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Friday, November 21, 2014

Lots of Wild Things Visiting This Land~

Our property adorned in her autumnal colours and our dogs, Silveit on left and Meaka to the right being walked down our lane 2 weeks ago.  
Now all colour has vanished and we have had snow and record breaking cold snap and it is only November...huge sigh, here comes a long cold Winter~

It is about to be a busy week for this family.  
Our youngest daughter and her husby fly in today for a week stay.  
Thus said, in order to get things done ahead of time for the holidays, I have been busy house cleaning and adorning our Christmas tree and home already.  
Those shares coming soon.
Often times throughout my week, I think about those of you who come to visit me here on my blog.  I am forever grateful for your generous spirits of encouragement and sharing life with you.  
Next Thursday, for those of us who lives in the USA, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. 
 I actually celebrate it daily, but it is a time to reflect on all that we have and whom we have in our lives, and I am thankful for you all as well.
Also it has been bothering me and I need to say this as well.  
Your visits and comments mean so much to me.  
The way it works in our home, is that the husby and I share the desktop computer.  
All of my images are stored there and I can get to my blog best from there...but often times, I cannot have my time when I need it.  
My little laptop is what I use for some things like Facebook and using Bing to search, but it is forever slow and so I do not visit your blogs from there, but have to wait when I can get time on the desktop.  
I do always get caught up with you all and that is the important thing...staying in touch and I am so thankful for each one who stops by for a visit.  
BTW for those who may be interested following recent computer risks, Webroot is working out great!  


Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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White-tailed Deer above and I had fun with these leaf fronds~

Peach trees and White-tailed Deer running everywhere.  
It is hunting season and also rutting time~

Seed pods casting their final gifts for the future and Persimmons on our land~

Can you see the deer tucked inside the growth of coverage below ;)

If I hear the sounds of the American Crows bantering loudly and wildly, then I know I better grab the camera for there will either be an owl, or hawk on our property.  
A Great Horned Owl and also a Red-tailed Hawk have visited us in past 2 weeks~

Just shot these photographs on Tingsgrove a week, 10 days ago, and now nothing is left of the leaf canopy~

A rainy day in horse country and I loved the depth of colour of this tree~

Yeah, the Dark-eyed Juncos have returned~

I was fascinated by a pair of Northern Flickers, also known as Yellow-shafted Flickers here last week eagerly plucking the last of some of the berries on our land~


  1. HI Mary There is always a wealth of beautiful shots in your post and I love the collages. The second lot of Deer shots are stunning, loved the fall colours and berries and the variety of birds you saw and photographs was great.

  2. Beautiful images, Mary. The ones of the deer are fantastic. It's still deer hunting season here this week and I expect next week the herd will gather on the hilltop for their rutting. There is a large herd in our area that roams this ridge. I'm only seeing a few at at time the past week passing by on the hill but the hunters are also up there. Happy Thanksgiving blessings to you and your family! Enjoy your time together. Blessings, Pamela

  3. beautiful deer! love the flickers, crows, owls! happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

  4. wow...oh most too much coolness


  5. First of all Mary I must say that the images and news arriving from the snowfall in the USA are quite frightening. I realise that your some way off Buffalo but take care if the snow should head your way.

    What a generous thought that Thanksgiving is every day - how true. I know what you mean about laptops and dread the day my PC dies and I have to resort to a tiny keyboard and mouse so I am saving hard for a new PC in the January sales.

    Yes those crows are great birders themselves in spotting a raptor long before I do - wish i had their eyesight.

    You have some great shots of the flicker. Its undertail is especially striking and a field mark that must be very useful froma huge distance.

    Have a lovely weekend all.

  6. Hello Mary ! A lot of beautiful and very interesting photos !! You are so lucky to have a Great Horned Owl on your property !!

  7. I never tire of looking at wildlife. Beautiful photos.

  8. Stunning photos as always, Mary. The images of the deer woven into the leafy landscape are so beautiful; they make me feel peaceful. Those brightly speckled flickers, on the other hand, seem flighty and energetic! How beautiful all the berries are - a tasty treat for your visitors, no doubt!

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family, sharing in the day's important message, even though you keep it close to your heart every day.


  9. So beautiful! I love the deer and all the birds. Enjoy your time with your family!

  10. Such and abundance of Fall beauty and birds! I love the deer in the field.

  11. Hi Mary! Sorry I've been such a stranger on the blog(s) lately! Love all the photos - great fall shots. Your pups look so happy and I LOVE that first photo of the deer behind the vegetation - cool shot, like a puzzle! I like your flicker friends too :) Happy thanksgiving!

  12. So many wonderful photos to admire, Mary! I like the deer in the fields and all the wonderful birds. You got some wonderfully sharp images of the birds--not an easy thing to do as they move so quickly!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. The autumn and deer shots are wonderful. Funny how the coloured leaves seem to appear and then vanish so quickly. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.


  14. Amazing photos, as always!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Mary!

  15. Wow Mary what a bounty of color and beauty--such richness. Your eye is so good as you work your camera. Hope you have a wonderful week with some of your kids at home.

  16. Such gorgeous photos and mosaics of nature. You certainly are surrounded by the beauty of nature. I love those deer, we don't have them close by. Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. I enjoy the deer and larger birds you share since I rarely get to see them where I live. Flickers have come to the backyard a few times and your capture of them shows how beautiful they are.
    Your two furbabies are sweet looking.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Mary.

  18. I can hardly believe how the country must change from autumn to winter so quickly. You must see if happen overnight. It is nothing like that here. I love your images of the deer, the little birds, and the beautiful autumn leaf colours. Do you have a Persimmon tree? I love them! Keep warm my friend and have a lovely time with your daughter & son-in-law. Happy thanksgiving.

  19. Wonderful captures! Love all the bird shots.

  20. Such beautiful photos - I love the Northern Flickers, how stunning, with that flash of yellow and bright red. And your shots of the deer are amazing - you look so close to them -what an incredible experience.

  21. Lovely shots of the end of the season... Wonderful birds as always! And I love the deer hiding out behind the reeds. Your dogs are fabulous. Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Hi Mary, I just love your dogs.. And the deer are so pretty. The Flickers are my favorites, great photos and wonderful mosaics.. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  23. The birds are beautiful and the autumn colors quite spectacular but for me the best of the lot is the pic of your two dogs walking down the path together. I hope you enjoy your holiday with your family.

  24. Wowee, lovely takings, and there is so many animals and birds photos.

  25. I always love all your mosaics but this week the tree and deer pictures certainly were fabulous!

  26. Your photos are always so breath-taking! Love them so much! I know it's sometimes hard to get to people's blogs and comment. Right now I am behind because of our Thanksgiving festivities.


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