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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
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Friday, March 3, 2017

Morning Sunrise and a the Brown Pelican Fish Tale~

The morning sunrise image above is dedicated to our dear blogging friend: 
Arija Pilskalns Schwerdtfeger.
Her family announced her passing away the first of the month on her blog as well as Facebook.
"Garden Delights"
Arija and I met several years ago and I grew to love her and felt like we were old friends.  She was always so very kind and encouraging and enthusiastic.  She loved sharing with us  her garden, family, pets, nature,  and her life journeys.  I am so very thankful for however it was that we met on here, to have had her as a dear friend.  
Hugs to you my Dear Arija.  

Arija would have gotten a kick from these delightful Pelicans in this post.  
I hope that you all will enjoy them as well~

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Well the moral of this story is...don't steal a fish that is TOO BIG for your pouch~

The fisherman had just caught a large fish and placed it carefully in his fish basket.  However...he failed to put the lid back down and so the closest Pelican robbed him of his big catch.  The fisherman didn't seem to notice, or care if her had, just part of fishing on the Florida piers, along side that like of these cool chaps.  The thief Pelican had gotten far more in it's pouch then it could take down, though how very hard it struggled to. So out of it's mouth it flew onto the pier deck and there was a scramble to who would attempt it next.  As the story goes, the fish seemed to get larger as it was passed about by three, or four Pelicans, before I finally gave wave to even more onlookers, watching the free performance~

From the morning sunrise first forming at the top of this post to what you see in these next two images transformed the beauty as the large dark bank of clouds dispersed into a glorious sunny day~

Another day, another Brown Pelican, who I simply admired as it preened itself with that very large bill~

Another day, another sunrise... Can you see the light from the lighthouse?  It is very faint as we had a misty fog on this morning.  Whether walking along the beach, or up in the mountains, I love nature.  I hope that the new leadership of this nation will leave the wilderness areas of our National Parks alone as they have been preserved~

The Pelicans seemed to make a beeline to the local piers early every morning, arriving sometimes before the sunrise. They would sit atop the rails and dive below for their feast.  I enjoyed spending time among them while visiting my daughter in Florida~

I loved the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean every morning and the walks along the beach.  It did my mind and body very good~


  1. Stunning skies, Mary! I love the Pelican series too.

  2. Enjoyed all. I won't confess to favorites.

  3. Hi Mary, it's nice to hear from you and catch up on your blog. I'm blogging less and not at MM as much, which is where we would "meet up." We call the pelicans we meet "Pete" as my dad loved to watch them, especially during the time they lived on a canal in FL, and would call them all "Pete." You've captured amazing images here. Too bad they didn't have a knife to share around. It almost looks like they're having a game of who's the best. Your beach photos are also beautiful -- to me there is nothing like walking along the ocean's shore to refresh my inner being.

  4. Great Photos Mary. Talk about "Survival of the Fittest".

  5. Amazing Pelican photos!
    Sorry to hear of the death of your friend

  6. Absolutely incredible!! Oh my word, they're so much one of my favorite 'shore' much character. And your images continue to impress me Mary.

    I read about the passing of sad!

    Thanks so much for joining in with us bird enthusiasts this weekend and sharing your link at I'd Rather B Birdin'!

  7. Farewell to Arija...that was a sweet tribute. Wonderful pelican post! The story is amusing, and your photos are fabulous! Loved it all so much!

  8. I am absolutely fascinated by your pelican photos and story, Mary! So evidently they're able to get rid of their huge catch, thank goodness. What amazing creatures and stunning photos! I so enjoyed them!

  9. What a spectacle it must have been, they look so fierce trying so very hard to snatch the fish from each other, I imagine there was quite a racket too. I love to watch the pelicans whenever we visit Hilton Head Island, SC, they have always fascinated me. I've never been as up close to them as you were though, I could swear you almost landed in the sea with one of them, great shots.
    Thanks for bringing some Florida sunshine to a wet and cold Normandy on Mosaic Monday this week.

  10. I am very sorry that we've lost a dear blogging friend too. What a beautiful post dedicated to her. Of course the pelican with that big fish in his pouch was an amazing sight! We've laughed and laughed seeing these photos. Makes us want to watch Finding Nemo again. Enjoy your day sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  11. How lovely of you to dedicate this to Arija -- and how lucky you were to meet her. She was a great encouragement to me and I loved knowing her virtually.

    What an amazing post this is Mary; that pelican/fish sequence is wonderful -- really made me smile. Loved the Florida skies .... you are so good !!!

  12. What a wonderful pelican event to witness and record. Your photos really show the beautiful light of the Florida coast.

  13. Dear Mary,

    So very sorry to hear about your sweet friend, Arija.

    Your Florida trip continues to amaze me with all the marine activity that surrounded you. I was not aware of the pelican's mighty mouth, and so learning about it via your words and photos was a treat of a lesson.

    The first photo, where the clouds mix with the waves, which in turn, layer the coastline is pure magic! The lighthouse in the distance, its glimmering gesture, letting us know of its quiet presence, calms and soothes the soul.

    Hope you are well, sweetie. Wishing you a lovely Tuesday.

    Hugs and a smile,

  14. A wonderful series of pelicans Mary. How I laughed at the squabbling on the pier. Pelicans are a serious bird but of course are always portrayed as slightly comical when they find their way into books and cartoon characters. A bit like birders I suppose!

    Good to see you enjoyed some sunshine and excellent light. Soon I hope for us here.

  15. Absolutely beautiful, the Pelicans and skies, lovely Mary.

  16. La transparence de la gorge du Pélican est magnifique ;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  17. Hello, Mary! I was sad to hear about the passing of Arija! I enjoyed visiting her blog over the years, she was into the skywatching. Love your pelicans, awesome photos. I hope you enjoy and have a happy day!

  18. Hi Mary. Very much enjoyed reviewing the Pelican series and the glorious costal views.

    Delighted to say we are both fine.


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