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Monday, September 14, 2015

My Week, How Was Yours~

My girls Silveit in left, soon to turn 3 and Meaka to her right soon to be 8.  Their pathway from the side garden into their yard had become a mud mess and needed help. Mulch just washed down the hill.  I cannot get the mower all the way up the long, narrow curved path and so grass was out.  We have a creek that runs between our acreage as well as across the entire back of the 2 1/2 acres.  Creek stone to the rescue, but with my neck and arm problem, I had to be very careful.  I would load as much stone as the wagon could pull without too much tension.  I did this over and over until I had created the path.  I wanted to keep it natural looking.  Sorry, you are not able to see it from the curve and up into garden area, dark with shade, but I kind of like it now and the girls approved as well~

If I did not make it to some of your sites last week, I do apologize.  With the creek stone effort, several Dr appointments, niece still in hospital,  care for home bound sister, as her best friend and caregiver was also in the hospital, it was just one of those weeks.  I know that you all have had them yourself, you awaken to wonder who you are, and where you are ;)

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My daughter Brittany knew things had been rough going and called me last weekend to see if I wanted to go out with them on their boat for the afternoon.  My oldest daughter Hillary and her family would also be going as well.  It was an immediate yes, and we enjoyed a delightful time together~

My ride out into horse country, just under 10 miles from home, continues from last weeks entry here~

We have a new overpass to I-71 just down the road from where we live.  I decided to walk it early one morning last week.  It is right at a 4 mile  round trip walk for me and I need the exercise!  Well look what I found at the far end, a gorgeous Red-tailed Hawk, I am thinking a male, due to it's smaller size.  I ended up walking 20 miles last week and my doctors were pleased as well as I with myself~

More from horse country~

A Turkey Vulture above and the White tailed Deer that I help feed in our yard~

The making of a new generation for next Spring.  Happy Monday, Happy Week~

Peek a boo, not sure which dragonfly this was, and this was the only pic I got before it flew.  Below a Box Turtle in my back yard.  I knew that it had to be trying to get to the water and was having a difficult time, due to high banks and low water.  I lifted it down and it took a long drink and then I placed it back on the path, in the direction it had been headed, so it could find it's place for Winter care~


  1. Congratulations on your walking. And the path you preserved or improved. A lot of work especially with your neck and arm. I enjoyed your photos so much. Beautiful farm and horse country. The deer look like they visited you from our yard! or vice versa! I'm beginning to think they actually have taken up residence in the woods behind our house. I wish they could find real country to live in. Have a good week!

  2. Hello Mary, what an awesome post. So many pretty photos and mosaics. I just love your beautiful dogs. And your fmaily photos are beautiful, the grands are so cute! Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  3. What fun you had out on the boat! And the nature photos are spectacular. I love the design on the turtle shell...amazing! Hugs!

  4. That's alot of walking :) So many lovely nature photos as usual, but I literally laughed out loud at that little one with her yellow sunglasses :) too cute!

    What a lot of work hauling the stones yet a brilliant idea and it looks wonderful.

  5. Wow! Thank you for sharing these. I love your pictures, what a wonderful boat trip! Happy times!

  6. Gorgeous mosaics! You always find the most amazing subjects and then you take the most amazing photos of them. Your "girls" are real beauties and you did a great work with the path.
    Happy Mosaic Monday!

  7. Looks like a really nice week out. That Box Turtle is a beauty! Good find. With the scenery you have all around you, I'd be out everyday walking around. Gorgeous!

  8. My you have been busy making that path. Looks like pure hard work Mary but as you say, I'm sure Silveit and Meaka will appreciate not getting muddy paws. They do look gorgeous again today - a stunning portrait two well behaved girls?

    It was so thoughtful of your family to take you out on a boat trip and I can immediately see how everyone enjoyed the journey.

    I saw the Box Turtle and immediately thought that I had read somewhere that they could be troublesome, perhaps biting and potentially dangerous? I'm sure you would be aware of that in handling one and helping it along the way.

    Sorry for not catching up with you before now - not enough days in the week. And for Wednesday we have to pack cases as we are off to Greece again.

    Take care Mary, and keep up the exercise. You sound to be doing so very well.

  9. Oh what beautiful dogs. I have just spent the weekend at my sister's house with her two sweet dogs. That hawk is absolutely wonderful. I don't think I've ever seen that kind before.

  10. Hi Mary,

    So lovely to hear that you got a chance to spend some quality time with your adorable grands, and their parents! How beautiful the forest is in your neck of the woods; I would so love to join you on a walk, to explore its many natural luxuries.

    Your photos are beautiful, and I am especially taken with the perspective from that long stretch of wooden fence, zigzagging into the landscape beyond. Those feathered lovelies are so pretty, too, and I come across many in my own immediate surroundings, which are suburban streets, here, near Liberty's condo.

    So glad you are feeling better after a busy week. Take care, my friend.


  11. Despite the fact that you probably shouldn't have been hoisting those stones around, the walkway for the girls is very nice and should help keep their paws cleaner.
    Nice to see the turtle get the help it needed, you're so kind to the wildlife Mary.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  12. Absolutely stunning photos/Mosaics. Love the Geese heading up the road. You do such a wonderful job with your photography!

  13. You've done a fabulous job with that path, Mary! You have so many wonderful images here. I love the horse country and those Geese are beautiful. The Hawk is fabulous too!

  14. I love those Hawk shots and the deer.

  15. It looks like you have a very busy week - mine was busy also but mostly gardening and canning the produce. Beautiful family and pictures.

  16. Wow these views took my breath the new stone path...make sure you take care of yourself...that is most important!

  17. Well were does one begin with such a wide and great variety of trees and critters in one post safe to sayI enjoyed it very much and loved looking at all your beautiful photographs.

  18. What a beautiful part of the world you live in Mary. I really enjoyed looking at your photos.


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