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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New Pup Svetka Has Arrived on Tingsgrove and More~

On July 23, our family grew by one beautiful little puppy.  She was born "small and fragile" and as soon as I learned that she had had arrived, in my heart, I knew that she would become mine.  Her mother was also born fragile and she is 4 years old and absolutely amazing now, so not to worry, our girl is going to be very healthy. Our last pet family member and one that came just when I may have needed it the most.  She is another Long Coat German Shepherd with a new big name.  Svetka Krommer Vom Haus Dettmer.  She was born to our beautiful friend and breeder Theresa Dettmer in Missouri Valley, Iowa. This is the same place where we got our beautiful Silveit 3 years ago.   She has met her big sisters whom she thinks are giant toys to bite on, pull and tug on.  She met her kit-cat who still hisses and spits at her.  Many family members and friends have met her, as well as strangers in the pet stores that I have taken her into so far for socializing.  She enjoys anything cool, the air conditioner vents in the house and car, the wading pool with ice cubes added, she is happy!  Though she will begin her schooling on August 23 and probably have to give up her mouth leash holding, for now, we love how she takes us back home after a brief walk.  My husband has built a new entry gate to mainly keep our 3 dogs safer and to keep other larger critters out.  He is also building a new fence line to add newness to the 35 year old four board fence row.  My dear friend Laurene who has a sister to our Tessa and will have a brother to our Svetka had a lovely blanket made for our new thoughtful.

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Naked Ladies, Spring Surprises, lovely Lilies that show up in many places this time of year.  Our cat Survhee Pipka laying in front of a boyhood photograph of my husband~

Spider webs are broken as I walk along the paths of our property, unless I see them ahead of my face being covered first...ugh, and then I can photograph them and not ruin them.  As I clean up the yard after the dogs, I also will pluck up the assorted wild mushrooms that grow and rid the yard of them as well. I cannot take any chances that the dogs could be made ill~

I had to use HDR on these photos taken using my not so good cell phone camera of the little Blue Jay that my husband found on the ground and having a difficult go after it left the nest rim.  I got it up off of the ground and it's parents did the rest in rousing it and getting it up into the tree above.  All was well~

When I take my rides out into the country, I often times see the Red-tailed Hawks.  My knee is still giving me great pain and so I have to stay in the car to take any shots and do the best that I can.  It has been a rough go the past 3 months~

My land... Tingsgrove~

Wild Turkeys made prettier with Sunflowers, White-tailed Deer and spider webs in horse country in my county~

My new Lincoln Towncar hood ornament...a male Blue Dasher~

Fungal growth plates on a dying tree in our front yard at dawn with dew droplets~



    (I noticed your other shots too. *smile*)

  2. Your new pup is so beautiful. I also love all the beautiful nature photos you shared today. Our son had to let go of our beloved dog, Marshall, last Friday. He was almost 16 and in very poor health and suffering. The reality hasn't hit me yet. He gave us 10 great years in our home and the remainder with our son, just down the road. He was missed by me when we visited them the other evening. I kept looking for him. The first and last dog we'll own. Sweet memories.

  3. Hello Mary, your new pup is just adorable. I wish I could give her a hug! Beautiful variety of photos. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. She is so beautiful!
    Enjoyed the slide show, too! - wonderful photos!

  5. Oh your new doggie is so cute ~ Wonderful photos of her too! ~ lovely photography on your post ~ delightful and creative!

    Wishing you happy days ~ ^_^

  6. Artistic everywhere I'm looking today.
    That cat....just absolutely breathtaking pretty [or should I say handsome?]
    And your new puppy...sweet as candy. I LOVE the middle photo of the one collage where "S" is carrying its leash in its mouth!!! Love it!!!

    Flowers, birds, fence lines, trees, puppies and kitties...all PURRfection.

    Thank you kindly for sharing this with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin''s always appreciated,

  7. Svetka, what a name, beautiful. All that is plenty follows on.

  8. You've shared some wonderful photos today and I always look down through them for the hawks! You always take the most amazing hawk photos and when I worked on my post today, I thought of you! Enjoy your weekend my friend. Hugs, Diane

  9. Congratulations on the new and adorable addition to your family. Beautiful yard and drive photos (am amazed what beautiful pictures you get, especially the flight shots, when you are essentially doing drive-by shooting.) I don't think your pictures could get any better, but still I hope you are soon able to get and hike around, because I want you to be well!!

  10. Hello!:) Congratulations, all your nature shots are wonderful, and your sweet puppy dog is adorable. I also like your cat, such nice markings. Enjoy your Sunday!:)

  11. Hello Mary. Your new pup Svetka is a real beauty - almost a shame she has to grow and lose than endearing face.

    A number of your country walk photos are absolutely wonderful, in particular the misty meadow with the deer, and the spider’s web in the grass top. You really do have a special eye for a photo opportunity where others would simply walk by. Also, the undulating fence meandering over the meadow is quite splendid.

    I hope your knee improves to become less painful. It is literally a pain, as I know.

    Best of luck. Keep snapping and blogging.

  12. Great set of images Mary, especially the misty deer shot.

  13. Enjoy your new Puppy Mary. Your views of Tingsgrove always a joy to see. That view of the fence rolling over the hill - such calmness. And those Lillies. I hope you are getting your health sorted Mary. As you can see I'm back from the wilds of our north west. It's freezing down here, It's taking a little getting used to after the heat of the north. Take care.


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