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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Eastern Bluebirds, Dragons and More Naked Ladies~

Short and sweet and yet so long ;)
Many of you leave comments for which I am forever grateful.  
Many of those comments speak of the work that goes into each mosaic.
This blog, the images, are my pride and joy to share.
I take the photographs, place them in Picasa folders and then when I have free time, usually after dinner in the evenings, I begin the long process.
I edit each and every photo, over 72,000 have been edited so far.
Then I decide which images to have to see the finished photo before you can delete it and I can delete over 10,000 images in a day...ha I did it once and it took forever to empty my recycle bin!
Then I decide on which images to place into the mosaics and I am very colour sensitive, and have to use like minded colours on the same post...however bad that sounds, it almost always looks nice together...right ;)
Then it is which if any images go solo.  
With so many edited images that I like, it is very difficult to choose just one, and so I love thus use of mosaics.
All of this being stated, I have way too many drafts in the cache and I am going to need to publish 2 posts into my favorite memes this week.
I may have to do this for a couple of weeks, as I will want to share my vacation journey for the end of September.

And here we are number two of two posts for this published set.
Trying so hard to get caught up with all of the drafts I have loaded and ready to go.
Thank you so much for your kindness always~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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A baby Barn Swallow decided to stop in the street and preen.  
An adult tried to coax it up and away and I ended up having to stop an oncoming car and shoo it out of the way~

A Box Turtle and and Eastern Cottontail~

Eastern Kingbirds~


  1. Mary, your bluebird photos are lovely.. They are one of my favorite birds. Gorgeous images and flowers.. Happy weekend to you!

  2. Beautiful photos of the bluebirds and dragonflies! The flowers are gorgeous!

  3. love the bluebird. and the tortoise and the hare. :)

  4. Mary, I've often thought of all the time and effort you must expend for our enjoyment! All of this is gorgeous, especially your lilies, and your bluebirds have stolen my heart.

  5. Great set of images. The numbers of pictures can quickly get out of control these days!

    I'm looking forward to see some more dragon flies soon.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  6. Mary, how privileged I am to get to stare those flying critters in the face without the fear of them suddenly making a beeline for me, here at Tingsgrove! In contrast, those cute cottontails, would be a joy to see in person - how adorable they are, as are the eastern bluebirds. You have captured the flowers in such focus that, it forces us to view their delicate and intricate features with even more awe. Thank you for sharing your beautiful mosaics of your summer surroundings!

    Wishing you a wonderful week!


  7. Well there's not a lot to say except "Superb", mosaics of course and that opening picture of the young Bluebird.

    And I can just see you shooing that car out of the way!!

  8. Breathtaking! You have such talent with the camera.


  9. How beautiful your mosaics and what a wonderful tour you just gave me. . .I feel rested. Have a lovely week!

  10. You had fun with all those different mosaics! My favorite was the dragonfly surrounded by the lilies.

  11. You have been busy. Love the 2 dragonfly mosaics and thank heavens for people like you to stop traffic for a nonchalant little birdie.
    Thanks again for linking.

  12. Stunning images! My favorite is the nigella with raindrops!

  13. Stunning! Good for you stopping traffic.

  14. All your pictures are beautiful, no wonder it is time consuming. Enjoy!

  15. Enjoyed seeing all these great shots - thanks for all your work you put in them and sharing with us.
    Thanks for stopping by. 189 jars of sauce - WOW! LOL

  16. Wonderful mosaics, they are so much fun to create aren't they? I'm visiting from Mosaic Monday.

  17. Very pretty birds and lovely flowers.

  18. Hi - stopping by for my once-a-week blogging session. Once again you have shared some magnificent photography with your photos/collages! Enjoyed every one of them.

  19. The bluebird is very pretty. I love the dragonfly and the other critters.

  20. Mary I couldn't believe I am seeing even more of those gorgeous lilies and bluebirds...they are a special favorite bird here as a state bird and because they nest here and raise a brood or 2. Just stunning every picture and mosaic!

  21. Great job Mary! You really have outdone yourself this time. Wonderful photography of some of my favourite flowers, birds and dragonflies not to mention that splendid turtle. A veritable feast for the eyes.

  22. More AMAZING photos! Such a beautiful place with lovely flowers, dragonflies and birds.

  23. Bluebirds...they're so special!!!
    Of course I always enjoy your collages Mary. Always. The bunny rabbit is so sweet. As are the delicate pink lilies!!

    And glad you noticed that I have a bird photo blog...
    The linking for each week begins on Saturday at NOON [Texas time] and is open for linking until Thursday evening. I hope to see you there anytime!!! Your contribution will be a valued one to be sure.

  24. I think my favorite here is the series of dragonfly shots...every one is more exquisite then the next and how nice of him to pose so handsomely for you! I have enjoyed them all but he's like a jewel landing on jewels.

  25. I'm amazed at how much work you do for each post! I love bluebirds. :)

  26. I love that little Bluebird. Great shots of everything you share. :)

  27. Wow. This is about 5 posts in one! Great shots.

    Iowa Voice


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