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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Begins...Hallelujah~

~Palm Sunday~

We made it, another Winter by calendar date is behind us, yet alas, snow is on it's way to parts of the USA.  My father once reminded me that one day it was light, but that snow fell one Kentucky Derby day and that is always the first Saturday in May.  
I was going to do a entry about my great-grand-father and grandmother this week, but I will need more time to work on it.  I hope that everyone has enjoyed their weekend.  Today was one of the best days that I have had in well over two long months...a thankful heart~  

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Everyone has a special place where they can take solace and feel a part of something. My dear friend Teressa introduced me to the Anchorage Trail several years ago now. I am thinking that I have been there at least a hundred times since that introduction. I go to walk, to be close to earth, to find silence even in the sounds nature shares. One connection that I have to it, began when I was just about 5 years old. Our family had moved to Middletown, KY from Portland, Oregon. The Post Office was in Anchorage and my mother had no car. If we needed stamps, or just to get out for a while, we, my mother, my twin sister Haze and I would walk from Middletown up the beautiful Evergreen Road, all the way to Anchorage and back, which is a little over two miles. For a five year old, it seemed like a long walk, but mother said I never complained.  Those were the first long walks that I ever took. When I visit the Anchorage Trail, I feel the connection to mother, my sister and the way it was back then to be close with her, and it is sweet~

A Red-Shouldered Hawk photographed really out of range of my 70/300 lens, and yet I was able to bring life to a few of them for this post~

I had Nana duty last week.  Two afternoons with my twin grands and a little while one day with my grand-daughter.  While Kerrick attended a "Tinker Club" at his school, I gathered up Cullen for a little while at Cave Hill and feeding of ducks, geese, swans and oh yes, fish too.  I watched little Maci while her mother was in seeing her physician also~

Silly Swan, kept biting at Cullen's show, reminding him that he was hungry~

I walked the Anchorage Trail two days also and on Tuesday morning, there were oodles of spider webs in the open fields.  Here are a few of them~

In this field where the White-tailed Deer gathered, there were hundreds of  spider webs of various sizes~

A doe and her yearling fawn sleepily make their way across a field on Friday.  I liked the primitive look of these images, taken just after dawn~

A Mute Swan swan across the lake at Anchorage Trail, and the reflections were amazing.  This is a male, just like the one biting Cullen's shoe above.  Both females of the pairs were killed by Coyotes...sadly~

The wee little Praying Mantis Eveas, is with us 13 weeks now and seems to be fine.  I did this image with my cell phone and one of it's edits~


  1. Hello, Mary! Happy Spring! What a lovely story about your walks. The photos are just gorgeous, lovely lighting. The birds, deer and web are just beautiful. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. You had a busy week. I love the spider web photos, just fantastic.

  3. A most amazing photo collection! I love the spider webs. Thank god the winter is soon over!

  4. I love coming here. Many nice shots...but I must say #24, deer in the field, is now on my desktop presentation folder ;)

  5. Magical scenes! beautiful, so beautiful aspects. Have a lovely Spring!

  6. What a delight to see spring come to your area with all the critters and little ones! Fabulous photos!

    Donna@Gardens Eye View
    and Living From Happiness

  7. Beautiful photos, Mary. The reflections of the lonely swan in the water make striking images. And the spider webs - such elegant draping lines - a lovely series of photos. I'm glad you've been doing better. Nana time is busy, but so much fun!

  8. Gorgeous photos Mary! The deer ones are so pretty and so are the swans. How fun to spend some time with your grandchildren. Your memories of the old road are beautiful. I wish you a happy spring and very blessed Easter.
    Hugs, Pam

  9. Amazing photos! I love those swans too and the beautiful reflections. We saw a red shouldered hawk on our hike yesterday and I thought of you...and took a bunch of pics! lol Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  10. Some nice swan reflections in the water and then the preying mantis that looks like alien, got to love all the creatures!

  11. You and I have both had Nana time in the last little while - it's just the best treat I can give myself.
    All of your photos are lovely, but the ones that captured my eye were the spider webs. The are so intricate, so elegant.

  12. Lovely memories, beautiful critters, super cute kids and magical spider webs. :)
    Have a happy and serene Holy Week!

  13. Beautiful post and fabulous images.....all of them......thank you!
    Enjoy your week!

  14. oh Mary, your photos are enchanting. The Anchorage Trail truly looks like a lovely place to be close to the earth and in your our mind space. So beautiful. And your images of the deer and swan, so beautiful. It seems you had a lovely time with your grandies, as I am sure they did with you. We had our grandies here over the weekend. My eldest grandie I ended up making origami ninja stars with from UTube. Have a lovely week Mary. Enjoy the start of spring. The autumn is creeping in here with warm days, and slightly cooler evenings. hugs

  15. The Spiders web are fantastic Mary, I love them all.

  16. Spring:) Your photos are lovely. And as for trails that connect us to the past.....yes. Absolutely. I have a similar place where the past and present all come together. It's a bit overwhelming sometimes. It's not often I get to make the walk but when I do, it has a huge emotional impact.

  17. Now the Spider web images are amazing.also I love the Deer adn the Swans shots

  18. Hi Mary, I enjoyed seeing your post and looking at all these amazing photos. Thank you and have a great week :)

  19. I love all your pictures and the spider webs astound me with how beautiful they are -- you are so talented Mary! I just love this whole post. Your grands are all adorable -- grandma duty is one of the funnest jobs isn't it? (Mine are too old for that now -- ranging in age from 35 to 15. I have great -grandsons around the age of your grands -- wow I am so old!!!)
    Just a lovely share and I am so glad you are having good days! I didn't know you'd lived in Oregon for a while when you were a child! Somehow I thought of you as a native Kentuckian!

  20. Beautiful images of wildlife surrounding you. Love the spider webs!

  21. Hello Mary. That is a lovely story about your walks - 2 miles is a long way for a tiny tot. Your spider's web photos are so well accomplished that I am jealous of them. I have a number of poor pictures of webs that I dare not publish, especially so now. I reserved a comment about one of your deer compostions to the last. It's the one where you have captured blobs of light (or is it sunlit grass) in the foreground. It is a truly delightful and almost magical picture that would make an original postcard, greetings card or calendar entry.

    Spring is almost here too but at the moment we can not shake off the cold nights and cool mornings. It will come.

    Enjoy your week and holiday weekend.

  22. so many wonderful nature images. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Hello!:) Beautiful nature shots. I like the cobwebs also, they show an amazing likeness to my crochet mats!:)Love the dear and swan captures, such serene images.:)

  24. sweet deer. i love the light and color in the swan photos! very well done!

  25. Gorgeous photos! I love the deer and the spider webs are so pretty. Happy Easter!


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