~

The female above, and below the male~

The regal looking female~

Spring Tulips and Daffodils to break the suspense ;) and to add a touch of colour~

The first set of Wild Turkey images were taken in the pouring rain and shared on here before in their original form.  This time I got a little artsy with them~

The kinds of fields around here that you will find Wild Turkeys~

And here they are and oh my I do hope those big fellas stay safe.  Hunting season for them begins today through May 8...
I do not like that at all!

The Red-Shouldered Hawks continue to struggle, but slowly and assuredly they are figuring it out.  This woman... has been so stressed over health issues and then making the decision to be so passionate about these beauties has for this year been the worst for them yet, and then you have the kindness of these men!  Truly a remarkable bunch of young men.  The Louisville Gas and Electric Company was awesome to have sent the same crew back out on Monday and they redirected the hot wires on transformer pole as the hawks had decided they liked it...even though the nest was falling away already~
Hot wires turned off~

Gentle hands place an egg into the well of the nest, as it was atop the transformer and not in nest well.  If there is a nest, with an egg in place, you cannot take the nest down.  The eggs and nest are protected by the United States Government!

Redirecting the wire~

The very day thee crew left the hen appeared near by~

The female flying off the top of her revised transformer~

Next two images following copulation behavior~

And then an egg fell and while they have visited the nest several times, I am thinking they may have a change of plans.  Nature has it's way and there is only so much we can do to help.  We shall see how the plan unfolds soon~