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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Great Horned Owlets Have Flown Away & More~

All Winter, we had a herd of up to 13 and 16 White tailed Deer at a time coming through our 2 acres. Soon the very swollen adult females will give birth to their young fawns and many have twins, so it is about to get busy.  Above is a yearling from last season and it's mother.  
The flowers below, are on frontage of my twin grandsons school, so pretty!

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The first little owlet had begun to do some serious branching, the last couple of visits and then one day, it was gone and the second had begun the same, and I knew that day, that this wonderful 2 months of watching these beauties had come to an end and what a privilege it has been~

The balancing act of preening and eating out on a limb had finally arrived~

While one was gaining it's independence, the other one lingered a little while on the safety and well not such a secure nest a little longer.  That nest had held together as well as we had hoped for, but half of it was now gone~

Flowers that I chose for my garden~

The young bucks lead the way through my yard, that I have kept more wild for them.  We have been placing 2 large pans of cracked corn out for them for months now, along with our neighbors who feed them regularly.  There is just not enough to support them with highways infringing on their territory~  

Louisiana Irises above and the last time that I saw these two owlets near one another.  Their life was about to change forever~

I love Caladiums, and their colours truly bring sunshine on even a cloud covered day.  
The second owlet had ventured  from the nest and was actually in tree behind the nest tree, and thus had made it's first short flight.  
Farewell you lovely ones, and have a wonderful life~

More of my hanging baskets~

The only thing left to do now is deliver DVD-Rs of the many photographs taken to share with the families that allowed me access to their yards and got me in touch with these amazing creatures.  It was not always easy, or the best weather, but the birds did what nature calls them to do and they did prevail and I could not be happier for them and for those who helped ensure that it happened in their timing, their way~


  1. the deer are so sweet! glad the owlets made it!

  2. Hi Mary - I can never say enough about your beautiful Mosaics and photography - those Owlets are just the cutest things ever!!

  3. Excellent photos! I love the deer and the owls.

  4. Hello Mary, your owl photos are awesome. And the deer are so cute. Gorgeous flowers and plants. A lovely post! Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  5. Beautiful owlets! Great photos of the deer and flowers. I always enjoy watching the deer...unless they're eating my apple tree. :-) Lovely post!

  6. Going to miss those little ones ! :) Your photos are always so amazing :)

  7. Lovely things that you have seen there. The Deer and Owls are magnificent.

  8. Goodness, how the owlets look cute. Wishing them the best of luck in the wide world.
    All the photos are great, as always, but I like especially your summer flowers. The petunias/surfinias have wonderful colours.
    Have a lovely new week!

  9. Beautiful shots from the nature.

  10. OH how delightful to watch them get ready to go...and all the deer...we have between 8-12 here and many are waiting to give birth...of course we do not see them now as they stick to the wild areas behind us and across the July we will see the first fawns finally out and about.

  11. So wonderful Mary. Thanks for sharing the owl family over the course of their stay in the nest. Really amazing to follow and to see your wonderful pictures. Your various purple and lavender flowers are gorgeous .

  12. If I can read between the lines Mary, you are sad that the owl babies have grown up and left so have thrown in photos of flowers to cheer yourself up. :-) The alliums make a pretty collage.
    An act of kindness to feed the deer, now they will stand a chance with their babies.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  13. it must be so amazing Mary to have these deer coming into your yard. They obviously know it is a safe haven. I guess it is like people who have small acreages here where kangaroos visit.
    Always lovely to visit you. Have a wonderful week.

  14. Flowers, birds and deer are all beautiful! You photograph a beautiful part of the world.

  15. These Owls images are amazing as are the Deer and the beautiful flowers. Paradise for you.

  16. Hello, Mary Cromer !
    Wow, so many photos of owlets and deer, and lovely flowers!! I have never seen owlets close up.
    I get to know from your photos that they have such cute eyes. I like to see your deer running freely in the green. Have a wonderful day, Mary.

    Tomoko from Japan

  17. Wonderful deer photos, and beautiful flowers! And I love all the great owl shots! Have a great rest of the week!

  18. What a marvelous series Mary. I am missing the cardinal family that has kept me entertained from late winter up until a few days ago. Every now and again one will pass through the yard, but the nest is empty.

  19. Wow ! Superb series of photos of Great Horned Owlets !!

  20. A lovely pictorial story Mary. I am so glad the owls made it through your sometimes inclement weather. It is a heartwarming story that your neighbours all share your love for the owls and wish to see them do well.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  21. so sad, your owls are gone now. But they probably comes back next year :) Love the images of the deer too.

  22. Really, really amazing Owl shots. Wow. Would love the have the luck to stumble upon them. :) Great photos.

    Mersad Donko Photography


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