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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Vacation Journey and Making Dreams Come True~

Making dreams come true, while on a very long vacation journey.  We traveled by car from Kentucky to Montana and Canada in 13 days, driving just under 5,000 miles and me taking 3,919 images...yep I shall be busy!  We saw an abundance of wildlife and beauty along the way. We had very little computer time available, or no service at all much of the time.  Thanks to a very trusted soul my 2 drafts were published along with comments, but I was unable to pay visits and make comments for anyone and I missed seeing what you have been publishing.  For over 34 years I have dreamed of seeing a Great Gray Owl.  We have traveled to their territory, but it just never happened for me.  Last year and again this year, I made contact with the Owl Institute in Charo, Montana. My contact person this year was Jessica and she got me in contact with Montana Wild Wings Recovery Center in Kalispell, Montana.  They have a Great Gray Owl there named Homer.  I was given the names of Beth Watne, Kari Gabriel and Alex Moore who work for MWWRC.

The visit went off beautifully. It took some doing to get a visit set in motion,
but once it was all planned out.  What a wonderful facility they have too.  
Everything was spacious for the birds, very clean and organized. The center rehabilitates 
injured, or sick wildlife and then releases them as possible back into the wild.  I want to 
take this opportunity to once again thank Beth for having me as a guest at the center,
for Kari in setting things in good motion for my visit,and for Alex lending me his time in 
seeing Homer and all of the other birds at the recovery
center.  It was surreal, seeing this beautiful bird up close.  
Homer has been at the facility for a few years due to a wing injury, whereby he 
cannot be released. Handsome Homer, what a beauty he was!

That was dream one come true, now for dream two ;)

For 7 years now, I have been in contact with a lovely woman named
Theresa Dettmer.
She owns Vom Haus Dettmer Long Coat German Shepherds
and is the breeder where we purchased our beloved Silvie Aleit, 
affectionately called Silveit.
Over the years, we have become very good friends.
However Theresa lives in Iowa and I live in Kentucky.
We had never had the opportunity of meeting one another.
When she sent our pup-cub to us at age 8 weeks, Silveit arrived by jet plane.
Theresa had not seen her in 18 months.
Last Friday, that dream came true.
Meeting Theresa was one of the most special times I can remember.
Along with her husband Rick, and her wonderful dogs, 
we enjoyed a couple of hours together.
We have promised one another to make visits to see each other often!

These were two truly treasured visits, that I shall cherish always!

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Making dreams come true! 
Meeting my precious friend Theresa, her husband Rick and their
beautiful dogs, 
as well as finally seeing and meeting a Great Gray owl named Homer~

Alex Moore was kind enough to guide my husby and myself to the center.
Alex then escorted me through the facility and then it was time to introduce me to
this beautiful bird, a Great Gray Owl, named Homer.
What a pleasure it all was~

The next highlight of our vacation came when I finally got to meet my dear friend Theresa!
This visit had been such a very long time coming and it was just wonderful!
Our Meaka and Silveit took to her right sweet~

Above is Meaka to the left and Silveit with Theresa.
Below is Theresa, myself and Theresa's husband Rick.  
What sweet people they are~

Theresa getting to love on Silveit and reconnect with one of her favorites~

My heart melted when they looked into each others eyes.
I promise Silveit remembered ;)

Meaka getting some special treatment too ;)

It was an outstanding visit and I cannot wait to see Theresa again!
Thank you for being patient while I was away.
Now to dig into those images...does anyone want to come help me...please ;)


  1. Awww those puppies!!!Just sooo cuddly. Mgical owl, did you get to hold it too? A lovely, love filled post.

  2. so nice you got to meet your friend in person and reunite her with one of her pups! the gray owl is AWESOME! congrats to you!

  3. Mary .. I'm so glad you managed to make your dream come true.

  4. Oh I would help you with all those images except I have a million of my own from our Alaska trip to sort through ;>)! (You travel a lot faster than we do!... and you get better pictures I'm sure). But the joy and sorrow of a digital camera are one and the same thing -- being able to take tons and tons of pictures.

    The gray owl is incredible -- so beautiful he takes my breath away. What wonderful work that place is doing.

    And the puppies -- unbridled joy just shines through each of those pictures. Wonderful you got to meet your long-distance friend with whom you have so much in common.

  5. Homer - what a beauty he is with such intelligence and trust he radiates staright into Alex's eyes. A lovely day for you to enjoy Mary. And to meet the family of Meaka and Silveit, Theresa and Rick must have been a tremendous joy for you. i'm looking forward to sharing those 5000 miles and 4000 images - boy were you busy.

