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Monday, July 27, 2015

So Much Beauty, So Much to Ponder Over~

I truly am not wimping out, and I can honestly say that with several major surgeries in my past, that this upcoming not so major, yet still serious surgery has me suddenly so very stressed, that I am becoming physically ill from it.  I have found no peace, and I go to pre-op tomorrow and surgery is set for August 5...
This is what I also posted on Facebook for family and friends to comment...What would you do in this same situation, truly, I need your input! Please take a minute and if you have any thoughts on this, I want to hear them. Reality... nothing is guaranteed! Friday a dear friend rang me up and took be by surprise. He had been praying for me and about my upcoming surgery. He shared with me about the possibility of Chiropractic help. It had crossed my mind and then I let it go months ago. Both surgery and Chiropractic manipulation have their risks, as in all medical issues. That being said, I did speak to both the Dr that my friend shared with me as well as a Dr who is a friend in the family unit. Both stated the same thing, no guarantees, but none with surgery either. Should this be you, would you at least have one, or two Chiropractic visits and then if that does no good then go ahead with the surgery as scheduled? Each Dr. suggested this and also stated the same as I have above, none of this has any guarantees and both could actually make things worse, however, more often than not, it does improve quality of life.

July 27 afternoon update.  
As of this day and for a while as we wait to see how treatment goes, the surgery has been cancelled and we will determine what happens in the coming days.  I felt some peace after seeing my Chiropractor.  WOW the new technology is truly amazing.  
Feeling positive~

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White-tailed Deer in my back yard~

The three juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawks are thriving well and moving closer to my property, and a couple of times, I think that I have already heard them in yard~

This one had a full crop, yet was yelling for food to be brought in, or maybe missing the other two ;)

Chicory grows along the roadside here~

Look at the lovely colour on this Red-Tailed Hawk.  It is one of a pair and they have young ones, but I have not seen them yet, but can hear them when I visit the area close to home~

Some who follow my blog may remember that I got to see my first Mississippi Kite a few weeks ago.  Well we had an alert sent the other day that a single juvenile had fledged and after one of many Dr. appointments, I took a quick ride to see.  It was so lovely.  I missed one shot though, for a few moments a Ruby Throated Hummingbird had flown high into the branches and hovered right in front of this one~

Both adults flew in and one delivered a de-winged Cicada to the young one~

Adult in flight~

Adult with Cicada~

The juvenile in flight, so, so beautiful and so rare for these parts of the country to see~

Sunflowers to make you smile~

Yesterday morning I took these images on my way to church.  The sunshine was glowing on the earth as it rose higher in the sky.  Here a juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk~

Young fillies and colts playing together~

Lastly a young juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk on the rail at Foxhollow Farm, and then off it goes~

Have a beautiful day and a beautiful week and think good thoughts in my direction...
thank you~


  1. Hello Mary, I do hope you will be pain free soon in what ever you decide to do. I love your post, the deer, hawks, flowers and sunset are all just beautiful. Have a happy Monday and new week ahead!

  2. Loved all your shots...but you saved your best for last. Ah, thanks, Mother Nature.

  3. So beautiful each photo and about your surgery....I would try chiro and acupuncture but I have found both to help so I don't need surgery....can't hurt and may prevent the need for surgery....but only you know your body.

  4. I love your Deer, antlers as well, fantastic.

  5. Dear Mary, Your post this week is extraordinarily beautiful. Each photograph a masterpiece.
    I don't know what to say about your upcoming surgery. It feels natural to suggest that you first try something less frightening than surgery. However, I have several friends who have benefited greatly from surgery and all of them wondered why they had waited so long. I will be thinking of you. ox, Gina

    1. Dearest Gina, thank you dear one. You may have missed what I added to my post a bit after I had published it and wanted you to know...
      As of this day and for a while as we wait to see how treatment goes, the surgery has been cancelled and we will determine what happens in the coming days. I felt some peace after seeing my Chiropractor. WOW the new technology is truly amazing.
      Feeling positive~

  6. First....the photography is outstanding as always Mary.
    Second...I have been through dozens of 'major' surgeries and I can understand your anxieties...but, I have found that for me, the anxieties and fears, stressing over it beforehand doesn't do the body OR mind good.
    Try and concentrated on something pleasing...get your mind off the upcoming surgery and let the days roll by with an inner calmness. Soon, it will be over and then you concentrate on recouping and enjoying life again to the fullest!!

  7. I hope Mary that my Barn Swallow gave you a happy feeling. Whatever you decide I do agree with Anni. Try not to stress but focus on the many good things in your life, the things which you share with us all. Family, friends, nature and your way with words and photographs.

    Stay strong and positive.

  8. Hello Dear Mary, I do hope something can be done for you soon and that the latest treatments can bring you the relief you need. Your post is fantastic and all your photos are superb. .

  9. Beautiful place. Great shots of the deer.

  10. Stunning shots of the deer! And gorgeous shots of the raptors and flowers as always, too. And I loved the sweet, peaceful landscape shots and of the foals. I understand the anxiety you were feeling. I think surgery should always be a last resort, and I do think chiropractors can do wonders. There are probably other methods of pain relief for your situation as well (you neck, right?) that you could try. I am glad the surgery was postponed and you went to the chiropractor. Your friend was very wise to suggest it. Glad you are doing better, and are less stressed now.

  11. U hope the Chiropractic help does the trick for you!

  12. I sure hope you continue with the this treatment and give your body some tender treatment for awhile. The stress is so bad for you and like you say, makes you ill. I'll keep you in my prayers. Beautiful photos my friend. Hugs, Diane

  13. So many great bird captures and you're the second blogger to share chicory and sunflowers - both beautiful blooms.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  14. beautiful raptors, horses and deer. hoping your health is improving.

    i have had to really cut back on posting and visiting/commenting but i'm trying to stay in blogland as i can.


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