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Thursday, August 28, 2014

One of Two for Naked Ladies and More...Ha gotcha~

Short and sweet and yet so long ;)
Many of you leave comments for which I am forever grateful.  
Many of those comments speak of the work that goes into each mosaic.
This blog, the images, are my pride and joy to share.
I take the photographs, place them in Picasa folders and then when I have free time, usually after dinner in the evenings, I begin the long process.
I edit each and every photo, over 72,000 have been edited so far.
Then I decide which images to have to see the finished photo before you can delete it and I can delete over 10,000 images in a day...ha I did it once and it took forever to empty my recycle bin!
Then I decide on which images to place into the mosaics and I am very colour sensitive, and have to use like minded colours on the same post...however bad that sounds, it almost always looks nice together...right ;)
Then it is which if any images go solo.  
With so many edited images that I like, it is very difficult to choose just one, and so I love thus use of mosaics.
All of this being stated, I have way too many drafts in the cache and I am going to need to publish 2 posts into my favorite memes this week.
I may have to do this for a couple of weeks, as I will want to share my vacation journey for the end of September.
Can you believe that Summer is nearly over!!!
I know it willbe a lot to ask, but I would really love and appreciate your taking the time to view each post for this week.
Have a great weekend and a marvelous week.
Thank each and everyone of you for making this joy of sharing life such a pleasure~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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   Wild Bird Wednesday

Belladonna Lilies also known in many states as Naked Ladies ;)

Early morning take off of a Red-tailed Hawk~

Redfox Squirrels tend to be more out in the rural area, even than where I live~

A Gray Squirrel hanging from a Dogwood Tree and eating the berries~

Hi there Skipper ;) How ya doing...

I was on my way home for the day and saw two American Kestrels at the top of a distant tree~


  1. Hi Mary, I haven't been around much this summer and have missed visiting my blogging friends. My sister was home for a month, our son got married last weekend (see my blogpost), my brother is battling cancer, and our daughter is having her 3rd baby and we're headed there next week. It's been pretty crazy for me. There is a lull in our busy summer for a couple of days so I've been playing catch up. I know how much work goes into your photos with all the collages you do and I really appreciate the work you do coordinating the colours and themes of your photos. I looked at both postings today and they are just gorgeous. Those pale pink lilies! So pretty. The blue birds, dragon flies, etc. are all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed day. Hugs, Pam

  2. Mary, I can't help but compare the belladonna lilies' petals with those of the red tailed hawk, as both seem to be spreading their wings, opening up to the skies, soaring and blooming, each in their own vibrant domain. Gorgeous mosaics of your collections of colourful vitality that inhabit our beautiful world, and much appreciated. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Such disappointment - no naked ladies.Just beautiful flowers and insects plus your georgeous mosaics. Maybe next time?

  4. I know you love the hawks, but it was all the gorgeous floral images that really caught my eye today. The "Naked Ladies" are gorgeous!

  5. You never spare the horses, Mary. You put a lot of time and effort in and it shows. I had never heard of these lilies. They are interesting in the way they grow and lovely in the way they bloom.

  6. In our parts naked ladies are colchicums that produce big strappy leaves in spring and the flowers in September. I've pulled the wool over on a few people as well mentioning naked ladies. :-)
    I believe cleome has a common name of spider flower and when I see all those water droplets on the pink beauties in your mosaic, they look like spider webs.
    Thanks for linking Mary.

  7. Glorious flowers! Loved seeing your shots of the naked ladies in various stages, and the dewdrops/raindrops on the cleome is stunning!

  8. Gorgeous collection of images, Mary! Love the hawks shots and your lilies are beautiful. Wonderful mosaics! Have a happy week!

  9. I had never heard of the Naked Ladies lily! Love all of your beautiful shots as usual..:) You are amazing :)

  10. My first visit here and I love your photography.

  11. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! A pleasure for the eye and soul. I love the naked ladies and am wondering if this is the lily I saw at the Japanese Garden. I'm going to do some research! Love all your flowers and critters. Lucky you to catch the kestrels and the hawk. Have a lovely week (editing)!!!

  12. Where I live Naked Ladies are also called Nerines!
    They are a wonderful autumn flower to have in the garden - your photos are outstanding Mary.
    Your first shot of the Red-tailed-hawk is amazing - the detail of the wing feathers is quite magical.
    You have such a talent Mary.

  13. my goodness Mary the flowers in your post today are so gorgeous. The Belladona lilly looks very much like what we call Agapanthus - except Agapanthus is blue or mauve.
    What a beautiful salute to summer. Have a lovely week Mary. You really do put a lot of work into your beautiful posts. Thank you.

  14. You really do put a lot of effort and time into your photos and it shows. Your mosaics are really lovely. The hawk photos show the wildness of these gorgeous birds. Beautiful flowers, too.

  15. Fantastic photos as usual! The lilies are gorgeous and the squirrel hangin from the branch is adorable.

  16. Mary these are beautiful art! I love how each picture goes together beautifully! And the critter ones especially the squirrels are priceless. So much work and it pays off....we appreciate all of it!

  17. Fantastic floral displays. Your photos are wonderful! And I love the hawk in flight, the kestrels and that upside-down squirrel. Wonderful post!

  18. As always, I have the best'est' time here visiting and viewing your extraordinary photos. LOVE 'em all Mary.

  19. I usually try to pick just one of your mosaics as my favorite, but I keep changing my mind. That one .. no that one .... They are all wonderful. It was interesting and instructive to read about your creative process (always interesting to learn how a brilliant mind works!) And this time -- although I love the little white butterfly (skipper) contrasting with "his" flower, I would have to say the lilies are my absolute favorites. ... but then again, those kestrels ..... ;> Thanks for all.


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