    Sue and I are very flattered that you might wish to see our images on the Internet but we like to keep a low profile. We are British after all! But if you search diligently you might find just one photograph of me which slipped through the secrecy net.

  6. Superb images, the beautiful dogs and the Owl, excellent Mary.

  7. How nice to accomplish what you did on this trip! That Great Gray is stunning!

  8. What wonderful times and memories for you...dreams come true indeed! :)

    I was thinking of you last week. Occasionally I'll have a hawk close by and that is a treat, and I did have a red tail treat not too long ago. However on this occasion I was sitting in traffic on the main street of Meadowlands, the little borough up from mine. There was some road construction going on. When 'what to my wondering eyes' did I see? A huge red tail hawk swoop low and land on a pole and just sit there! I was beside myself. He was about 5 cars up and of course I didn't have my camera...I was just running a quick errand. All of these cars, construction vehicles etc. and there he was just staying on that pole, looking around.

    When I drove by I told him I was about two miles down and come visit!!! :)

  9. What a great trip and one with dreams come true! Wonderful images. Homer is amazing -- what a handsome guy and how nice to get a tour of the center. I bet meeting Theresa was special ... the godmother of your baby! Gorgeous dogs. Happy Mosaic Monday!

  10. My goodness Mary, that is a lot of photos you will have to edit - break it down into so many a day, relax and enjoy reliving your trip.
    So nice you got to meet Theresa and finally photograph a great grey owl.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  11. Wow! Now that was a trip! And loved reading about making dreams come true. . .I've chased a few daydreams this summer and caught a few but others slipped away. A fun post!!

  12. Mary, what a wonderful post. The Great Grey Homer is beautiful. I would love to see one of these owls in the wild.. And your dogs are gorgeous too. It seems like you just got Silveit, they must grow quickly.. Awesome photos and mosaic.. Have a happy week!

  13. Loved seeing your beautiful dogs! The owl is an amazing creature. Glad for your dreams that came true!

  14. What a special time for you. Those dogs were very handsome and beautiful and that owl was amazing.

  15. Hello dear Mary

    What an exciting trip for you!
    Oh I'm totally in love with your Great Gray Owl - what a magnificent bird and your photos are AMAZING - thank you dear Mary!
    This is the closest I will ever come to a bird like this.
    In New Zealand we have a native owl called the Morepork - if you google it you will see the babies, they are so cute!!!

    The dogs are gorgeous too - how lovely for you to meet the breeders of one of your dogs!
    You'll be so busy editing all those photos Mary - I come back from France with 3000+ photos but that's after 6-8 weeks!

    Enjoy your week

  16. Mary, what a busy and bustling time you've had, the best part, I'm sure, was meeting friends, like Theresa and Rick, and the handsome and concentrated, Homer! AMAZING shots of this Great Grey Owl, and yes, I can see the expressions of love and trust towards Alex, his devoted trainer. What a fun and fabulous vacation, my friend, and thanks so much for sharing some of the highlights with us; the happiness shines through your lens!

    Have a lovely week!


  17. Homer is very handsome....and how intelligent he looks!
    Thanks for sharing this.........

    Happy Monday!

  18. The great grey owl is such a majestic looking bird. How wonderful that you were able to realize two of your dreams this summer. Looking forward to seeing more of your great photos.

  19. Like you I have got back from 6 weeks trip with thousands of photographs so can't help you!! This was a wonderful trip you were on and it is fantastic to meet up with also was wonderful that you saw this beautiful Owl.

  20. How wonderful! The owl is gorgeous and I love the dogs. We had a German shepherd when I was little. They're great dogs.

  21. Your holiday sounds just fantastic. That Owl is a wonderful bird and really great to see it so close. Great photos.

  22. How wonderful, Mary~! Homer is amazing! I would be so excited to see an owl so close! Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your dreams come true with us!!

  23. LOVE the photos of the gret gray owl! What a fabulous trip BUT I cannot imagine having nearly 4,000 images to go through. ;)

  24. Wonderful set of images. Dogs are cute.

  25. What a wonderful owl, I'd love to see one! Seems like a good visit.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  26. wonderful story about the reuniting of old friends Mary and meeting Homer. Always wonderful to stop by. Hugs my friend from me to you. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your kind thoughts. I have really appreciated the support I have had over the last couple of months.

  27. What an amazing experience for you, and what a magnificent owl - he really is a stunning bird.

  28. You have had a wonderful time away. Homer certainly is very stately and handsome.

  29. What a fabulous trip! Can't wait to see more photos! Your Great Grey Owl shots are wonderful! What a beautiful bird.


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